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Marine Village Dive House


Marine Village Dive House

Marine Village Dive House is both a leisure resort and a diving facility located in the southern-tip of Cebu Province.

This diving property was first established in 1993 and was called Marine Village Club. The business has undergone stages of development and has changed into this present interesting facility.

Liloan, Santander boasts its nice white sand beaches and turquoise waters with vibrant sea life underneath them. 

As you will see below, Marine Village offers you fantastic deals for sightseeing, island-hopping and similar fun activities.

And, for those of you who wish to learn or continue your diving skills, you can surely have them in this facility. Okay, let’s find out more…

Filipino & Japanese restaurant at Marine Village diving property

Fun & Interesting Marine Activities

If you wish to get excited and have fruitful and fun vacation, business, lesson, or whatever you may call it, you should try and visit Marine Village Dive House.

That’s because they offer so much choices for their guests for various interesting waters activities. They have a lined-up itinerary for divers and non-divers as well.

Here are the standard activities they have prepared:

  • Sea Safaris
  • Island Hopping
  • Sightseeing,
  • Caving
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Sports: tennis, golf, fishing, etc.

With the activities being offered above, Marine Village Dive House is doing its utmost to fully serve its guests and regularly customers with great combination of Japanese and Filipino hospitality and services. 

The facility is constantly upgrading and developing its facilities and services so as to meet the needs of every valued guests.

Now, fundamentally serving as a diving operator and dive resort, Marine Village Dive House offers various programmes for newbies and advance divers alike. At the same time, they offer regular tours to specific interesting sites.

Please, check out their offers as follow…

Fund Diving & Tour Dives

First, see the tours to specific spots and places.

Short Diving House Reef
This is an offer for those who want to dive a nice reef located in Liloan’s waters. This deal is being offered for 2 dives only (for Php2,200).

Middle Diving
For this offer, you will be brought to nice islands in Cebu Province as well as in the neighboring province. For examples, you’ll choices to dive the waters of Sumilon Island, Sibulan Negros, Caceres Reef, and Malabuyoc. This is offered for 2 dives (Php3,700).

Long Diving
You’ll dive the waters of the famous Apo Island and Balicasag Island (Php5,200/2 dives)
Night Diving in the waters of Liloan for P 2,000.00/dive

Dolphin Watching 
Yes, you also have the chance to watch dolphins. The minimum is 8 persons per trip for Php1,750 each guest. 

Kawasan Falls Tour (minimum of 2 persons for Php1,500 each)
Dumaguete Tour (located in Negros Oriental; minimum of 2 persons for Php750 each)

More Facilities & Services

Marine Village also offers transport services for your comfortable travels to and fro the facility. Here are the offers that you can arrange in advance…

Cebu Mactan International Airport
There’s a car/sedan service for pick up for up to 3 guests. One way service costs Php3,750. Just double that rate if you wish to get the sendoff service.

Van Service
This is for 3 to 6 persons pick up service. One way costs Php5,000.

Dumaguete Airport
Marine Village offers pick up and drop off service via Dumaguete Airport/Pier for Php500/way.
NOTE: Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Scuba Diving Courses Offered

Now, if you are interested and planning to take some courses in diving you can do it here from among their choices of courses. Here they are…

Entry Scuba Experience
This is for a person like me who wants to know a bit about scuba diving. I would definitely do diving as my hobby in the near future! ^^ taking this course will help you decide whether diving is fun or not to you. (Php3,500 with certificate)

Passport Diver
It will take 3 days for you to finish this course. You’ll learn properly how to use the scuba diving equipment and develop your reflexes and knowledge about actual underwater experience. This costs Php13,000 with license upon graduation.

Scuba Divers
This is a 3-4 days actual training and lecture lessons. You’ll be provided with materials for study as part of the entry level for scuba diver certification. Cost: Php20,000 with license

Advance Diver
This is for those who already have background and skills in diving but wishes to hone them for greater experience and knowledge. Cost; Php14,500

Specialty Diving Offers
Deep, Night, Limited Visibility, Boat, Navigation, Search and Recovery for P 5,000.00 / specialty
Life Saver: 1-2 days, Php 9,000.00 with license
Rescue Diver: 2 days, P14,250.00 with license and manual
Master Scuba Divers: 5-6 days, Php 23,900.00 with license and manual
Assistant Instructor: 3-4 days, Php 15,000.00 with License
Skin Diving Instructor: 3-4 days Leadership Course, Php 17,500.00 with license
Skin & Assistant Instructor: 5-6 days Leadership Course; Php 25,000.00 with license
Divemaster: 7 days Leadership Course,  Php 30,000.00 with license

Please, contact the management for greater details of the courses being outlined above. The descriptions above are not enough to explain the courses. In addition, the rates mentioned could change over time and without prior notice due to seasons and other inevitable reasons. 

marine-village-dive-houseAccommodation and facilities at Marine Village

Rooms Available at Marine Village Dive House

Since you don’t only swim, dive or enjoy nature you also need a cozy bed to sleep on. So, let’s check out Marine’s accommodation offers…

De Luxe Room
It is a fully air-conditioned room with seaside view. It has the basic amenities you need including a washroom and hot/cold showers.     Php 2,750.00/room

Semi – De Luxe
This is another nice air-conditioned room with washroom and hot/cold showers. Php 2,000.00/room

This is for guests who want to sleep in a room with natural air temperature from the sea. An electric fan is available if you wish to. The washroom (or comfort room in Filipino) is common.      

Finding Marine Village Dive House

Please, find Marine Village property through the below contact details. 

Address: Liloan, Santander, Cebu, 6026 Philippines
Tel: (032) 480-9040
Fax: (032) 480-9090

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