Slams Garden Diving Resort

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Slams Garden is finely located in Logon Beach on Malapascua Island, Cebu Province, Philippines.

Malapascua is where people from all walks of life visit to unwind, see the island’s amazing tropical environment, and to enjoy various sorts of water activities.

Slams Garden Resort is there to provide its guests what they need to relax, enjoy, and see life on the beach.

It has plenty of modern style spacious rooms that can comfortably accommodate guests of various tastes and preferences.


Scuba diving shipwrecks, thresher sharks, manta rays, soft and hard corals, harlequin shrimps, ghostpipe fish, nemo, etc.

Snorkeling and swimming at coral reefs surrounding the whole island

Walking around the island's white sand beach for 3 hours and enjoy its scenery

Island hopping is great for families and groups who enjoys picnicking, barbecuing, swmimming... on smaller white islands nearby.

Renting or hiring boats to take you around the island or for a day's trip

Rent a bike, motorbike, jet ski, etc.


Slams Garden Diving Resort offers fabulous and really comfortable services to help your family or friends (if you came with a group). Here they are…

SLAM’s Garden Bar & Pub
Scuba diving
Free Wi-Fi access
Babysitting/child service
Shuttle service
Massage service
Laundry service, etc.

At Slam’s Bar & Pub you’ll get almost anything you want…
Cocktails, beers, liqueurs, soft drinks, movies, sports, video clips, concerts, music, news, etc.

Slam’s Garden has established its own restaurant that offers sumptuous buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kokay's Maldito
Slam’s Garden is just close to this all-in-one establishments. Kokay’s has…
Restaurant, Bar, Disco, Music Lounge, Billiards and Internet Cafe.
White beach, Tropical Drinks, Great Food and a lot of party fun. All under one big roof. Get on it!

Other amenities
other comfortable and relaxing facilities being offered include: cozy lounge, pool table, among light entertainments available.

Nearby Slam’s Garden Resort is the popular…

El Barko
This establishment provides visitors who are looking for greater socialization and relaxing environment on this tropical hideaway island. El Barko is, or composed of…

Restaurant, Bar, Disco, Music Lounge.
Its restaurant offers Filipino dishes starting from early breakfast to late dinner for night owls. At its bar, you’ll be served with ice cold local San Miguel beer and the Philippine popular rhum – Tanduay – if you dare…


Standard Rooms (electric fan or aircon): accommodates 2 guests, with terrace, hot and cold showers, digital safety box, ground floor rooms.

Superior Rooms
Accommodates 2 guests, with terrace, aircon, refrigerator, hot and cold showers, individual digital safety box, etc.
It is a second floor (not ground floor) room.

Deluxe Rooms
These rooms can accommodate 2 to 4 guests, very spacious and with a terrace, air condition, refrigerator, centralized hot/cold showers, and digital safety box.

If you are interested to get more details, you may use the following info…


Address: Barangay Logon, Daan-Bantayan, 6013 Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: (0063) 9053 433495; 9267 853743
In Europe: (0063) 6893 4203

Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines. The island is popular for its white beaches and colorful diverse bio-marine life.

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