Sunset Bay Beach Resort


As you might have already guessed by its name, Sunset Bay is called by this name since it has wonderful setting sun scenery.

Of course, other than its beautiful sunset, this resort has a great white sand beach too.

It is close to the white sand beach of Looc, Esperanza, San Francisco, Camotes Islands.

One Storey Pension House

It is a solid concrete building with native designs.

The ground floor is a fully-air-conditioned family size room with hot and cold shower room.
The standard room is with a separate comfort room and shower room.

The First Floor is a private accommodation with a master’s bedroom, living room, kitchen and a balcony overlooking the sea.

Cottages are available for rent where you can read, watch the ocean, breath the fresh breeze, or just daydream…

The property has a 6-feet tall high wall with a decorative iron fences surrounding the three sides.

The remaining fourth side is facing east which has the panoramic view of Cebu island and the surrounding islands, Malapascua Island and Bantayan Island.

That same side of the establishment is facing where the sun sets all year round, except on bad days! (if there’s such a thing).

To move or tour around the island, you can rent or hire motorcycles, private vans or jeepneys. The charge depends on your arrangements and make sure you do it first before moving around.

You can find these vehicles waiting at the port area, market places, and barangay (township) offices in the island.

Address: Looc, Esperanza San Francisco, Camotes Islands
Phone: +63 929 890 7802 or +63 918 575 2638


By Fastcraft
This fast ferry can travel up to Camotes in less than an hour. Fastcraft travels daily vice versa from PIER 1 of Cebu City Port to Poro Port with a regular schedule.

By Pumboats
You can take Pumpboat (motorized outrigger) from Danao City port, which is about less than an hour from Cebu City by public transport. It takes about 2 hours from Danao to Consuelo port, San Francisco Camotes. The fare is between 150-200 pesos per head.

By Ferry Boats
You can take a bigger and much safer ride from Danao City to Poro by a ferry boat. It takes about 2 hours to reach Camotes.

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