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Noblesse Resort

Fun Noblesse Resort

Noblesse is a resort with noble-looking structure and facilities located in the southern part of Cebu Province, Central Visayas, Philippines.

This is a hotel style resort established on a pretty nice natural environment and clean beach and seashores.

Aside from its very comfortable and superb 30 rooms with sea views, Noblesse also offers various interesting facilities and fun water activities.

Noblesse Resort offers you various sorts of relaxing and fun activities in their facility. You may not want to do everything, but here are some of the things you can choose from when you get there, or maybe think about of doing right now…

Fun Activities & Facilities

Swimming at the pool
Noblesse has a nice and enticing swimming pool where you can enjoy the cool water in this tropical province. You may enjoy your cocktail, other beverages or snacks while floating and flipping by the pool’s sides.

Of course, it has parasols and loungers where you can spend hours reading, sunbathing, or just simply lazily resting and napping away your worries…

Water Activities
As you are in the beach facility, you can enjoy various kinds of fun and exciting water activities by simply being by the beach or availing the resort’s facilities.
If you decide on enjoying any water activity, you can use (or rent) Noblesse’s available paraphernalias for your activity. Let’s mention some of these facilities, as follow…

Diving gears, snorkel gears, water-skis, wakeboards, banana boats, Bangka (small boats), speed boats, etc. You can also rent or hire outrigger boats or speed boats for your island tours or safari tours in the surrounding nice places.

The Restaurant
Noblesse Resort has built a nice restaurant overlooking the sea with an open-air structure to capture the beauty and freshness of the surrounding views while you enjoy your tasty meal. The restaurant is being furnished with comfortable chairs and tables with exotic designs. This restaurant is fundamentally serving Korean dishes.

Korean food is basically prepared with chili or pepper but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hot or spicy for you since they try to adjust the taste to non-Korean guests. Kimchi (a fermented cabbage or other veggies) is one of its popular side dish which would go nicely with bulgogi (meat dish). 

You bet they also have other dishes to satisfy your palate.

More Facilities & Services

Aside from the facilities and activities mentioned above, you can also avail other fun facilities and gadgets you might use while relaxing and doing your business in this resort.

Here are more of them…

Beach Bar, Loungers for comfortable rest, Karaoke, WiFi, Billiards, Diving Lessons, Etc.

Diving Lessons & Courses

Noblesse, as a beach resort, offers interesting diving lesson deals to its customers or guests. You can have various choices of diving lessons depending on your skills or background.

The lessons are listed as follows…

  • Training diving
  • PADI, SSI, Open-water, 
  • Advance lessons
  • Experienced Diving around the nice beaches in Liloan
  • Fun Diving

The lessons or theories about diving are being taught in the resort’s building, but the actual practice are being conducted in dive spots close to the resort.

One of the nice places is the Bato Sanctuary which is about 25-minute boat ride from the resort. This sanctuary is known for its fish stocks and myriad of fish species thriving in. 

Other dive sites include: Coconut Bartow; Antenna, Elak, Beach Wall, Tropical, Santa Maria, & High School 

Safari Tour
Aside from the diving lessons and other fun diving activities, the resort also offers tours in various places and islands nearby the resort. Certainly, you can also arrange your safari tour if you have places of interest. Just make your proposal and surely they’ll do their utmost to satisfy your desire to see great places.

Accommodation / Rooms Available

Noblesse offers nice standard rooms for your comfortable rest. The standard rooms have the following features:

  • Double Room (for 2 to 3 guests)
  • Rooms for 3 to 4 guests

These rooms have amazing views of the sea and have double beds/single beds, air-conditioner, modern bathrooms, TVs, refrigerators, tables and more amenities. Just inquire from the front desk should you need more amenities for your room.

  • VIP Room - Yes, this is a great room for those who prefer much space not only for resting or sleeping but also to have more fun. 

This room has a wide screen TV, karaoke, mini-bar, huge bathroom, refrigerator, air-conditioning machine, furniture, among other amenities for your enjoyable holiday.

Finding Noblesse Resort

Noblesse can be easily found as it is located by main road of Liloan where buses passes through. 

Address: Liloan, Santander, 6026 Cebu City, Visayas, Philippines
Phone:   +63-32-480-9039
Manager: +63-927-674-0002

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