Sea Turtle House & Resort

Sea Turtle House, Moalboal

Amazing Sea Turtle House Resort

Sea Turtle House resort is is a beach resort that nestles and located in a famous vacation destination called Moalboal.

Moalboal is formerly a sleepy fishing village that now turned into a booming diving and beach enthusiasts’ haven.

Sea Turtle establishment is a cottage-apartment style resort facility nicely built on a white beach.

This vacation resort facility is a private and secluded property, set in a lush green nature, close to the public White Beach, and is facing Pescador Island of Tanon Strait of Cebu Province.

The resort offers not only comfy accommodation but also sea water and onland activities, including scuba diving, river trekking, among others.

Sea Turtle House in Moalboal is only about 2 hours from Cebu City by bus and other transports, such as taxi, van, or motorbike.

Okay, without much further adieu, let’s check out some…

Sea Turtle House Hut Room

Fun Seawater & Outdoor Activities

Usually, in cooperation with other adventure centers/shops, Sea Turtle House can provide you with almost all interesting seawater and on land outdoor adventures. The collaborating adventure shops have been doing their business for so long that they really know which places and what activities you would certainly have fun with...

On Land Activities
Horseback riding, cave exploring, mountain biking, motor biking (and scooter), folk dance watching, golfing, badminton, etc. Outdoor adventure providers are also located just right close to most resorts.

In the Sea
Swimming, snorkeling, island-hopping, nearby islands visitation, scuba diving at night or day, etc. The dive shops are either available in the resorts itself, which is mostly the common practice among resorts in Moalboal, or a resort would only resort to arranging a dive shop for your safari and other sea exploration activities with the plethora of shops available in the area.

Entertainments & Night Life
Restaurants, bar-hopping, sports bars, open-air discos, souvenir shops, etc. Hmm, there are many entertaining establishments available in Moalboal due to the popularity of the place not only among locals but also foreign visitors and expatriates.

It is advisable that you explore with some people who knows particular places, or ask the advise from your accommodation provider. Although most people in the area are quite friendly and hospitable, one should also be wise when meeting people for the first time, just in case.

Certainly, mingling with locals is a great chance to learn about local culture, food, lifestyle, the environment and society in general.

More Services & Facilities

Island hopping, safari trips, diving trips aboard this jack-of-all-trade-outrigger motorboat

Here are the facilities and services to make you (and your family, etc.) enjoy much better your holiday…

Day Tours
Sea Turtle arranges day trips to various interesting places around Moalboal and nearby sites, such as: waterfalls, canyon, cave, orchid farm, etc.

Diving Trips
Day or night diving trip in various popular dive spots in Moalboal and nearby islands, such as Pescador Island, Sunken Island, Negros Island, among others.

Relaxation Zones
Sea Turtle has facilities that make you feel at home, relax, and re-energized. It has tropical huts with sea views, open sides and cogon grass roof, have sits, tables, etc. You can also use such facilities for a relaxing atmosphere like chatting, enjoying some drinks and snacks.

Children’s Play House – small native style hut

Welcome drink, chess, darts, badminton, fitness equipment, deck chairs

Ecological Resort
Turtle House is environmentally friendly and supports ecological protection endeavors. In doing so, they make sure they have the following facilities: proper drainage, septic tank; solid waste handling and recycling; uses gas not wood for cooking, and energy efficient electric machines.

Now, let’s check out the rooms where you’ll be staying when you visit…

Sea Turtle House's Accommodation / Rooms

Sea Turtle has very clean, neat and simple but in good condition facilities. Most rooms have a view of the white beach and the blue ocean. The following are some descriptions of the rooms you might be interested in...

Seaview Cottage-Apartment Type 102:
It has aircon, electric fan, double bed, table/chair, shower & warm water, TV/DVD, terrace with sea view, deck chair, equipped kitchen, bamboo furniture, toilet & bathroom

Seaview Cottage-Apartment Type 103:
It is almost similar to Type 102 but with more privacy, better sea views, bed, etc.

Seaview Cottages – with sea view locations
Duplex Cottages – smaller huts and have no direct sea views but more privacy

Please, contact the resort directly yourself to find out the rates per room which vary according to seasons and based on its facilities and amenities.

Finding Sea Turtle Resort

One cannot miss Sea Turtle House since it is located right on a popular travel destination in Cebu Province, that is Moalboal.

Address: Sea Turtle House, Basdako, White Beach, Savedra, Moalboal, 6032 Philippines
Phone:    +63 918 356 1122

If you need more description guide for Moalboal, you can use the following link with some details about transports: Getting to Moalboal. The page presumes that you are already in Cebu Province.

However, if you haven't been to Cebu Province yet, or in the Philippines before, you will find it helpful to scan this link: Getting to Cebu. The page provides descriptions about international carriers flying to Cebu (Manila) and transports that will lead you to Cebu and then to Moalboal.

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Snorkeling in Moalboal

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