Socorro Beach Resort

socorro-beach-resort-danaoSocorros Beach Resort (photo by: jason meca)

Socorro Beach Resort

Socorro Beach Resort is an attractive property located in Danao City, Cebu. It is about 35 kilometers from Cebu City, the capital of the province.

Socorro (actually Socorros Beach Resort) is a relaxation facility that offers swimming pools for all ages. It particularly features comic superheroes making the environment unique when compared with other resorts.

Socorro has a private beach area where you can swim. It seems that the whole resort is within the extension of the beach area. The seawater is crisp and clean but it does not have the white sand and such features compared with other popular island beaches in the provinces.

Overall, the whole place looks fantastic, and you got the nice panorama of the sea and surrounding area. If you love the sea, it is okay, but if not then you may enjoy the swimming pools.

Yes, without further adieu, let us check out the facilities...

Socorro's Facilities & Services

This page might not suffice to describe what Socorro Resort offers. So, please bear with me if some services cannot be described fully in details. Here they are…

Swimming Pool
There are two main swimming pools, and both are located in separate places. The first one is the bigger one, which is for adult’s use and is located close to the sea or beach area. This pool is deep enough and big enough for you to do your laps if you wish to. In this position, you have a great view of the expansive sea and panorama of the distant islands of Cebu across the Sea of Camotes Island.

The second pool is composed of two round-shaped pools separated by a bigger pool in-between them. These pools are specially built for children to enjoy with. Yes, they are shallow and with small fountains gushing towards the centers of each round pools to entertain children.

Umbrellas / tables/chairs
If you prefer a quite simple facility to settle in, you can rent this huge umbrella that comes with a table and plastic chairs that can a accommodate a small group.

socorro-beach-resort-swimming-poolSocorro's swimming pool photo by Jhean Gonzales

Superheroes & Other Cartoon Characters
No, these universally known superheroes are not only for kids. Of course, you will remember that they seem real when you were small, but still that memory remains and that you still have that happy memory enkindled when you see them at this resort. For example, you will find the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Mario, Captain America, Spider Man, among others.

Yea, go and take photos with them just like most adults do! It is more of fun than an embarrassing act!

Madagascar Movie Characters
You will find this interesting and fun for your children. These life-size characters from the famous cartoon movie “Madagascar” are replicated and set up inside and close to the children’s pool.

Singing songs among Filipinos is intimately part of their culture, and you would expect that almost every house has this machine. It can be annoying to others but usually accepted by all. Yes, you can also avail a Karaoke in this resort and sing out to the top of your voice while celebrating or having fun.

Parking area
Yes, they have a parking space for your vehicle and expect that you pay for that service.

Entrance Fee: 100pesos/adult; Children: Free

Socorro Beach Resort has a lifeguard. However, since lifeguards have only two eyes and have no special powers to notice everything with precision, please, make sure that you are watching your kid(s) all the time.

To ensure that you child is safe while in the water, make him or her wear floats on both arms and around his or her waist. They are not expensive and worth your child’s safety.

Precautions & Safety Measures
You will find the following similar expressions and notice on the wall close to the pools of the resort.

  • Let the lifeguard know if you are not sure how to swim
  • You are not allowed to eat or drink inside the pool
  • Wear you swim suits
  • Watch your kid at all times
socorro-beach-resort-cottagesNative cottages at Socorro's Resort (photo by: serg cabaldi)


The cottages available for day-use are beautiful traditional Filipino bamboo and cogon grass facility. Presumably, each native cottage can accommodate from 8 to 10 guests. These cottages are located close to the sea, and so you get the fantastic views and relaxing cool sea breeze at the same time.

It costs PhP500 as of this writing. So, the rate may change anytime.

The video is not mine, but it might help you know more about the resort and decide whether to see the place or not shortly.

Finding Socorro Beach Resort

It is not hard to find this resort as it is established just close to the national highway of Danao City. The resort has give us limited contact details, however, if you find it interesting you may use the following information.

Address: Sabang, Danao City, Cebu 6004
Phones: 63 906 745 8683; 63 932 652 4956

Getting to Danao
Take a V-Hire from SM City Cebu, a jeepney or taxi. It is an easy ride of about an hour or so to Danao City.

Thank you for checking out this page, hope this is helpful to your search. You can also use our hotel search boxes to find your resort or hotel in the province quickly.

Have a great day!

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