Villa Dulce Resort in Naga, Cebu

Mountain Villa Dulce Resort

Villa Dulce Resort in Naga

Villa Dulce Resort is a nice mountain resort established in Pangdan, Naga City, Southern Cebu Province, the Philippines. 

This is a newly established and recently opened resort, and it has now offering various services and facilities not only for small groups but also larger crowd of guests.

It is about 5 kilometers from Naga City where you should start your ascent to this mountain resort.

At this resort, you’ll see lots of mango trees, coconut trees and almost all tropical greens enveloping the area.

Basically, most visitors spend their day for a special event, including a birthday party, reunion, group gathering and other relevant events.

Most of all, guests love the place due to its two nice swimming pools--for kids and adults' use.

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Villa Dulce Resort, Naga, Cebu

Mountain pool at Villa Dulce Resort in Naga, Cebu

Dulce Facilities & Services

Villa Dulce offers great facilities for holiday-makers as well as groups with special purpose, such as social events or business meetings.

For whatever you come for, you’ll have the following facilities…

Swimming Pools

Villa Dulce offers a 6-feet deep pool for adults and a 4-feet deep one for kids. Certainly, you’ll enjoy this water built in the midst of the forest and atop the mountain.


This resort offers more than 8 villas for its guests. Each of the room has its own facilities and amenities for your basic and comfort needs.

Function Hall

This hall is prepared for any kind of event and social functions you want to happen at his nice mountain resort. Various sorts of groups come and hold their special events, such as birthdays, meetings, gatherings and other social and family functions.

Please note that rates or charges for rent and other payments could change anytime without prior notice. The quotes are only for your guide and would not be actual rates. 

Video Lounge, Boutique Shop, Souvenir Store

Swimming pool at Villa Dulce Resort, Naga, CebuVilla Dulce Resort's swimming pool

Resort's accommodation & cottages fees

Entrance Fees 

The regular schedule is from 8AM to 5PM every day. The fees are Php100 (adult) and Php50 (child). From 6PM to 6AM for an adult is Php120 and Php60 for a child.

Cottages Rents

If you plan on renting cottages, which is usually for a larger number of guests, you have the following rates: Php500 for 15 guests; Php350 for 10 guests; and Php300 for 8 guests only. 

Usually a round cottage is only for a day’s rent purposes, which you can comfortably use for enjoying your meal, chatting, napping, and anything the management allows.

A hut cottage is where you can stay overnight or longer depending of course on your holiday's timeframe. A nipa hut cottage provides the basic and necessary facilities and amenities you may need.

Villa Rooms

The Resort offers a 12-hour rate renting method. It means that if you decide to rent less than this offer you may have to pay in full. So, here are the rooms' rates for you to choose from: Php2,000 for 4 guests; Php1,000 for 2 guests; and Php300 for per extra guest.

The villa rooms are newly-built structures especially made for those guests who wish to stay for over a day or more days to totally relax and enjoy this mountain resort.

There are 8 villa rooms available at this stage, which are located close to the pools and other facilities inside the resort.

Function Hall

The Function Hall (or Events Hall) is ideal for about 60 guests. Sound system, tables, chairs and other necessities will be appropriately provided upon request or as agreed. For an air-conditioned room and 8 hours usage, the rate is Php5,000 only. And, if you extend, you may have to pay Php500 per hour.

For a non-aircon hall and 8 hours usage, you can pay Php2,500 and Php250 every hour of extension.

*Note: rates are subject to change without prior notice*

Finding Villa Dulce Resort

Address: Sitio Humayan, Pangdan, Naga, Cebu Province, the Philippines

Phone: (+82) 032 360 8270


Getting there tip: Take a bus from Cebu City (or Van, taxi, etc.) bound for Naga City.

The bus is available at South Bus Terminal is Cebu where you can choose from a number of bus company operators.

As you arrive in Naga City take a multicab (smaller version of a jeepney available near the Church of this city) that goes to Uling. Other vehicles will be available as well.

Let the driver know that you’re heading for Villa Dulce Resort. Or, you can walk for about less than a kilometer for the resort – could be a nice walk.

At this stage, a website is not yet available but will surely be built after all things are completely set up.

Rooms at Villa Dulce Resort in Naga, CebuRooms at Villa Dulce Resort, Naga, Cebu

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