Mantalongon Vegetables

mantalongon vegetables

mantalongon-vegetablesFresh Mantalongon veggies (Photo by: Charity Lomosbog)

fresh mantalongon vegetables

Mantalongon vegetables are the most in-demand veggies in the whole Province of Cebu. The reason behind being that the area is conducive to grow various variety of vegetables and the soil is fertile compared to other places in the province.

Barangay Mantalongon, one of Dalaguete Municipality’s barangays is popularly known as the ‘vegetable basket’ of Cebu. It grows more vegetables and supplies tons of vegetables to many places in the province including those sold in Cebu City’s markets and supermarkets.

They say that on average, the Barangay can produce about 60 tons of veggies a day, much of which are being directly transported by trucks to the neighboring towns and cities.

Actually, farming is not a very popular and productive source of income among Cebuanos due to the depths and quality of the soil. If you are a local, you know that the whole provincial island is ‘made’ of coralline stone or minerals if you prefer. Fortunately, we have some places that can support vegetables including specifically Mantalongon and the surrounding areas in Dalaguete.

Except farming, Cebu is most famous for its sparkling white beaches and blue or turquoise water attracting travelers from all over the world! Thanks to the blessing that is Mantalongon!

For some, calling Mantalongon as a ‘vegetable basket’ sounds like a demeaning expression. I would rather call it ‘vegetable capital’ of the province.

vegetable production and process

Various vegetable variety grows in the farms of Mantalongon, and they are planted and then harvested on different time of the year. The variety of vegetables to be planted depends on the time of year to adopt to the temperature variations.

Although not all, most of their products are being protected and grown applying necessary fertilizers and pesticides. Still, you can find select farms that produce organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, among other agricultural products (such as Sergio’s Farm).

Now, the hardest side of producing these fresh vegetables is not the process of planting and harvesting. It is the transporting job that is most challenging among Mantalongon farmers. Farmers and laborers have to physically carry kilograms of the produce to Mantalongon Market where they can finally get the compensation or reward for their hard labor.

Farmers and workers have to load up themselves with extended baskets (usually made of rattan) mounted on their backs and supported with a belt or piece of clothing around the top part of their heads. The supporting cloth helps lighten the load a bit.

Now, the challenge is not only carrying or transporting the heavy load (some carry about 100 kilograms per ‘trip’), but it is the unpaved rough and country road covered only with soil, stones, sand and some muddy paths. The market is about 3 to 5 kilometers depending on the distance of the farm.

vegetables-cebuMantalongon veggies

at mantalongon market

Once the vegetables arrive at the market, they are directly put on the weighing scales and then sorted based on their sizes and freshness quality. After that, they will be repacked into nice boxes and then transported to Cebu City (such as the Carbon Market, the largest public market in the city) where they are being sold by other retailers for different prices.

Mantalongon supplies the province with vegetables all year round. It means that vegetables are being harvested every day, but of course, depending on the crop that farmer grow on particular months and time of the year.

The most common and popular vegetables that Mantalongon produces are cabbages, pechay, carrots, chayote, eggplants, corns, onions, leeks, and more vegetables and crops.

Most of the produce are coming from individual farmers who own lands, which is good. It seems that no one owns a vast tract of land. It is also great that the community helps each other during planting and harvesting, and also during the period of growing the crops.

According to Philstar Newspaper, to stand against the bad prices and eliminate middlemen in agri-trading, the farmers of Mantalongon established a selling method called “bagsakan” in Dalaguete Municipality. It says that the wholesale buyers have no choice but to bid for agri-products, which would eventually provide a better outlet for vegetables and other produce in the farming communities.

Besides a supplier of fresh vegetables and other crops to the Cebuanos, Mantalongon is also dubbed as “little Baguio and Summer Capital of Cebu.” It has a cooler temperature compared to other places in the province. Yes, many would come to escape the heat of the cities and enjoy the cooler weather of the area.

Also, you can enjoy the scenic mountain range and surrounding sights of the area. Among the barangays of Dalaguete Municipality, it is Mantalongon that is most popular.

Trekking along the mountain range, rough road, green surroundings, and the natural environment of Mantalongon attracts hikers, environmental enthusiasts, bloggers and other travelers.

getting to mantalongon

To get to Barangay Mantalongon, you can take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal for Dalaguete. Get off at the heart of the town and take a motorbike for Mantalongon.

To find more details on Cebu South Bus Terminal, please click here to be transported to that page.

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There is no argument that Barangay Mantalongon is the king or queen of vegetables in Cebu. However, you can also find other best places in Dalaguete. The following are examples…

Yes, there are more to explore and enjoy within the municipality.

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