Anemone Resort on Mactan Is.

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Anemone Resort on Mactan Island

Anemone Resort is a nice name for a resort located in this island’s seaside. This resort is located in Maribago Town, Mactan Island, Cebu.

Anemone offers budget accommodation and basic affordable facilities. It is great for those who seek tranquil and relaxing environment.

However, if you wish to do scuba diving or other fun water activities, the dive center of this resort can surely fill up that need.

There are 14 rooms available with basic and simple facilities but good enough to support your comfortable stay.

Travelers, backpackers and those who prefer to spend their night in a very affordable accommodation have to check out this resort.

The Anemone as mentioned earlier has its own scuba diving services to offer, an infinity pool which overlooks the open sea of Lapu-Lapu City and a restaurant that has a vary of dishes to serve to its guests.

Let’s check out some facilities and services being offered by Anemone…

Exciting Sea Activities

Just to provide some information about Anemone, here are some interesting things you can enjoy with while in this small but nice resort…

Swimming pool
This is an infinity pool, which means it overlooks the sea of Mactan Island that can provide you relaxing atmosphere and view. You don’t need to go to the sea to enjoy the salt water to relish your vacation.

But of course, you can do more than just dipping in the pool by contacting Anemone’s dive center for your sea activities, including snorkeling, diving, whale shark swimming, among other fun adventures.

Diving Facility
It has a diving facility but it is linked with a diving provider with Japanese information. Maybe you could use Google translator if you are not a Japanese speaker.

Surely, if you contact Emerald Green Diving Center, you’ll have English or Cebuano speakers who can facilitate your request or inquiry.

Facilities & Services

Anemone offers anything you need for your fruitful and relaxing stay. Check out the following offers:

Anemone Resort Dining Restaurant
This restaurant is nicely well-set up at the beachside of this resort. Among various delicious dishes available, Japanese cuisine is very notable since this resort is being managed and owned by a Japanese proprietor.

Some of the Chef’s recommendations include…

Rice dishes: shanghai fried rice, omelette java rice, dry curry, etc
Native dishes: grilled prawns, squids, gambas, pork barbecue, chicken, etc

Japanese dishes: shyu ramen, miso ramen, hiyashi chu-ka, udons, katsu don (pork cutlet), curry, etc.
Pasta menu: aglio olio e pepperoncino, pomodor, Bolognese, etc.

Having seen some important details, let’s check out your accommodation in this tropical island at Anemone’s…

Accommodation Facilities

Anemone Resort has a total of 14 rooms available for rent, wherein the 14 rooms are categorized into three types. These types of rooms are as follows…

Deluxe Room
There are seven of these rooms available. Outside your room you’ll have a nice view of the sea. This has balcony where you can relax and enjoy your time.
Deluxe room offers hot shower, cable television, refrigerator, aircon, and veranda.

Standard Room
Outside your room you’ll immediately get a view of the sea of Mactan. This room is equipped with aircon and hot shower, among the basic facilities.

Fan room
This is the most basic accommodation but comfortable enough for a budget seeker guest. It has a simple native style room and affordable enough especially among backpackers. There are 4 of these rooms available.

For detailed rates for each accommodation, you may contact the resort or check out their website address provided below…

Finding Anemone Beach Resort

You can easily find Anemone Resort with the following contact and information.

Address: Buyong, Maribago, Lapu-lapu City Cebu 6015,Philippines
Telephone: +63(32)492-0119 / T&F:+63(32)492-0118


Aregato gusaimasu (thank you) for searching and reading this page.
We wish you’ll have an amazing stay or vacation on this island.

Please, visit again and find more interesting and nice vacation places in Cebu Province.

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