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Comfy Cebu furniture products

High-end Cebu Furniture Products

The furniture industry of Cebu Province is gaining much recognition around the world for its excellent designs and high standard quality products.

Aside from the world-class artistic designs and quality, Cebu's furniture gives you the most comfortable and homely feeling.

If you heard about this province's for the first time, then I strongly suggest you need to preview this video to help you imagine...

The country exports around $300 million middle to high-end furniture of which sixty percent (60%) come from Cebu.

This has made this Visayan island the "furniture capital of Southeast Asia." Certainly, the province's talented craftspeople are competing with the world's best in furniture-creating field.

Aside from the erudite and expert entrepreneurs as well as the talented craftsmen and women of Cebu, there should be some other reasons that can shed light on this province's popular furniture products. So...

What Makes Cebu's Furniture Attract Buyers?

With some personal experiences about using these products, I can only think of some good points. Personally, what I like most about them is usability and user-friendliness. Anyway, here are some of the points I know and can think of...

  • high-end quality product,
  • an art in harmony with utility,
  • healthy & comfortable,
  • environmentally friendly & sustainable,
  • luxurious & attractive,
  • original & unique, and
  • use of indigenous materials...
A Cebu furniture on exhibition

That's right. You can judge a good product or item to be really that good one if it usable for a long time and environmentally sustainable. You might have noticed that I support anything environmentally friendly and sustainable...

Now, although this website is not affiliated to any of the groups/companies mentioned in this page, we can introduce you to a number of those established Cebu furniture makers who have shown great talents and are supportive in any sustainable activity.

The furniture below is just one of the ingenious product designed by one of Cebuano's talent. Most of the artist's designs are inspired by nature: waves, plants, earth, etc.

wave-furniture-cebuWaves 'bawud' Furniture (photo:

Yes, you may visit that website to check out more furniture products that reflect the creators talent. Surely, there are loads of talents in Cebu not being discovered yet. However, the way the products are being produced show that this province has a promising future in promoting what they are good at.

Okay... let's check out more about this Cebu furniture's features and all...

Scorpion-shape Cebu furniture on exhibition

What are these furniture made of?

Cebu Furniture. This is a barnacle, some kind of sea clams or shells that are being used as materials in creating furniture.

Most of the products are made from local and indigenous resources, which could be one of the reasons of their popularity, especially for those of us who are environmentally conscious and concern.

Generations of know-how in handicraft and weaving processes, in combination with the latest methods of furniture creation, the products use...

  • coconut, barnacles, cassava, loofah, petrified wood, rubber, termite mound, tobacco, waste wood, paper, and more...

The furniture only uses minimal amount of wood, metals, synthetic products and other materials for support and structures. That make them eco-friendly and sustainable...

Wicker Furniture Products


If you wanna see more of Cebu furniture and inquire for relevant information, you may click on the Websites generously linked for you in the following subjects below.

The following video clip will show you amazing samples of Cebu made furniture coming from different and selected manufacturers only. The video will open in another window so that you won't loose this page. You may click the link...

Amazing! As much as I enjoyed those marvelous model furniture products I hope you did too! Please continue scanning for more specific subjects and specialized furniture items below.

Online Furniture Traders


There aren't many traders for Cebu furniture available online. I think, except for the established companies, they should seriously think more of opening a website or even a blog to show off or display their products online.

In my internet search, I can find mostly those big companies that buy and sell those products. So, if you want to check out one online furniture store, here is one link I provided. The site will open another window in case you want to get back to this page:

Just in case you prefer to see exhibitions of furniture products from across the world, I also include here such site:

Furniture Manufacturers in Cebu


The Cebu furniture manufacturers supply both local and international demand of such standard quality and high-end products.

They are able to meet the demands of high volume orders from large companies while maintaining flexibility to meet the needs of their individual buyers.

While keeping their commitment to the design and concern for the environment, the designers and manufacturers do their utmost to satisfy buyers' tastes and needs.

For details and inquiries, you may visit:

It is a young and dynamic company located in Cebu. It has both the highly motivated and talented people from the East and West working hand-in-hand to produce world-class furniture.

If you want to see a DIRECTORY of Cebu's furniture industries, I conveniently pasted the site and is available:

Trade Shows & Exhibits


cebu roundwicker

For over 20 years now, Cebu has been conducting showcases of its furniture products.The exhibition is organized by Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation (CFIF). It is called the Cebu International Furniture & Furnishings Exhibition.

CFIF is a primary foundation that supports the organizations of furniture manufacturers and exporters in the Philippines.

It speaks in behalf of the country's furniture export industry and organizes and guides individuals or groups with potentials to excel in furniture making ventures.

This Foundation tries to focus on the key issues:

  • sustainability and environmental conservation;
  • return to craftsmanship
  • rise of individual design by talented art designers

These key issues are opportunities that led to the exhibition called CEBUNEXT. CEBUNEXT exhibition serves as the key venue for both local and international buyers to meet the local finest manufacturers, exporters and designers

There's an annual design competition to inspire local talents and develop products with greater value and pride, innovation, tradition and originality.

The exhibition is located at the WaterFront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. It makes it more convenient for you to transact business - next to your hotel room.

For more information, log on to:

You can also CLICK here to watch short videos at Youtube. Its an amazing show of Cebu's incredible talent of manufacturing handcrafted furnitures.

Modular Office Furniture


cebu modular officer furniture

This particular furniture is one of the most in demand products not only in Cebu but around the world. That's because offices need more of these than homes do, besides from a little cheaper than the specialized home furniture products.

So, let me show you some of Cebu's great creator of modular office furniture through this video clip. It will open another window to keep this page in case you want to check out more. is one of the best sites that showcases modular office furniture in Cebu City.

Aside from modular office furniture, they also have...

  • home furniture,
  • hotel & restaurant furniture,
  • outdoor furniture, and
  • school & university furniture products

Another website that also advertises high quality modular office furniture manufactures and supplies products by taking into account the dynamics of an environment, user needs and applications.

Please click to visit the site: Another site showing modular office furniture is...

Cebu Outdoor Furniture

cebu outdoor wicker furniture

Another great furniture that are great for home, or other places, are the outdoor furniture. Most of these Cebu furniture products can be found in most luxurious homes. However, medium size homes or any environment that has space for this product is also fine.

Yes, you can find many manufacturers in than can provide these products. I am certain that you can have your preferred size and all. In other words, you can have a customized outdoor furniture if you wish to. The following link is just one of these great manufacturers. It will open another window to let you come back to this page...

Click that site and you'll be surprised by the best quality and high-end outdoor furniture will discover. Of course, there are many of them, but I only included the best and popular one.


If you visit Cebu and see them for yourself, you'll be amazed!

Now, I should say 'thank you' so much for visiting this site. Hopefully you'll visit again more often not only for business but also for your leisure and vacation.

Please, scan through the other pages to find nice vacation place or travel destinations in Cebu Province. Since this site specializes on Cebu travel guides, you will find it interesting and who knows you might pick one among the resorts for your next holiday.

Enjoy and happy shopping!

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