Matterhorn Guesthouse Malapascua


Matterhorn Guesthouse is a nice accommodation established on Malapascua Island.

Malapascua Island is a popular destination among white beach and tranquil environment.

Above all, Malapascua is almost synonymous for thresher sharks which can be regularly observed in a particular time of day in Monad Shoal.

Matterhorn Guesthouse Malapascua provides some nice, clean and neat European style accommodations comfortable enough to guests of various backgrounds.

This guesthouse is just a 5-minute walk from the white Bounty Beach.

Okay, without further chattering, let’s check out the island’s…


Just to mention a few, here are some of the things you can enjoy with while relaxing, enjoying the beach…

Scuba Diving. You can dive shipwrecks, coral reefs, or observed thresher sharks
Snorkeling. You can snorkel nearby the beach’s coral reefs surrounding the island
Swimming. You can swim, wade, or any anywhere on its beaches
Beach games. You can play any games on the island’s soft white sands

Take a Boat Ride. You can hire a boat to take your around the island or visit other islands reachable within 40 or more than an hour enjoyable trip

Travel around the Island with a motorbike or bicycle – fantastic!

Walk around the island – a great experience for about 3 hours to circumnavigate the whole island on foot!


You don’t need to worry about any facility to enjoy with because you can rent, hire, or even study some courses –both beginners and advanced – about diving.

Here are your choices of facilities or services…

Scuba Diving Lessons
Rent or Hire a Boat
Island Hopping by Boat
Jetskiis, Kayaks, etc.

In-house Amenities…
Wifi – FREE!
Only cold shower
A balcony

If you are interested to visit this facility, you might have to check out its affordable room rates…


Air Conditioned Room (PhP1500)
Electric Fan Room (PhP1000)

You may contact Matterhorn directly to make your reservation or inquiry with the information below.

Address: Barangay Logon, Malapascua Island, Cebu 6013, Philippines
Phone: 0915 554 3310

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Thank you for the visit.
Hopefully, you’ll drop by more often in the near future to find more interesting information about Cebu and its holiday or travel resources.

Have a good one, then!

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