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virgin-island-beach-viewVirgin Island's white beach and sea view

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Virgin Island is one of the famous travel destinations on Bantayan Island, Cebu, the Philippines.

From Bantayan Island, you can visit the island with your group, join with another group or hire the whole boat to get there.

The fantastic view of the blue sea and the sparkling white sandy beach of Virgin Island are its magnets to both local and international guests.

Of course, you will see coconut trees swinging and dancing with the refreshing sea breeze and whose shades provide you shelter from the direct sunlight. Some flowers, gardens and green grass blankets the non-sandy parts of the island.

From Bantayan Island, it takes around 45 minutes to reach Virgin Island.

Bantayan Island is reachable from Cebu City by taking a bus (or any other transport you want to take) then take a ferry from Hagnaya Port. More on this below.

Bantayan is a huge island comprised of three municipalities: Bantayan, Santa Fe, and Madridejos Municipalities. As an island, you are sure that you will find various attractions on both land and see. What I did to enjoy my virgin visit last time was to enjoy my first scooter ride around the island visiting places and famous resorts, and of course taking photos.

Now, going back to Virgin Island, let me describe to you its features so that you will have some ideas, so use your talent for imagination, and it will not be so hard to do!

virgin-island-cebuModels: Yue & Xang

virgin island's attractions

You may have guessed it right – yes, the island is beautiful. It is a privately-owned property and is well-managed. The staff members are always available to gladly serve you.

The resort itself is well-groomed and maintained, clean and tidy everywhere. You can find picnic huts, loungers, and hammocks. Some loungers are positioned within a fancily decorated sticks with shells.

Without further adieu, let’s check out what the island resort offers…

Services and Facilities
Here we go…

Snorkeling. You can watch fishes, sea urchin, and other sea creatures underwater lurk amidst the seagrass. The water surrounding and nearby Virgin Island is not deep and so you cannot expect more. You cannot see various kinds of corals and colorful fish.

There is a fish feeding area, but it is generally for kids who are still exploring the world and would be greatly happy to see fish swimming and devouring feeds.

Island Tour Boats are also available waiting for anybody who requires their services. It is best to learn from other travelers or your resort staff regarding the rates of such tours to avoid getting ripped off or misunderstandings.

  • Snorkel gears
  • Loungers
  • Cabanas
  • Native Cottages
  • Bar (Fri-James Bar)
  • Helen’s Souvenir Shop
  • Alice Kitchen
  • Trails
  • Beach Volleyball Net and space
  • Life Guard

some tips

Virgin Island is suitable and economically kind for a bigger group. You can chip in together to divide the ‘expensive’ cost, such as renting a boat to get there and bring you back to your resort.

If you are a lone traveler, it is wise to make friends at your resort or with a group or groups who are planning to visit the island

You can bring your own water supply, and it is quite dear to purchase it there.

virgin-island-cabanaCabanas and Cottages

approximate expenses

The following are an only approximation of your expenses when visiting the Virgin Island. Here we go…

  • Boat – for 5 people is PhP800
  • Entrance Fee – for the first 2 guests is PhP250 per head and PhP200 for the other members of the same group
  • Mask & Snorkel – for a pair of the gears is PhP200
  • Shaded Cabana – it is PhP600 (provided with white tarpaulin roofing)

Of course, bring some cash in case you want to spend more and enjoy better other offers on the island.

virgin-island-bantayan-islandLoungers and shell shades
virgin-islandNative Cottages

getting to virgin island

If locals know that you are a visitor, local operators would certainly approach you and offer various services they can provide including a trip to islands.

So, you can talk to them and make bargains if you like. If not, you can also ask the expert advice from your resort or accommodation provider – they can tell you a non-biased information.

In getting to Bantayan Island, you can check out our complete guide through this page.

Next Island Destination
You can rent or hire a boat and visit Hilantagaan Island. Usually, it is part of your package when you visit the Virgin Island. You do not need to pay an entrance fee as the island is a public property and it has a political unit called barangay.

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