Stakili Beach Garden Resort


Stakili Beach Garden Resort is also popularly known as Estaca Bay Resort in Compostela Town.

It is located 23 kilometers from and north of Cebu City, the capital of Cebu Province, the Philippines.

This bay resort is very accessible to any visitors coming from various areas in the province (or foreign visitors via airplane or ship).

That’s because Stakili Beach Garden Resort is publicly known and a popular destination among holiday-goers, and where buses, jeepneys, bikes and all sorts of vehicles can easily access to.

Aside from the beach, Stakili Garden Resort also offers 2 swimming pools to interested visitors and guests.

stakili-beach-garden-resort-cebuImage: Stakili Beach Resort

Fun Activities & Interesting Facilities

For sure, there are loads of interesting and fun activities you can do at Stakili Beach Garden Resort. And that depends on your resources and willingness to do want you really want.

But before you can do anything else, you should pay an Entrance Fee (Php30 on weekdays but much more on weekends and holidays, that is, 50 pesos).

Stakili Beach Garden Resort. Reception and Common Area Facility. Image Source: stakili beach resort facebook pageReception Area at Stakili Beach Garden Resort

So, here are the basic but necessary facilities at this garden resort…

Swimming Pools (2 pools)
The pools are close to the beach and are surrounded by coconut palms. The shapes are circular and intended for adult use only. One pool is intended for adult use and has rules that must not be violated for safety of the users.

The other pool has two levels of depths: shallowest one for the much smaller kids and not so shallow for taller kids. This is the pool where lessons and sessions on swimming are being taught to children (especially during summer vacation).

Getting into the pool as another facility requires you to pay (Php100 for an adults and 75 pesos for a kid) with those reasonable and fair rates. Usually, kids are categorized up until the age of 11 or 12 in this country.

If you want to stay for longer hours or a day, you would probably need a cottage where you can put your provisions, take your meal, rest, take a nap, or play table games.
These cottages are not nipa huts (traditional houses with thatched roofs) but more modern style (galvanized iron roofs) to last longer and without much need of frequent maintenance.

Well, if you don’t want to rent a cottage and prefers to save a little bit more, you can easily rent a table for your provisions or enjoy your meals, drinks, and other food over it. Yes, chairs go with it, usually four pieces.

Karaoke Machine
I’m not sure if you can rent one without renting a cottage. Anyway, Filipinos love using this machine and they can’t live without it or not having tried it. You can rent it for a fix rate for 6-hour use (Php750) and surely you can extend if you want to go on singing until evening.

Just like most of the resort restaurants in the province, Stakili’s is also a open air restaurant with high ceiling and nicely decorated with traditional style lightings and other decors. By open air, it means that you can have a full 360 degrees view of the resort’s surroundings while enjoying your favorite or chosen dish.

You can choose your local Filipino food or international and intercontinental dish at this restaurant. The price is affordable enough. It is open from 7AM up to 11PM.

Just to sum up the rates of the facilities:

  • Swimming Pool: PhP100/75
  • Tables: from PhP150 up
  • Karaoke: PhP750 for 6 hours
  • Cottages: from PhP275 (ideal for 10 guests) up to PhP1320 (for 50 guests)

*Note: Their rates are subject to change without prior notice.

stakili-beach-garden-resortImage: Stakili Beach Resort

More Facilities & Services at Stakili Beach Garden Resort

Rooms for those who wish to spend more time together or spend a night or more days are available. You can choose between the air-con and the non-air-con rooms.

WiFi is very much accessible in this place. So, you don’t need to worry about sending messages or doing any light work while on a holiday. This service is available in most places where common facilities are located, such as restaurant, private rooms, receiving area, among others.

Huge Conference Room
It can contain over 200 guests.

Special Events & Occasions
At this popular beach resort, a lot of couples want to get married here. They thought it is very romantic and a memorable place on earth to tie their knots or exchange vows. Of course, you can have your big feast or celebration after the event.

Not only wedding and other special event can be held in this place. The resort establishment can also be used to hold seminars, team-building programs, reunions, anniversaries, conferences, and other meetings or gatherings.

Tent City
Yup, you can book a slot for your tent if you want. Or you can rent a tent being offered by the resort. If you love a city of tents by the beach then you are at the right place. However, if you prefer a much quieter environment then you may have to search another resorts or secluded beaches (which you can find in this site too).

stakili-beach-garden-resort-restaurantImage: Stakili Beach Garden

Accommodation / Beach Rooms

If you decide to stay in one of Stakili’s rooms, you may choose from any of the rates below. Please, take note that rates could change anytime and depending on the season. Also, check out the most recent rate by contacting the management directly through phone or email.

Here are the room rates…

  • Superior Room Php 1470.00
  • Deluxe Room Php 1800.00
  • Executive Room Php 4000.00

For further details and confirmation, please use the contact information below.

Finding Stakili Beach Garden Resort

  • Address: Km.23 Estaca, Compostela, Cebu, 6003 Cebu, Philippines
  • Phone: (032) 425-8062/266-3990/09159003901/09228838012
  • Facebook:
  • Website:
Iron Man Competition at Stakili Beach Garden Resort in Estaca, Compostela, Cebu, Philippines. Image Source: stakili beach garden resort fb

That’s all I want to mention here. Remember that the descriptions above do not contain everything about this resort. There are a lot more details, facilities, and services that have not been mentioned. So, find them out yourself to be more fun and interesting!

More Resort & Beaches

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Thank you so much for reading this page. I hope you got some important details that can help you decide for your holiday or event.

Please, visit this site again or more often to check out further development and info about Cebu and its travel resources.

Have fun and memorable holiday!

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