Palm Beach Hotel Resort

palm beach hotel resort

minglanilla-beach-resort-palm-beachPalm Beach Resort (photo credit: Junn Ofredo

palm beach hotel resort

Palm Beach Hotel Resort is a beach property that offers space for beach swimming and relaxing activities. It is a great space for a weekend beach getaway from one’s weekly busy routine life.

At the beach area, you can explore with your naked eyes the panoramic sight of the sea the nearby islands, and the surrounding shores in the area.

The resort nestles in the Municipality of Minglanilla, a first municipal income class municipality in Cebu. Minglanilla is about 15 kilometers south of Cebu City. It means that if you come from somewhere around Cebu City, you can get there quite quickly and easily.

For your quick background about Palm Beach Resort, you can enjoy its beach area and swim its sea water. The resort offers basic day-use cottages and rooms if you wish to stay longer or overnight. Let’s check out more features about this resort...

Some Interesting Features
Palm Beach Hotel Resort’s beach area is quite spaces, therefore you can engage in any activity that needs movement and space – such as beach volleyball and other fun beach games.

The beach has fine sand but dark brown color. If you do not mind the color, then you will certainly enjoy the place as much as those who would prefer a white sand. The one big advantage of a dark sand is that you do not need to wear sunglasses to deflect the sunlight. However, if you really prefer and enjoy a white sandy beach, then this might not be your place of preference.

In some parts of the beach area, you will find some rocky places. For some, it is not good, but for some guests, it is ideal for photo shooting on a beach. Rocks could produce pretty nice photos or pictures on a beach. However, most of the beach area is sandy.

Now, if you are getting interested to find out more, let us check out what facilities they offer…

resort facilities & services

First things first, I believe you will be looking for the most basic facility in a resort including the following:

Cottages (from 300 pesos and up)
Yes, of course, this is the most basic thing you would find first. I know this through experience – upon arrival in a beach resort I usually rush towards the cottage to put down my luggage or supply for the day then rest for a while before exploring the place further.

The cottages at Palm Beach Hotel Resort are basic but useful enough for your day’s quality and relaxing time. A cottage is made from bamboo, wood and nipa palm leaves. In a tropical country such as the Philippines, you would need this structure and materials to keep the heat away.

More facilities accessible but with fees are shown below. Please, note that ‘nothing is free’ here except for the air and sunlight maybe. So, the following services must be paid but in a reasonable price.

  • Electric Access
  • Parking space
  • Shower Room
  • CR (comfort room, toilet or Loo)
  • Entrance Fee

Available Resources Nearby
Aside from the services available inside the beach property you can go and purchase some products available nearby. Here are some of them.
Small Grocery Stores
Street Food
Food Stalls
Small Restaurants

Rooms / accommodation available

Renting a cottage right on the beach is great, but you can also rest inside a room which is also available at this resort. You can rent one of them by the hour, which is mentioned below.

A room comes with air-condition facility and has ensuite bathrooms for your greater convenience.

If you are interested in learning some of the rates, here are the offers:
For two guests: 600 pesos (6 hrs), 1,200 pesos (12 hrs), 1,800 pesos (24 hrs)
For groups: 1,200 pesos (6 hrs), 1,800 pesos (12 hrs), 2,500 pesos (24 hrs)

I suggest you ask the resort directly for further details on the rates. For example, you may ask how many can be accommodated in a room for a group. Also, please remember that rates mentioned might need updates regularly, and so please know the latest ones since prices change without any prior notice.

finding palm beach hotel resort

Please, you may use the contact details below for your inquiry or reservation at the resort. Let us know if the numbers are not available, or inform us for any updates. Thanks in advance!

Address: Tungkop, Minglanilla, Cebu Philippines
Phone: 272-8941; 0922-741-6205

Transports To Take
If you are taking the public transport, you can ride a jeepney that goes to MInglanilla and gets off on the highway close to Palm Beach Resort. Then take a tricycle to the resort which is located just minutes away.

If you are driving, you can get there faster and can avail the parking area onsite.
Thanks for reading the page and I hope you find this helpful.

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