SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu

SM City Cebu

When visiting Cebu City I would rather visit SM City Cebu to buy something or even just to look around and relax with its comfortable environment.

When I was a student at San Carlos University back then there was nothing in this area. It was a quiet and deserted area - a reclamation area where you cannot find anything but files of garbage and dirt, and sea in a distance.  

However, looking at what has changed, I still feel surprise every time I visit the place. People come in to shop, watch movies, enjoy their favorite food or just do window shopping.

SM City Cebu is a very convenient place for me, especially when I come the neighboring province or from outside of country. For example, from Mactan-Cebu International Airport, I just usually take a taxi to reach this shopping mall. It is the closest and most convenient to new arrivals from the airport or from the port. It takes about 40 minutes from the airport for approximately 150 pesos via taxi.

Many Filipinos and foreign visitors drop by to relax and treat it like their homes outside their private homes. I think I tend to say the same. It is a very convenient place for me to keep my luggage safe while I move around. For example, I do this when I buy things, see my friends, or visit places I want to see within the city.

During regular weekdays, around a 100 thousand people come and explore SM City Cebu. On the weekend there are about 140 to 150 thousand visitors come to see and treat the place like a place for relaxation and recovery from the daily toils in life.

To learn more about it shopping mall, here are some of its features which will interest you more.

Cebu City

Reasons why people visit SM City Cebu

People have various reasons for visiting SM Cebu. That all depends on their needs. What they want could be either be a big plan or just a sudden burst of decision to do something in this place.

Relax & Enjoy
One of the first things that most people do in visiting SM City Cebu is primarily to relax and enjoy the environment and everything in it. People come without thinking about doing anything or something specific based on their plans laid out for quite some time.

You just come to look around, wonder around to see the decorations, displays, products or anything to relax and enjoy the revitalizing environment.

Meet Friends
The visitors, especially students, come to SM Cebu City to meet classmates or friends to relax and enjoy their time together especially after their classes. Most of the time they just have fun and enjoy chatting inside coffee shops, cafés, restaurants or fast food outlets.

Cebu Philippines

Some of them, especially the serious ones, meet to do lots of things including doing homework, planning about the school activities and then go to buy some things for their projects. Good for them!

Groceries and Shopping
For me personally one of the advantages of visiting SM City is when I want to buy groceries. I find it very convenient to buy things I want because everything is there; literally there are lots of choices all products. You can purchase both local and international products that may not be available in some places in the city or anywhere in the province.

Certainly many people would come to shop, buy clothes, treat their children and even buy real estate through the agencies and outlets located in the ground floor of the department store.

Cebu City Shopping Centers

Facilities Available

Within and inside the shopping mall, you can available various services and facilities for your greater convenience while visiting...

Travelers Lounge (where you can safely leave your luggage for a fee)
Parking Area, etc.

If you want to know more about the products or things you can buy at this department store, let me show you some of the stores available inside.

Available Stores & Products

Although I cannot exhaustively tell you everything, the following are mostly the products you can buy in this department store. Here we are:

SM Cebu City has bookstores, hardware stores, clothing and fashion shop, children's toys, outlet stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, fast food outlets, jewelry shops, furniture products, cars, religious products, music store, travel agencies, ATMs, and many more.

Among the places inside, I mostly spend and enjoy my time exploring the grocery products!

SM City Cebu

Finding SM City Cebu

Looking for this place is not difficult since it is very accessible from various points of the city. Here is the contact detail:

Address: Juan Luna Avenue, corner Cabahug and Kaoshiung Streets, North Reclamation Area, Cebu Port Center, Mabolo, Cebu City.
Phone Numbers: (032) 2310557; 32113446-47
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday: 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Getting There
There are various means of transports that can take you to SM City Cebu. You can either take a private vehicle or take the public transports. For the public transport you can take a taxi, jeepney, a van, or even a bus that passes along the area.

It is also very convenient to get there or leave the area because there are terminals for a Jeepneys and Vans. In addition, there are offers from private operators using single motor bikes to take you anywhere in the city or even outside the city. Fix the rate first before you hop in!

Thank you very much for reading through this page, and if you have questions please let me know since I know the place very well. I’ve been there a lot of times and it is where I live when I was in the university back then.

Have a great day!

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