My Little Island Hotel Resort

The Only My Little Island Hotel on Camotes Islands

The main entrance of My Little Island Hotel on Camotes Islands

Upscale My Little Island Hotel

In this not-so-commercialized beautiful tropical island one can only find houses, cottages, and other small structures.

Public market, schools, and government building are the only bigger structures that can be seen in few places only. Except for…

My Little Island resort hotel. It is the first and only hotel in Camotes Islands. It is conveniently located in Esperanza, Poro Town. Poro Municipality has high cliffs and history tells that it is the gateway to Camotes Islands.

It is not a beach resort but you can always go to a beach in less than 15 minutes from this hotel. Its fantastic swimming pool, great rooms, services and other facilities can make your visit on the island fun and memorable.

Adventures and other interesting services are being offered to make you see more and explore deeper the beauty of the island and its waters – such as tours and water activities.

The Facilities at My Little Island

The diners at My Little Island's poolside

My Little Island has everything you might possibly need while staying at this hotel comfortably. You can do business, enjoy the food, drinks and music, swim and then rejuvenated through spa and massage services, and even get a medical service.

Here are the facilities and services you can avail…

    Palm Restaurant & Piano Bar
    Celebrity Hall Function Room
    Business Office
    Souvenir Shop
    Spa and Therapeutic Massage
    Nirvana Beauty Salon
    Outdoor Swimming Pool
    Medical Services & Clinic

If you want to learn more about the facilities and other services available, please don’t hesitate to contact the management by using the contact details below this page.

Fun & Exciting Activities

Most probably, you just don't want to enjoy your nice bed and room or stay all the time at the hotels perimeter.

If you really want to explore further what this island can offer, MLI hotel can provide you that facility, too! Tours & Excursions are available upon request and arrangement at the front desk of My Little Island’s.

The tour and excursion totally depends on your request and arrangement with the front desk manager. You may choose from doing seawater activities, such as snorkeling, swimming, diving and island hopping.

Another thing you can enjoy with is doing excursion or visits to nice places and sites on the island. The island itself is bedecked with natural sites including the Bukilat Cave, Timubo Cave, Lake Danao, waterfalls, mangroves areas, hills, Buho Rock resort, and untouched beaches surrounding the islands.

The hotel itself can provide you vehicles that could bring you to places you wanna see, and they will arrange with other service providers any activity you may request. That’s great, isn’t it!

Now, let’s check out My Little Island’s accommodation if you are thinking of checking them out. This hotel offers upscale room facilities with the following room types…

Buho Rock (or Poro) is a ship-like rock formation attractionBuho Rock (or Poro) is a ship-like rock formation attraction

Great Accommodation / Rooms Available

My Little Island hotel offers 5 various rooms for your choice.

    Standard Room (cheapest one among the five rooms)
    De Luxe Room (1 single bed and 1 double bed with pullout bed available for extra guest)
     Junior Suite (1 queen-size bed with 1 pullout bed available for extra occupant)
    Executive Suite (1 huge customized bed – an extra large king-size bed in a spacious room)
    Penthouse Suite (1 customized bed – an extra-large queen-size bed in a spacious room with nice curtains and amenities)

For these comfortable rooms, MLI hotel offers standard inclusions…

    Rate for single or double accommodation
    2 children below 12 years share with adults – FREE!
    Breakfast for 2 persons included
    Check-in/out is at 12 noon
    Pick-up or drop-off – Poro Port one way transfer

Rooms Rates:
The rates start from Php1,800 to Php6,300. This published rate is valid until December 2014, so please make sure you contact the management directly or book through any hotel booking service provider such as Agoda and other providers.

This site is an official partner of which offers great hotel reservation service in the whole world. Hopefully, we can provide other choice of booking companies in the near future.

Business & Services Facilities

At My Little Island, you can do almost everything you want to accomplish. They offer facilities that a business, family, friends or individuals want to avail of. Here are the facilities...

Function Halls
The hotel offers various rooms / halls for any business and social event you may want to happen and accomplish. They have seven rooms / halls available and equipped with facilities, such as: slide and projector, white board, pin board, copy machine, audio-visual facility, and other equipment.

Social Activities & Celebrations
Being a social being, we love to engage with fellow human beings in various ways. One of the common way to do that is through gatherings with friends via celebrations. My Little Island Hotel can exactly provide you with any celebration you want to happen here.

The hotel accommodates and caters celebrations including: birthdays, debuts, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, parties, and family events.

So, aside from business and social functions, My Little Island also accepts more serious and bigger activities that include larger number of guests and attendees. The hotel accepts conventions, such as seminars, meetings, conferences, and other business, corporate, civil or religious activities.

Just make sure you contact them ahead to make things go smoothly as planned.

Finding My Little Island Hotel on Camotes Isls.

The hotel offers various means and ways to contact them for better communication and service. Here below, you'll find the address of the hotel, phone numbers and other contact details.

Address:  Esperanza, Poro, Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines
Contact No. (+6332) 2676539 or 09494387120
Promo Reservations:  (63 32) 4970095, 495-8317, 09173275413, 09283336319

Cebu Office:
Maribago, Mactan Island Cebu
Contact No. (+6332) 4958317

Daily Trips: Ferry from Danao City & Cebu City – pump boat from Danao to San Francisco, Poro, & Tudela (7am): for Pilar is 1pm.
Fast Craft: from Cebu to Poro at 6am & 6pm at Pier 1.
Chartered Flight: private companies in Cebu City – for Pacijan Island, San Francisco.

Getting to Camotes Islands Guide Link

Besides that quick travel tips mentioned above, you may use this site's page that describes in further details that transports than will bring you to this island. Please, click Getting to Camotes Islands that provides transports, schedules and some tips you might need to come to this island. They are not carved in stones, so there might be come minor changes overtime.

In case, you need a guide on how to get to Cebu first before getting to Camotes Islands, you may use our guide page detailing the Getting to Cebu guide. Again, this guide page provides land, airlines and shipping lines that operate in the country and particularly Cebu.

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