mactan-cebu international airport t2

mactan-cebu-international-airport-terminal-2-frontviewFront view of MCIA taken from the 2nd level

mactan-cebu international airport t2

Mactan-Cebu International Airport T2 (MCIA) is Cebu’s recently opened international airport in the province. MCIA Terminal 2 is entirely for international departing and arriving passengers only. The older MCIA Terminal 1 is intended for domestic departing and arriving passengers only since the opening of Terminal 2.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport T2 is built to become the “World’s Friendliest Resort Airport”. MCIA T2 was inaugurated on June 7, 2018 and was opened to public on July 1, 2018. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in June 30, 2015. Completion and operation took three years, in other words.

mactan-cebu-international-airport-terminal-2Outside view of MCIA T2

Cebu’s international airport is the second largest and busiest airports in the country. The new MCIA T2 has a floor area of 65,000 square meters on a 5-hectare land south of the older terminal and control tower.

According to expectations, this new airport with its expansive area will accommodate more passengers from 4.5 million to 12 million ( It is also expected to de-congest the arrivals on the existing Terminal 1.

mactan-cebu-international-airport-terminal-2-information-deskInformation Desk Area

welcoming environment

Personally, I was amazed by the environment, space and design of the whole structure. It is not congested nor stuffy but certainly spacious and relaxing.

It was the vision of the officials and creators to make this airport ‘reflect the warmth, energy, and hospitality of the Philippines… that is distinctly Filipino.’

The airport was designed by a Hong Kong-based design firm who collaborated with local architect-of-record and other Filipino (and Cebuano) design experts, interior designer and furniture designer. They were all consulted to provide  a design that reflect a tropical resort.

In particular, Mactan-Cebu International Airport T2 showcases amazing curved wooden roof arcs with glass layers to let the sunlight enlighten the terminal’s interior.

Another one of a kind feature I discovered is that the floor tiles are embedded with mother of pearls collected in Cebu. Thus, when the sunlight passes through the layered glass roof it creates a gentle glimmer which somehow creates a beach area feeling inside the airport.

mcia-t2-check-in-areaCheck-in Area
mactan-cebu-international-airport-terminal-2-check-inCheck-in Area

Some of the main facilities inside the airport include…

  • 48 check-in counters (can be expanded up to 72 counters)
  • 12 escalators
  • 15 elevators
  • 7 passenger boarding bridges (also expandable to 12)
  • 550 car parking lots that can be expanded to 750 (
mactan-cebu-international-airport-luggage-claimNeat luggage claim area

inside mcia t2

After checking-in and passing through the luggage and immigration checks, you will pass by the Duty Free stores. Yes, you can purchase most popular products or souvenirs there.

As usual, you can purchase sweets, local souvenirs, wine, liquors, clothing, post cards, perfumes, cosmetics, and anything from expensive to cheap items.

Yes, there is a café inside where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or enjoy a snack while waiting for your flight. The place is quite comfortable and even useful to take a short nap.

mactan-cebu-international-airport-duty-free-shopsDuty Free Shops
mactan-cebu-international-aiport-terminal-2-shopMCIA T2 Assorted Shop

Burgers And Cool Drinks
A burger store is also available in case you want a quick bite before taking your plane. Close by there is another store that sells water and other soft drinks, and some snacks.

Washrooms / Restrooms
Washrooms are clean and regularly maintained by cleaning staff. All necessary toiletries (soap and tissues) are available. No hot water available.

Prayer Room
There is a prayer for all guests who wish to pray. It is available for all religions.

mcia-t2-cabin-barMCIA T2 Cabin Bar
mactan-cebu-international-airport-cabin-barMCIA T2 Cabin Bar

Cabin Lounge
A special cabin lounge is available for passengers who avail this flight service. Right infront of it is a bar that serves drinks to guests with the lounge’s privilege.
Nursery (Baby Care) Room
Smoking Room

Certainly, you can find more facilities available. This page was written just about three months after Mactan-Cebu International Airport T2 was opened. It means that they are still busy adding more facilities and convenience resources in the coming days.

getting to mcia t2

All airlines that fly to the older airport (MCIA T1) now lands and departs through this new airport. If you haven’t been to Cebu yet, simply check out what airlines fly to Cebu by any means!

Now, the best way to get to MCIA T2 or get out for Cebu City or for other destination, take the bus that provides the vice versa service. It is more comfortable and safer to take. See the schedule below…

My Bus
SM City Cebu to MCIA T1 and T2:

  • 9:30 PM
  • 10:00 PM
  • 10:30 PM
  • 11:00 PM

MCIA T1 and T2 to SM City Cebu:

  • 10:30 PM
  • 11:00 PM
  • 11:30 PM
  • 12:00 MN

On-board Tapping (automated fare collection) on airport route is being implemented.
Cash Payment should be done by purchasing at the ticket booths at T1 and T2, Parkmall and SM City Cebu.

Regular Fares
SM Cebu to MCIA T1 and T2 is 40 Pesos
Parkmall to MCIA T1 and T2 (Vice Versa) is 25 Pesos

*20% discount will apply to senior citizens, PWD and students

For more information:
Phone: (032) 261 0326; (0945) 145 2907

mactan-cebu-international-airport-t2Outside view of MCIA T2

Yes, there are taxis available as well. There are two kinds: yellow and ordinary. The Yellow Taxi is a little pricey as they serve premium service – much better quality car compared with the ordinary one! It’s your choice.

Thanks for visiting and reading through this page. If you find this helpful, please ‘like’ or share to your friends and family members. Let me know should you have questions.
Enjoy your travels!

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