White Cebu Beaches

Cebu BeachesTaken on Bantayan Island, Cebu


The province of Cebu is famous for its beautiful and white beaches.  It is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Aside from its beaches, Cebu also has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant nightlife scene.

Its rich history dates back to when it was first settled by Spanish colonizers in 1565. From then on, the city has seen many changes and developments, making it an interesting place to explore and learn about the country’s past.

The province is also home to some of the best food in the Philippines, from flavorful seafood dishes to delicious street food. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history, Cebu truly has something for everyone! 

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure of a lifetime, Cebu is the perfect destination. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and experience all that this beautiful city has to offer! 

We hope that we have provided you with useful information about Cebu and its many attractions.  We wish you a safe and enjoyable stay! Happy travels!

Exploring White Cebu Beaches

Cebu Province ('Lalawigan sa Sugbo' in Cebuano language) is a provincial island situated in the central Philippines belonging to Visayas Islands.

It is among these central islands where you can find the Cebu beaches waiting to be explored.

Cebu is an island that is consists of 167 smaller satellite islands and islets. Now, you can imagine that islands are generally great especially if they are in tropical regions.

Cebu islands are more than just great because most of them have white sand beaches. A beach with white sand means clear, pristine and invitingly cool sea water.

And that means they are fantastic for swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, and all sorts of water activities.

cebu-beachesWhite sandy beaches on Malapascua Island

Coralline Provincial Island

I firmly believe that Cebu was once beneath the ocean some million years ago but was pushed upwards by the movements of tectonic plates. Well, I’ve been looking for a source to back up my claim, surely somewhere and someone can enlighten us.

That’s how we can explain the white Cebu beaches of this province. And of course, you can always find great coral reefs everywhere in the seas of Cebu, which are being built by coral polyps (small animals that accumulate limestone and eventually built coral reefs – en.wikipedia.org).

Anyway, this page is supposed to introduce the white Cebu beaches as the island’s major holiday or travel destinations on the island. As much as we can, we will try to describe the white Cebu beaches and resorts as they are so as not to disappoint readers and would-be visitors or guest to any of these…

White Cebu beaches, hotels & resorts

Now, let’s take a look at the white Cebu beaches  and the province's satellite islands, which are linked here and are organized according to islands and towns where they belong.

Mactan Island Beaches & Resorts

Alta Cebu Resort, Amisa Private Residences, Abaca Boutique Resort, Anemone ResortBahia Resort Hotel, Be Resorts Mactan, Blue Reef Resort, Cebu Marine Beach Resort, Cebu White Sands at Maribago Bay Hotel, Coral Point Gardens Resort, Cordova Reef Village Resort
Costabella Tropical Beach Resort, Crimson Beach Resort and Spa, Crown Regency Suites and Residences, Days Hotel Mactan Island, Dulcinea Hotel and Suites, EGI Resort and Hotel, Goldberry Suites and Hotel, JPark Island Resort & Waterpark Cebu, Lancaster Hotel Cebu, Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, Movenpick Resort & Spa, Palmbeach Resort & Spa, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Portofino Beach Resort, Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa, Sotogrande Hotel and Resort, Tambuli East Wing Beach Club, The Bellavista Hotel, Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club, Waterfront Airport Hotel & Casino

Bantayan IslandNature Park & Resort on Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island Beaches & Resorts
Abaniko Beach Resort, Alice Beach, Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort, Beach Placid Resort, Budyong Beach Resort, Kota Beach Resort, Hoyohoy Villas, Marlins Beach Resort, Ogtong Cave Resort, Santa Fe Beach Club, St. Bernard Beach Resort, Sugar Beach, The Coral Blue Oriental Beach Villas and Suites, Tickety Boo Beach Resort, Yooneek Beach Resort, CouCou Bar Hotel & Restaurant, Beach Montemar, Heather & Aspen Inn, Kandugyap House, Kiwi Cottages, Mayet Beach Resort, Maias Beach Resort, Playa Estrella, Queen Elizabeth Beach Resort, Roumels Beach Resort, Seaview Apartelle, Sunday Flower Hotel, Tristans Beach Resort, Wacaba Haus, White Beach Bungalows   

Malapascua Island Beaches & Resorts
Bantigue Cove Beach Resort, Blue Corals Beach Resort, Blue Water Malapascua Beach Resort, Celtis Resort, Cocobana Beach Resort, Dano Beach Resort, Evolution (resort and dive center), Ging Gings Flower Garden Rooms, Hideaway Resort, Hiltey’s Hideout Homes Malapascua, Hippocampus Beach Resort, Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort, K 4 (K5) Bamboo Cottages, La Isla Bonita Cottages, Logon Beach Resort, Malapascua Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort , Malapascua Legend Resort, Malapascua Garden Resort, Mangrove Oriental Resort, Matterhorn Malapascua, Aabana / Mike & Diose’s Beach Cottage, Moonlight Resort Bar and Restaurant, Mr Kwiiz Lodging House, Ocean Vida Beach & Dive Resort , Purple Snapper Dive Resort (KUAN BA), Slam’s Garden Diving Resort Malapascua, Sunsplash Resort Malapascua, Sunset Beach Resort Malapascua, Tepanee Beach Resort (Wifi), White Sand Bungalows Malapascua, French Kiss Divers

bakhaw-beach-camotesWhite Bakhaw Beach on Camotes Islands, Cebu

Camotes Islands Beaches & Resorts
Bano Beach Resort, Bellavistamare Beach Resort, Borromeo Beach Resort, Buho Rock Resort, Bakhaw Beach, Flying Fish Resort, Greenlake Park Resort, Harbor View Family Resort, Keshe Beach Resort, Lake Danao Park, My Little Island Hotel, Masamayor’s Beach House & Resort, Mangodlong Rock Beach Resort, Palanas Beach Resort, Payag Beach House Resort, Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, Santiago Public Beach, Sunset Bay Beach, Sunset Vista Resort, Tulang Diot Island, Vall Hall Resort, White View Beach House Resort, Timubo Cave Resort, Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort

Voda Krasna Beach ResortVoda Krasna Resort & Restaurant, Tingko Beach, Alcoy

Alegria: Alegre Beach Resort & Spa, Costa De Leticia Resort & Spa, Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort

Aloguinsan: Hidden Beach Resort, Bojo River Cruise, Bantayan Beach, Kantabogon Beach, Ulbohan Underground River, Kantabogon Legendary, Tap-anan Beach, Batalyon Hill, Nahulgag Pinuti Lagoon, Bulwarte, Municipal Park, Baluarte Park, Sayaw Cascade

Argao: Looc Beach Resort, Argao Kingfishers Beach Resort, Argao Beach Club, Mahayahay Beach, Sunshine Beach Club, Argao Beach Resort, Kalumpang Beach Resort, Woodruff Beach Resort, Looc Garden Beach Resort, Bamboo Paradise Beach Resort, Baluarte de Argao

Asturias: Malabago Beach Resort, Owak Asturias Beach Resort, Cabo San Miguel Resort, Lukay Lukay Beach Resort

Badian: Badian Island Resort & Spa
Balamban: Costa Roca Resort Club, Lukay Lukay Beach Resort, West35 Eco-Mountain Resort, Sailor's Cabin, Balamban Mountain Resort

Barili: Sayaw Beach Resort, Candugay Beach Resort, Mantapuyan Waterfalls, Paradise Valley Mountain Resort
Bogo: Nailon Beach Resort, Hisoler's Beach Resort, Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort, Hisolers Beach Resort
Boljoon: Granada Beach Resort, Palanas Mountain Farm Resort, Club Fort Med Resort
Borbon: One Casita Beach Farm Resort

Daanbantayan: Skips Beach Resort, Virgin Beach Resort, Virgin Beach Resort
Dalaguete: Dakong Bato Beach Resort, Dalaguete Beach Park Resort, Ocean Bay Beach Resort, Tawi-Tawi Beach Park Resort, Dalaguete Rockwalled Beach Resort, Kyleville Resort Bar Restaurant, Dalaguete Mountain Resort, Ocean View Beach Resort, Coro Dalaguete Beach Resorts, Osmena Peak

Medellin: Gibitngil Island Beach Resort, Hideaway Beach Resort, Lea's Sunset View Beach Resort, Seahorse Tourist Inn, Palm's Inn & Beach Resort, Mahawak Beach Resort, ALA Mercedes Golden Village

Catmon: Huna Huna Cliff Resort, Aroma Beach Resort, Recuerdo Beach Resort, Esoy Hot Spring, Imelda Aroma Waterpark Resort

Carmen: Durano Eco Farm & Resort,
Compostela: Stakili Beach Garden Resort, Boardwalk Beach Resort, Waterview Beach Resort, Inday Lily Beach Garden Resort, Tres Palmas Beach Resort, Green Lagoon Park

Consolacion: Twin Creeks Nature Park, Tawig Resort, Genesis Valley Mountain Resort

Cordoba: Western Sandbar Beach Resort, Villa Asela Beach Resort, Cordova Reef Beach Resort, Cordova Beach Village Resort

Ginatilan: Shiratani Beach Resort

Liloan: Eden Beach Resort, Seafront Beach Resort, Pebbles Beach Resort, Bonga Villa Beach Resort, Bougainvilla Beach Resort, Villa Liloan Beach Resort, Amara Beach Resort, Pepito Beach, Medillos Beach Resort, Wiggy's Beach Resort, Villa Nueva Beach Resort

Malabuyoc: Kawayan Marine Resort & Dive Shop, Mainit Hot Springs, Montaneza Falls, Looc Waterfalls

Moalboal: Moalboal Beaches & Resorts
Naga: Villa Dulce Resort

Oslob: Lagunde Oslob Beach Resort, Seafari Beach Resort, Aaron Beach Resort, Masters Beach Resort, Ermi Beach Resort, V Beach Resort

Pinamungahan: Park Place Beach Resort, Hidden Valley Mountain Resort, Tajao Seaside Haven Beach Resort, Louie Beach Resort, Tauhai Garden Beach Resort & Spa, The Ranch Resort

Ronda: Kasadya Beach Resort
San Remigio: San Remigio Beach Club, Lingay Beach Resort, Victoria Hard Rock Resort, Verdimar Resort, Hagnaya Beach Resort, Elegant Beach Resort

Santander: Bonga Villa Beach Resort & Spa, Marine Village Dive House, Albion Seaside Resort, Lubi Resort, Ocean Terrace Resort, Pebbles Beach Resort, Swan Beach Resort, Villa Tropical Resort, Kingdom Resort

Samboan: Villa Isabella Beach Resort, Gorion Beach Resort, Aguinid Falls
San Fernando: Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, Pulchra Beach Resort, Singli Mountain Resort

Sibonga: Buko Beach Resort

Sogod: Alegre Beach Resort, North Sky Beach Resort, Sogod Cebu Spring, Bagatayam Falls, Tabunok Garden View Resort, Cebu Club Pacific, Borussia Restaurant, Binaliw Spring, Three Lover Stones, Gerona Farm

Tabogon: Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort, Bunzie's Cove, Beautiful & Serene Resort
Talisay: Larawan Beach Resort, Pooc White Beach, Yaro Beach Resort, Marocca Swimming Pool, The Talisay Ruins, Igutan Cave & Falls, Lagundi Reef, Bucawe Falls, Lagtang Cave

(Toledo City & White Cebu Beaches)
Tuburan: En-Red Floating Paradise & Resort, Malobolo Spring, Apalan White Beaches, Mantawihan, Little Baguio, Marmol Cliff, Lantawan Lookout

Tabuelan: Durhan White Beach Resort, Maravilla Beach Club

bantayan-island-cebuBantayan Island (Montemar Resort)

This page and this site are still in progress since its birth in January 2012. But surely, you can already enjoy and scan pages of nice and white Cebu beaches.

Please, drop us a line if there’s something that needs vital and special attention to make this site more efficient and truly useful as a travel guide.

Thank you and have fun scanning this website and its White Cebu Beaches pages.

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