Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort

Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort

Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort's Hut HouseHut house by the sea (Photo: Joey Mahilum)

Exciting Sea Turtle Lagoon

Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort is a beautiful establishment situated at the northeastern coast of Cebu Island province, Philippines.

It is a secluded resort built on top (and sides) of coral rock foundation by to the sea.

Wherever you go within this establishment, you’ll never lose sight of the azure calming sea and cool sea breeze.

Surrounding and enveloping the resort’s structures are the green plants, bushes, small trees, flowering plants, and other tropical greens.

Everything inside the resort gives you a refreshing, intimate and in-touched with the natural world feeling.

You can stay at your room comfortably and rest all day, or go out and explore a little bit more.

Let’s check out in a glance some of Sea Turtle’s…

Fun & Interesting Activities

The following are the basic services you can enjoy with that are popular activities most guests prefer to do. However, you can suggest your preferred activities and see whether the management can arrange your preferences or not (surely, they can do almost any request you will make anyway).

Here are some of them…

This offers your chances to encounter lots of tropical colorful fishes, soft & hard corals, sea horses, and at times sea turtles & other marine life forms in the lagoon of this resort (or other places you may prefer).

Capitancillo Islet Tour
This islet has a watch tower, cottages and other simple facilities for a day’s visit. It is also a popular site for scuba diving and snorkeling due to its fecund marine bio-diverse life

Boat trips
Riding an interesting Bangka (outrigger boat) could be very fun especially when you visit islands, beaches, and other nice places for a meal, picnic, swim or any.

Local trips
Taking a motorbike to see local area and experience a Filipino lifestyle around the area. You will be brought to Bogo City, markets, mountains, picnic area, sites, etc.

As I mentioned already, just make your request and they will be happy to do their best and do it for you. For example, if you plan on having a picnic on an island or on a mountain, they can prepare facilities for a barbecue, hanging rice (puso in Cebuano), etc.

(Don’t forget to bargain and fix the rate first before you head out for your trips or adventures to avoid misunderstandings, an idea you should do when you travel anywhere, unless there is a fixed rate).

Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort's main buildingAdministrative building at Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort (image source: fb)

Nice Facilities & Services

So, aside from the fun and interesting services, Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort offers more facilities and services you (and your partner, group, family, or anyone) you so desire to have.

Here are some of them…

Massages, manicures, beauty treatments upon request
Pick Up Service (for pick up and vice versa)

Breakfast is usually offered while lunch or dinner have to be arranged separately since some guests may go out for other activities they prefer to do and eat out.

Surely, there are more facilities/services that are available but not mentioned here. Just ask or make your request then.

Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort's garden and pathwaysSea Turtle Lagoon's garden and pathways (Photo Credit: Joey Mahilum)

Tropical Accommodation / Rooms

You will have a number of choices of rooms at this resort. There are rooms for divers, families, friends, couples and groups. Here are some guide descriptions...

Superior Guest Lodge
This offers 2 double bedrooms, a shower room and a washroom (toilet). These two bedrooms are equipped with furnishings that are locally made and have a mixture of English country motif.

Air-conditioning units and ceilings fans are available if you need them.
PhP3500 is the rate per night of this lodge.

The Guest Lodge has 2 double bedrooms with shared shower and toilet. Furnished with locally made wooden artisan pieces and in English country style. Both bedrooms benefit from controllable air conditioning units and ceiling fans.

Diver’s Lodge
There are two of these lodges available for guest use. One lodge has 2 single rooms that are furnished with wooden furniture and other locally made room amenities.

The second room is bigger and offers double bedrooms with nice furnishings. It is ideal for honeymooners or couples who want to spend more time together in this beautiful environment by the sea.

Of course, this is great for divers’ too, for which it has been named after.

Please, contact the resort directly if you wish to know the rates and other details.

Diver Lodge Bedroom at Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort in Tabogon, CebuDiver's Lodge bedroom (Photo Credit: Sea Turtle Lagoon's fb)

Finding Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort

The below information can be your ticket to discovering this resort. Find more details about this place using the contact details:

Address: Villanueva, Camoboan, Tabogon, Bogo City, Cebu 6009
Contact:  Eugene Babol, Manager
Phone:    +63 929 895 9768 or 032-5121604

Sea Turtle resort is located 2 kilometers north of Tabogon and 15 kilometers south of Bogo City.  It takes about 2 hours or more to reach Tabogon by car, taxi or private vehicle from Cebu City.

More Attractions & Resorts

There are more travel sites, attractions and resorts that are being established in the area. You are free to explore and visit them. At the same time, this travel guide site is expanding and adding more information for all.

Bunzie’s Cove
Beautiful and Serene Resort

That’s it for this page and thanks for visiting and scanning through. Hope this provides you some ideas and helps you find your ideal destination.

Please, visit this website again and ‘like’ or comment below if you find this site helpful.
Have an amazing and wonderful holiday then!

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