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sulbing-dessert-cafeSulbing Dessert Cafe I.T. Park (photo: Yue)

Sulbing Dessert Café

Sulbing Dessert Café is a new sweets and desserts franchise flourishing everywhere, in this page, particularly in Cebu.

It is a franchise started by Koreans, and it is now drawing much attention especially in the tropical Cebu.

Sulbing is originally from two Chinese characters (‘sul’ means snow and ‘bing’ means ice). To describe it a bit differently, sulbing dessert means that you are eating those sweetened ingredients with snow (ground ice in this case) and ice.

I think that sulbing is an invention by Koreans and an upgrade of what they traditionally have in South Korea – phatbingsu. A phatbingsu is made of cooked sweet red beans, ground ice and milk and some other sweets on top – but this is less colorful and not as attractive and thick like Sulbing.

Most probably, it is inspired by our very own – Halo-Halo. Koreans love halo-halo and I believe a smart and business-minded Korean reinvented it (just a thought).

So, please, let us improve our Halo-Halo because there is only one Halo-Halo in this world! We can also promote it internationally.

Now, let us go back to Sulbing!

Sulbing Dessert Café's Array of Sulbing

Yes, you will now find out, if you haven’t yet, the various kinds of sulbings you can taste from any branches of Sulbing Dessert Café.

Usually, a Sulbing is served for 2 persons. Which means that either you have to bring with you a friend or another ‘eater’, or consume the whole bowl of Sulbing by yourself (which I think you can do depending on various circumstances! :) )

However, in another place, a Sulbing for one person only is also available. Anyhow, if you are now salivating, check out some of our descriptions here, below…

Blueberry Mango Sulbing
It is prepared with frozen sweet mango cubes, blueberry jam and syrup on the top or stacked side by side the shaved ice and served with a small cup of condensed milk which will be poured over and the sides of the whole dessert.

sulbing-blueberry-mangoBlueberry Mango Sulbing

Mango Cheesecake Sulbing
This is prepared with frozen mango, cheesecake bingsu with vanilla ice cream on top and poured over sweetly with condensed milk.
Injeolmi Sulbing

mango-strawberry-cheesecake-sulbingMango Strawberry Cheesecake Sulbing

Injeolmi (powdered beans) is poured around and over the shaved ice that are mixed with almond chips and other chewy sweet things. In addition to the Injeolmi and almonds, the dessert is topped with other tasty toppings that fit the taste when all ingredients combined.

  • Mango Strawberry Sulbing
  • Berry Yugort Sulbing
  • Oreo Sulbing
  • Mango Cheese Sulbing
  • Real Choco Cheese Sulbing
  • Coffee Sulbing
  • Real Choco Sulbing
sulbing-dessert-cafe-friendsFriends enjoying precious time with servings of Sulbings

refreshing cold & hot drinks

Aside from the ‘for 2 persons’ Sulbing serving, you can also purchase ‘Fresh Fruit Sulbing.' Samples of this menu are Mango Sulbing, Pineapple Sulbing, and Strawberry Sulbing.

Moreover, more, you can also order other snacks, such as toast that can go with your coffee or any other cold or hot drink.

You may order Injeolmi, Injeolmi Honey Butter, Cheese Garlic, Sweet Potato, and Real Choco toast.

The price is from PhP200 to PhP400 depending on the kind of sulbing you want to order.

Since Sulbing Dessert Café does not only serve desserts, you can also find drinks of any sort. They sell various types of coffee drinks (both iced and hot), prappes, fruit juices and shakes.

Frappes: Java Chip, Double Choco, Caramel Cookies, Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel, and Cookies & Cream

Smoothie: Plain Yugort, Blueberry Yogurt, Bubble Gum, Milk Shake, Honey Melon, Strawberry

Coffee: Espresso, Mix Coffee, Americano, Rock Salt Caramel Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Affogato, Vanilla Latte, Caramel Macchiato

sulbing-dessert-cafe-i.t.-parkSulbing Dessert Café I.T. Park, Cebu City

where to find sulbing Café in cebu

Here are the two places in Cebu City where you can race to and taste any of Sulbing Dessert Café’s desserts or other drinks.

Gaisano Country Mall Banilad
Gaisano Country Mall is located in Banilad Road, Banilad, Cebu City, the Philippines. It is one of the shopping mall chains of Gaisano Brothers Incorporated. This Mall has a department store, grocery store, cinemas, bowling plex, restaurants, fast food chains, and others shops you can find.
Phone: +63 32 231 1481

Sulbing Dessert Café I.T. Park
Sulbing Dessert Café I.T. Park is located at Ebloc 2 Asiatown IT Park Apas, Cebu City, Philippines. It has a parking lot and can be messaged at @sulbingdessertofficial.
Business: 8 AM – 2 AM
Phone: 4142007

Thanks for visiting this page. If you have tried their offers, you may say something below.

Have a great day!

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