Talima Marine Sanctuary

Amazing Talima Marine Sanctuary

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Talima Marine Sanctuary

Talima Marine Sanctuary is a gorgeous preservation site of marine life in Cebu. It is just about an hour to be reached once you are on Mactan Island.

By the way, Mactan Island is where the province’s Mactan-Cebu International Airport is strategically established.

From Mactan Island’s any dive shop, you can easily reach Talima via a small outrigger boat called “pumpboats”.

It takes only 15 minutes at most by pumboats to reach this amazing area of marine life.

More specifically, this marine sanctuary is a protected area located in the West coast of Olango Island – another amazing sanctuary. Let’s go and find out more…

Interesting things to see in Talima

You can be sure that there are myriads of beautiful and weird creatures in this sanctuary especially for the scuba divers and lovers of the sea and its diverse life.

Talima Sanctuary is popular for its deep and plummeting colorful walls populated with various sea life that we cannot, obviously, find on dry land anywhere on earth.

Of course, abundant and various species of colorful fish in various sizes, shapes, and personalities inhabit everywhere in this area.

In the depths of this area, you can find a small shipwreck, just 18 meters deep, where many divers love to scan around and enjoy.

The coral slope of Talima is populated by attractive fishes, such as pipefish, frogfish, triggerfish, sea horses, squids, sea turtles, among other local marine residents.

Some important features that you need to know about Talima is that there is, from about 18 to 50 meters deep-dropping down, an area which is great for scuba divers who love drift diving.

Aside from that deep-dropping area, you will find more various terrains which are also great for divers since you can find myriads of marine life in their milieu.

Marine life to see in slops & walls of Talima

When you dive the slopes and walls of the Sanctuary within the visibility of 10 to 30 meters, you will discover and love will observing corals and animals of various species, such as: table corals, sea fan corals, Neptune cup, garden eel, seagrass, sea pen, and more.

According to an expert dive shop, divescotty.com, Talima Sanctuary have the following two general interesting divisions of marine lives: fish and invertebrates. Of course, there are more to such descriptions but they only aim to brief you a bit about things you will find there.

Fish you can find include:

Flounder, White Eyed, Banner Fish, Regal Angelfish, Moorish Idol, Sea Snake, Tuna & Mackerel, Triggerfish, Sweet Lips, Clownfish, Sand Eels, Comet Fish, Damsel Fish, Surgeon Fish, Batfish, Garden Eels, etc.

For the invertebrates, you can find:

Nudibranch, Cushion Sea Star, Sea Fan, Sea Pen, Banded Coral Shrimp, Feather Star, Sea Snake Cucumber, Tree Soft Coral, Sea Grass, and more.

I’m sure, expert divers and marine biologist can add hundreds or thousands of marine life that animate in the shallows and depths of Talima Sanctuary.

Such limited background provide you an idea of how Talima looks like underneath. It has an amazing marine life that any interested individual and diver would like to see.

Getting to Talima Marine Sanctuary

How to Get There
Getting to Talima Sanctuary is not difficult. Just find any resort or dive shop that provides such dive activities.

There are so many of them that you would not miss stumbling into one of them in a minute once you arrive on Mactan Island.

Anyway, I can provide you some links or guides for dive shops that provide such services and are known in the area.

These are divescotty.com, kontikidivers.com, cebudiving.com and other dive shops you can find at this page link: Cebu dive centers.

Cebu dive centers are located everywhere, especially in areas where popular beaches and islands are accessible. Feel free to take a look at them and check out what they can offer you.

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