Medellin Municipality

medellin municipality

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colorful medellin municipality

Medellin Municipality is one of the most exciting places in Cebu Province, the Philippines.

It boasts various water activities, the lovely beaches, colorful cottages, and facilities it is offering.

Medellin is one of the nine municipalities that comprise the fourth congressional district of Cebu Province.

The Municipality is about 120 kilometers North of Cebu City, the capital of the Cebu Province. Based on the 2015 census, Medellin has over fifty thousand residents and has over 30 thousand registered voters according to the 2016 election roll.

Daan Bantayan Municipality bounds Medellin in the North; San Remigio and Bogo Municipalities in the South; the Camotes Sea in the East, and Tañon Strait in the West.

Brief Historical Background

Medellin, in Cebu, is a name coming from the name of a village in Spain with the same name.

Medellin turned a municipality through the decree of Queen Isabel II of Spain in 1881, but it was once part of Daanbantayan.

barangays of medellin

The Municipality is composed of 19 barangays also with interesting and exciting resources for travel and activities. Here they are…

Antipolo, Canhabagat, Caputatan Norte, Caputatan Sur, Curva, Daanlungsod, Dalingding Sur, Dayhagon, Don Virgilio Gonzales, Gibitngil, Kawit, Lamintak Norte, Lamintak Sur, Luy-a, Maharuhay, Mahawak, Panugnawan, Poblacion, Tindog.

Including all the barangays, Medellin has a total land area of over seven thousand hectares. It has arable land, residential area, some commercial and industrial zones.

However, it has no classified forest or reservation area nor wildlife reserve land. Of course, it has national parks or playground aside from beach resorts.

topography & weather

Most probably, like Medellin in Spain, Medellin in Cebu Province is generally flat covering over 80 percent of its total land area. Most of this flatland is planted with sugarcane.

Some of the slopes can be found in  Antipolo, Caputatan Norte, Curva, Panugnawan, Kawit and Maharuhay Barangays. Some steep relief areas partly belong to Kawit and Maharuhay Barangays.

Regarding climate, Medellin falls under the fourth kind of weather in the Philippines, which is characterized as having no clear maximum rainy season, but no definite dry season either. This makes it a great place for travel and beach activities.

attractions & travel destinations

You should know if you are not sure yet, that Medellin among other things, is popular for its fantastic beaches, unusual rock formations, and exciting water activities.

Of course, you can also explore and have fun with other facilities and resources in this municipality. Here are some of them…

  • Cable Car
  • Dagusungan River
  • Dayhaganon Canal
  • Discovery Reef
  • Floating Cottage
  • Gibitngil Island
  • Hide Away
  • Kawit Shoreline
  • Korean Village
  • Lea’s Sunset View Beach Resort
  • Mahawak Shoreline
  • Mercedes Village and Country Club
  • Medellin Island Watch
  • Palms Seaside Inn and Resort
  • Seahorse Tourist Inn of Medellin
  • Tarzan Jump
  • Watchtower
  • Zipaway

Yes, you can explore such places in Medellin once you are there.

getting to medellin municipality

Taking a bus to Medellin is one of the best ways to get there comfortably. To do that, you must head to North Bus Terminal located in Mandaue City.

If you are driving a private vehicle, then just head towards Bogo City and then San Remegio. Upon reaching an intersection before San Remegio proper, turn right towards Daanbantayan Municipality but don’t forget to turn towards Medellin and not to Daanbantayan itself.

Certainly, a taxi (but costly), Van or motorbike can also bring you there.

Whatever mode of transport you wanna get there, wish you fully enjoy the Municipality.

Have an awesome day!

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