Ronda Municipality

Ronda municipality


ronda municipality

Ronda Municipality, according to the 2015 census, has a population of 20,360.

The Municipality of Ronda is 81.5 kilometers away and is just two and a half hour ride from Cebu City. It  is situated on the southwest coast of Cebu Province. It's bounded on the East by the Municipality of Argao; on the west by the Tanon Strait; in the North by the Municipality of Dumanjug and in the South by the Municipality of Alcantara.

Ronda's original name was "Huluyaw" eventually changed to its current name by the Spaniards that had been part of their forces of Governor General Miguel Lopez de Legaspi. Ronda is flanked by the two highlands of Libo-o and Cambo-ang.

Ronda or Huluyaw was founded by a wise chief named Pongtod. In 1779, in entry to the Claveria Decree (Spain mandated that inhabitants from the Philippines should embrace a Spanish family name) Pongtod, took the surname "Villagonzalo."

When the Americans took over the Spanish colonizers, the prior introduced the form of government and gave the Cebuanos the right to elect their leaders; it was subsequently the city's chief executive was later changed to the president from Capitan. Ronda's first president was Pacifico Gonzaga, followed by Honorato Villalon, Luis Lumagsao, Ruperto Gimarino, Fermin Lucero, Santiago Lucero and Aquilino Lucero.

barangays of ronda municipality

Butong, Can-abuhon, Candulin, Cansalonoy, Cansayahon, Ilaya, Langin, Libo-on, Malalay, Palanas Santa Cruz, Tupas, Vive

The total land area of Ronda is around 5 million hectares, and it is comprised of arable land places, reserves and residential, commercial, but classified woods. There are no unclassified forest land, non-wildlife reserve area, but contains a tiny portion for parks or playgrounds.

Areas within Butong, Cansalonoy, and Barangay Malalay which covers a total land area of 428 Has. Alternatively, 8.8percent of the total area has rather steep slopping lands in many instructions to mountainous and hilly regions. Likewise, Libo-o has a forestal place of 22.6194 hectares.

Falls under the type of climate with no pronounced maximum rain period with brief dry season.

attraction & travel destinations

Anyone can find or discover resorts and fantastic sites and attractions in Ronda Municipality. The following are just a number of these...

  • Lusno Falls
  • Kabuhian Festival
  • Ronda Marine Sanctuary
  • Liog-Liog -- huge rock
  • Organic Pool or Palanas Spring
  • Barangay Sta Cruz sand beach -- called mini-Boracay
  • Shrine of Our Lady in the 1950s
  • Panginabuhi Festival -- Woman of Sorrow

getting to ronda municipality

Proceed to Librando Transit, a bus stop located at Natalio Bacalso Avenue at Cebu City. The southwest route operates. Also in Citilink Terminal which is a transportation of V-hire. Transportation fee is irresistibly unregrettable and reasonably priced.

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