Manawa Beach Resort

Manawa beach resort

manawa-beach-resortManawa Beach (Photo Credit: Manawa Beach)

manawa beach resort, alcoy, cebu

Manawa Beach Resort is a quaint property tucked in the serene town of Daang Lungsod, Alcoy Municipality, Cebu, the Philippines.

According to the property, the word ‘manawa’ is from the Mãori word for ‘mangrove' in the English language. It is rightly so since the resort nestles close to the green mangrove area.

Manawa Beach Resort is fantastic for families, close friends, happy couples and also for solo adventurers.

The resort is very much accessible as it is located near the highway of Alcoy and offers parking space if you take your vehicle with you.

manawa beach's services

Manawa offers excellent facilities and anything they can offer for your pleasant and relaxing stay under their care. Let’s check out their facilities…

Swimming Pool
Yes, they have a beautiful and clean swimming where you can swim in or just soak in into its refreshing cool water.

The pool has a Jacuzzi where you can just sit and enjoy the massage of the water, while at the same time spending time with friends or family. I believe, drinks are allowed in the area.

manawa-beach-resort-swimming-poolManawa Beach's swimming pool (photo credit: Simkin de Pio)

Children’s Playground
Your kids would so love the newly-built playground with its fun and entertaining facilities.

Private Mini-Sand Bar
In this side of the area, the sand is not so much available, but still, Manawa can provide a mini-sand bar. You can do your photo shoots with everybody and play some beach games.

This is a unique feature of the resort. I found this quite interesting as there are not many resorts have this feature – probably the first one in the province. It’s creativity at work. Yes, you will notice that there is a sense of art being practice in this property.

So, from this tower, you will experience a great feeling as it seems detached from the property itself. However, you will see that it is linked with a bridge with European-style lamps at its balustrades.

What a scene at when darkness comes and only lit by the lamps!

Restaurant and Bar
Yes, they have a restaurant that serves myriads of dishes. Depending on your arrangement, you can have your free breakfast but certainly, need to pay for your other meals.

Of course, you would not miss your cold beer, favorite cocktail or soft drink if you like, while socializing or spending quality time with friends or family.

Barbecue Grills
Yes, cooking inside the premises is allowed. You can surely prepare your steaming and smoking grilled dishes. Basically, this is for those who come for the day-use arrangement.

Bangka for Rent
If you want to explore a bit more the surrounding area of Alcoy through the sea, you can arrange a boat for hire. You will certainly enjoy much better the view of the province from your perspective at sea.

beach accommodation

You can either rent a cottage for ‘day-use’ or rent a room for an overnight stay or longer. Here they are…

Each cottage can accommodate up to 10 beach-goers. Yes, the way the cottages are built create a comfortable feeling among the users.

The greatest feature is that you have great views of the sea as they are directly facing towards it. It is perfect for everyone!

(It is PhP700.00 per cottage + 100.00 per head including children)

Yes, they have beautiful and very comfortable rooms as well. They are all equipped with furniture and other amenities. Each room has a veranda with chairs and tables available.
All rooms are good for two guests with free breakfast (PhP3,000). You have to reserve or book your room earlier if you want to be sure.

Shower rooms and toilets with adequate water supply are available for all guests.
Not only for humans

It is great to know that the resort is ‘pet-friendly,' I repeat ‘pet-friendly.' Yeyy, you can bring your beloved family-member animals. In fact, Manawa Beach has its own dogs that watch and entertain guests.

However, you need to put on the leash and make sure you dispose of your doggy’s waste properly!

Since the resort is newly-opened, there will be more lovely facility unfolding, and they continue building the place.

manawa-beach-towerView from the Tower at Manawa Beach (photo credit: April Rose)

finding manawa beach resort

It is not difficult to get to this great place. You can take a bus or take your vehicle to Alcoy. However, first, here’s how you can contact them

Address: N. Bacalso Highway, Daang Lungsod, Alcoy Municipality, Cebu Province, the Philippines.
Phone: +63 32 483 8952
FB message: @manawabeach

Getting To Alcoy
To get there from Cebu City, assuming you depart from the capital city, you may head to Cebu South Bus Terminal.

Alcoy is about 95 kilometers from Cebu City, and it is on the East coast of the province. To check the buses and their schedules, you may also see the page Cebu Bus Terminal Schedules.

Thank you for the visit and hope you find this page helpful

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