Seafari Resort in Oslob


Seafari is a great facility by the nice beach of Oslob in Cebu, Philippines.
The resort offers private and tranquil atmosphere with amazing turquoise sea-views.

It is great for not only for romantic people but also for families who want to enjoy the beach, swimming pool, among other facilities.

In addition, the resort offers fantastic deals for those who love island tours, whale shark watching and other adventure type of activities.

Most of all, the friendly and helpful staff can truly add flavor to your memorable and relaxing stay at this resort.

There are loads of interesting and fun activities you can do while relaxing in this nice place on Oslob. These include…

Whale Shark Swimming /Watching
You can watch whale sharks in this place because this is their new-found home. Due to some reasons, these gentle giant fish arrived in this warmer sea water. Although feeding them directly by fishermen who also protect them from poachers is somehow still controversial, there giants seem to enjoy being visited, watched or swam with guests from both local and foreign places.

Anyway, if you are scared (or don’t know how to swim) to swim with them, you can just stay on a small Bangka (outrigger boat) and watch them swim while gulping their food from the guides

Watching Sea Turtles
White Beach Sunbathing, Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, etc.

Waterfalls Trips
Tumalog Falls is not far from the resort and a bit further away but nice trip is the popular Kawasan Falls

Boat Rides To Sumilon Island
You can always make an arrangement for this day trip to enjoy this nice white and tranquil island.


International food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, etc.

You can find all sorts of drinks: soft drinks, beers, wines, cocktails, including icecreams at very affordable rates.


In this part of the province, you’ll enjoy the room and its facilities during your length of invigorating stay.

Sea-View Rooms
These are very comfortable room (with air-conditioning facility) with beach and sea views through their private balcony.

The rooms are touched with mixtures of cultural backgrounds: native Cebuano designs, imported Dutch furniture and spring beds, etc.

The beds are in a box shape with European standards. And, the private bathrooms have both cold and hot water for your refreshing showers.


Wherever you go within the parameters of the resort you’ll get a good signal of its wireless service.

Room Rates
The price you pay for your room includes great services: breakfast, boat transfer to and vice versa the whale shark watching area in Tanawan, Oslob. Be reminded that you need to pay separately to watch or swim with these giant fish since it’s a different tourism facility being managed by local fishermen and local government.

Infinity Pools & More Facilities
You can enjoy the watching area of the resort and its complimentary use of infinity swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, trampoline on the beach, among other fun facilities.   

There is a centralized cable TV where you can watch shows or programs just to relax while having a sip of your favorite and refreshing drinks or snacks.

Children below 10 years of age can get free accommodation but not breakfast, and only two kids below that age are allowed to avail that free service.

Seafari Shuttle
The resort offers this service but you may have to arrange this in advance for a certain rate. This is offered as round trip airport service.

Massage & Nail Jobs
If you need a relaxing massage just ask for it. And, especially for women who are very concern of their nails, you can ask the front desk for an expert manicurist/pedicurist to take care of your nails.

Paddle Boat
Yes, if you wish to enjoy gliding on the waters of Oslob, you may rent a paddle boat from them and enjoy the sun and water. Of course, life jackets and other safety precautions are provided for you safe activity.


If you are calling from the The Netherlands/Europe/USA you should contact:
Proprietor : Leo Regeer
Language: Fluent in Dutch, English, Deutsch, Français
Cell phone: + 31 (0) 6 51 307 497
Office Amsterdam/NL Land phone: + 31 (0) 20 – 493 34 37

And, if you are calling from the Philippines you may have to use the following info:
Management: Farah Cayacap
Language: Fluent in English and Cebuano (Filipino)
Sun: 09325587108; Smart: 09487542825
Skype: Seafari Resort

And, if you wish to enjoy the resort for a day, use the following contact information details:
Contact Person: Grace Garcia
Language: Fluent in English, Cebuano and Tagalog (Filipino)
Office Minglanilla/Cebu Land phone: (32) 260 – 3488

Kids below 10 yrs old are free from the accommodation w/o breakfast for a maximum of 2 kids per room only.


Seafari Resort address:
Cuancua-ay, Tanawan, 6025 Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
From International Mactan Airport: ± 3 hours car drive
Pier Bohol Ferry Cebu city: ± 2.30 hours car drive

From Cebu City, take the South Road Highway direction. That’s the direction that goes to Naga until Oslob. Seafari is 8 kilometers south of Oslob Town itself. As you leave the town along the way you’ll find signs of Sumilon and the welcome sign of Tanawan. Then soon you’ll see Seafari Resort’s sign on your left hand side.


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Thanks for reading through the page and hopefully this helps.
Please, visit this site again and spread the word.

Have a wonderful vacation or any activity that will bring you to this nice place.

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