Verjames Beach Resort

Verjames Beach Resort & Bar

Verjames Beach Resort Cottages on Bantayan Island. It offers traditional cottages for cooler comfort

Verjames Beach Resort is nice budget property located on Bantayan Island, Cebu. It offers traditional or native style cool rooms by the beach.

In addition to the rooms available for your stay, you can be properly served by their restaurant, small but cozy beach bar, rentals and other services.

Yes, when I dropped by this resort to check out its facilities, I noticed that the place is quiet and serene. It must be great for those who want peace and relaxation at the same time.

I had to ask and call anybody available because seemed that nobody was around by the time. For sure, it was because it’s early March and visitors were not flocking the island’s resorts yet.

Anyway, somebody responded my call and attended to my inquiries. She answered my inquisitive questions regarding the property with smiles and enthusiasm. So, here below, I will describe quite briefly the place and its facilities and other offers for its guests.

Ground at Verjames Beach Resort with coconut tree in the middle above the white sand

Interesting Location

Verjames Beach Resort is located between or among other resorts in this eastern side of the island.

White Beach. That’s right, you can enjoy the white beach of Bantayan Island where Verjames is nicely located. Through this resort, you can also just walk on the beach and explore it passing by and scrutinizing other resorts lined up along the beach.

Sunrise. Since this side of the island is the eastern side, you will love to greet the gorgeous sun early in the morning. In my 3-day stay in this side, I got up early (5:15 am is not that early really!) to get a nice view and photos of the rising sun. it was beautiful!

Space and location. I believe that this resort is located in the right place where you can easily move and see places. First, it is closer to the port of Santa Fe. It is close to the restaurants and town center.

The resort is quite spacious and its buildings at not set up too close to each other. Some green plants in the surrounding and ground area particularly catches your attention since they protruded above the white sands. Of course, you can find coconut trees around with their leaves dancing in the wind.

Okay, let me continue by describing the facilities and services available as follow…

Beach benches on white beach at Verjames Beach Resort, Bantayan Island, Cebu

Facilities & Services Available

The facilities are quite satisfactory and enjoyable for those seekers of medium or budget type of beach resort.

  • Restaurant & bar
  • Car rental service
  • Rentals for motorbikes & bicycles
  • Wifi Access
  • Parking area 
  • Security service

Other services can be obtained if requested on site or in advance. You can certainly ask the management to arrange for you any sort of tours, such as island hopping, island tour and other possible requests. They would be happy to hear your requests.

Nipa hut bar at Verjames Beach Resort, Bantayan Island
Verjames Beach Resort with the seaview on Bantayan island, Cebu

Accommodation / Cottage Rooms

Verjames Beach Resort offers nice native hut style rooms by the beach. You can avail a fan room or air-conditioned room if you wish. Here are the rooms available…

Air-conditioned Rooms for 2 (PhP750 as of this writing)
Air-conditioned Rooms for 4 (PhP1000 as of this writing)
Fan Room for 2 (PhP450 as of this writing)

Additional guest for a Fan Room needs to pay PhP150 and Php200 for the air-conditioned room.

Please, make sure you contact the property to get the updated rates of the rooms for any changes without prior notice.

White sand beach at Verjames Resort on Bantayan Island

Finding Verjames Beach Resort

Getting to this resort is not hard to do. You may use the following contact details for your inquiry or booking requests.

Address: Talisay, Sta Fe, Bantayan Island
Phone: 438-9056; +63 912 364 0769
Email: Rochelkikz -

To get to Bantayan Island, you can use our guide page that outlines transports and other details. Just click Getting to Bantayan Island to get the more detailed travel guide for the island.

Thanks for reading to this part. Hope you’ll have a great holiday on the island.

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