Processed Fruits Industry
Growing and Processing Tropical Fruits on the Island

New processed fruits industry in Cebu

Processed fruits industry

Processing fruits in Cebu Province is one of the thriving businesses among the booming industries on this island.

The fruit industry in Cebu is thriving according an official of the Philippine Fruit Association. This association is keen on the production and management of the tropical fruits in the country.

Processing fruits is one of the fast-growing business opportunities on this provincial island not only among local but also foreign business people.

As a reader scanning this page, you can be one of those successful entrepreneurs who can venture and explore the business of producing processed fruits in Cebu for both domestic and international products.

Dried mango is one of the most popular products of by processed fruits industry of Cebu Province, Philippines

Cebu as Strategic Center

Cebu does not only produce fresh fruits but also preserve these fruits thru several means for domestic as well as foreign consumption.

Although the soil of Cebu Province is not great for the popular rice, corn, and other crops being produced in most parts of the country, it is great for various fruit varieties including mangoes.

To capitalize and maximize the production of fruits in Cebu, its business people take advantage the use of technology that processes fruits. They use science and technology to produce, manage, and preserve fruit products.

Various fruit companies of small and medium sizes flock to Cebu using it as their base and center of production by establishing not only offices but also plants and machineries.

Compared to other provinces, according to local news, Cebu is less affected by climate change effects—stronger typhoons and sudden changes of weather conditions. Therefore, other provinces depend on fruit products from Cebu or Mindanao areas for supply especially when such climate change effects occur. This situation exactly makes Cebu the center of fruit production—for both fresh and processed products.

Knowledge on fruit production and preservation

Fruit business people in Cebu have tapped their knowledge expertise on tropical fruit production, management and preservation.

They are so organized that they--fruit business people, scientists, farmers and scholars/researchers--regularly gather together and share among themselves knowhow about fruit production and capitalization.

The National Fruit Symposium is one of their activities that feature plenary and technical sessions, research paper presentations, offers exhibitions as well as educational field trips to interested groups and individuals.

Those participants who present papers on fruit subjects present scientific research papers with topics on health and nutrition, development in fruit production, management, fruit diversification, organic fruit farming, among other papers.

Food Security through diversification

The most popular processed fruit product in Cebu is mango. This tropical fruit can be easily produced in the province’s sandy loam soil.

However, relying only on one fruit species only is not the best idea, especially when one talks about food security, sustainability or business prosperity.

Therefore, farmers and business people thought that diversification in fruit production plays an important role. Diversification in fruit production is not only great for food security but also for sustainable income among fruit farmers and locals.

To strengthen that method, farmers are getting support from the nation’s Department of Agriculture (DA) by providing them better ideas, guidelines and material support.
In particular, DA helps farmers by establishing food terminals where farmers deliver products without the interference of middlemen businessmen. The Department of Agriculture partners with local government units and cooperatives to strategically establish centers where farmers can deliver their fruits and earn more.

Cupped mango fruit of Cebu's processed fruits industry

Investing on Processed Fruits Industry

There are already a number of established medium size companies that commenced their fruit businesses in Cebu (or Mactan Island). Such companies include M Lhuillier Food Products, Inc. and Profood (Central Visayas, Philippines), among many.

These companies process fruits in the form of dried fruits, juices, purees, mixed fruits, among various processes. These products are then safely preserved using bottles, cans, stand-up-pouches (SUP), cups and other safe packages that passed through standard international packaging tests.

Some Sample Products

Coconut water with pineapple juice, coconut water with mango juice, coconut water with guyabano juice, coconut water with calamansi juice, 100% coconut water, dried young coconut, steamed whole saba banana, pineapple chunks, mango pudding, blueberry pudding, assorted pudding, sourosp pudding, cornstarch stick, mango slices in light syrup, nata de coco, mango cubes in syrup, nata de coco with mango, mango jam, guava jam, pineapple jam, tamarind jam, sweetened lemonsito, mangoes puree (unsweetened/sweetened), sweetened dalandan, pure pineapple juice, calamansi juice nectar, guava juice nectar, Philippine brand dried mangoes, Philippine brand dired green mangoes, Philippine brand dried pineapple, dried pickled mango, dried mango balls, coco mango balls, dried mango pineapple balls, dried mango tamarind balls, dried guava, Philippine brand dried banana, dried papaya, etc.

A photo of dried and processed fruit in Cebu, Philippines

Advantages of Processed Fruits Industry in Cebu Province

One of the advantages in establishing a fruit business in Cebu is that you can readily procure license and other legal status you need for your business. For this, you may visit the Department of Trade and Industry either in Cebu City or Mactan Island’s Lapu Lapu City depending on you preferred location.

Second, you can have both a headquarter and a processing plant in any designated zone on the island. For example, some companies have canned juice plant, aseptic fruit puree plant, stand-up-pouch (SUP) line for purees, juices, sauces, and preserves; canned and bottled preserves line, pudding and jelly cups line, frozen fruit line, etc.

Third, it is easy for you to transport quickly and on time your processed products to your customers because Cebu has great seaports and an international airport that can ship or export your products right away and without delay.

Last, you can do processed fruit business while enjoying the province’s historic sites, great beaches, nice resorts, entertainments and leisure facilities, hotels, etc.

So, why not study and explore deeper the idea of establishing your processed fruits industry business in Cebu.

How To Do Business in Cebu

If you have already thoroughly thought in doing so, you might need to inquire more about the legalities and further advice about starting up a business by contacting relevant ministries located in Cebu Province. For one, you need to contact and visit the Department of Trade and Industry—both located in Cebu City and Mactan Island.


This department is the one that provides you the necessities in starting your business. Of course, seek the advice of people who have than this or the counsel of your trusted lawyer to learn the legal requirements for your business venture.

Thanks a lot for visiting and reading through this page.

Deeply hope for your interesting and exciting study on processed fruits industry and business in Cebu. Or, if you have already decided to establish this business, we hope with fingers crossed for your successful business venture.

Have a great day!

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