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Cebu Philippines Food

Authentic Philippines Food

Due to the influences from foreign dishes quite observable as you move around the archipelago, Filipino cooking has evolved a lot in the past centuries.

However, since this tropical is lush with spices, many people prefer to prepare their meal with what's available from their farms, house gardens, or the local markets rather than buying imported products.

So, in the past many centuries the Filipino style of cooking has been evolved having a combination of Malay, Chinese, Arabian, Japanese, American, Latin and other Asian influences being adapted to native ingredients and locals' taste.

Distinguishing Flavors of Filipino Food

In particular, Filipino cooking can be identified with three general tastes: salty, sweet, and sour. A dish can have only one or the combination of the three flavors which actually brings or results a pleasing taste to the palate.

Now, what follows are some short descriptions of Philippines food traditional and popular in most regions of the country. They are my favorites too.

Here we go...

  • inasal -- marinated chicken barbecue (
  • kinilaw-- or 'kilawin' is a fresh fish dish mixed with spices (
  • lechon-- a whole roasted pig. "King of the Filipino food" as I call it.
  • bangus-- a milkfish which can be prepared into various delicious dishes
  • puso-- also called "hanging rice" because you can actually hang it anywhere as it put safely inside coconut leaves nicely woven. Coconut leaves contributes a nice taste to the rice
  • dinuguan-- a favorite among Filipinos. It includes animal internal organs and blood. NO, its not gross! It's very tasty.
  • paksiw-- comes in various ingredients: fish, pork, etc. You can make it from leftover lechon or make a fresh menu from fish...
  • manok-- it's simply a chicken, a favorite source of protein which can be prepared into a hundred variety of dishes, including 'adobo' which is popularized by the famous song "chicken adobo" (by of Black Eyed Peas)

Assorted Filipino Food

And, of course, there are thousands of dishes available owing to various ethnic or regional groups of people and food resources. The thousands of islands (7,000 plus) can provide different cuisines of various ingredients and tastes.

We can only show you some photos of native Philippines food and Filipino cooking. Below are just some of them. However, if you are so interested to see more you know where to look – Google, Yahoo! or Bing, right?

Here they are…



(Photo: It is one of the famous Filipino seafood and is readily available on the island.

It is the source of calcium and other nutrients especially for people living by the seashores.

All sorts of seafood are offered by most seafood restaurants...

kinilaw or kilawin

It is usually a fresh fish (of any kind) dish mixed in with all sorts of ingredients including: tomatoes, scallion, onion, ginger, vinegar, and other spices available locally.

It's a bit different from the Japanese sushi or the Korean hwe because in this preparation style the fish meat is somehow being cooked by the ingredients and spices, thus removing any fishy smell...

chopped lechon

(Photo: Yes, lechon is the most popular delicacy among Filipinos locally and abroad. Without this dish, a wedding, anniversaries, birthdays or any other event is not complete. It is a barbecued one whole piece of young pig! A lechon is perfectly prepared when the skin is crunchy enough to be eaten... yummy!

chicken barbecue
Chicken BBQ

(Dodz). Chicken is also one of the most popular source of protein among Filipinos.

It can be prepared into various dishes and the number of dishes depends of the region or locals who prepare the menu.

It can be plainly barbecued or cooked as stew with coconut milk...

More Photos of Filipino Food

Yes, you can always find Philippines food through the internet. But if you are interested you can find more delicious pictures or photos at this link:

Hot chopped pork dish

Cebu Restaurants serving only Philippines Food

The following are some of the Filipino or Pinoy food restaurants located in Cebu area. These are just sample places where you can easily access but you can certainly find Cebu style of Philippines food anywhere you go on the island.

Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant

Golden Cowrie is a chain restaurant serving native Filipino dishes. In Cebu, it serves the following:

  • Fresh starters – baked tahong, kinilaw, baked scallops, shrimps in garlic, etc.
  • Simply Souperb! – sinigang or tinolang pork/prawn/tangigue/lapulapu, bulalo, linat-ang baka (beef soup), etc.
  • Veggie Entrée – adobong talong, pinakbet, tinuang nangka, puso salad, atsara, bicol express, etc.
  • Meat Dishes Galore – grilled pork belly, chicken haling-halang, crispy pata, caldereta, grilled ribs, chicken barbecue, lechon kawali, etc.
  • Seafood Platter – escabeche, fried tuna fingers, bangus, blue crabs, prawns, lobster, tangigue, tuna belly, blue marlin, etc.
  • Sweets – golden cowrie halo-halo, ice crea, leche flan, biko, tsokolate, etc.

Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
Mactan Marina Mall, Lapu Lapu City

Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City
SM City Cebu and Ayala Terraces, Cebu City
Phone: (6332) 233-4243
Robinsons Cybergate Cebu, Don Gil Garcia Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City, Cebu
032 236 5740

Boosog Lasang Pinoy

Boosog restaurant is a proud Cebuano authentic specialist of Philippines food. Some of its specialties include:

  • Crispy pata, sizzling sisig, utan bisaya, balbacua, seafood, etc.
  • Desserts – biko with latik, minatamis na saging (sweetened banana), bucayo (sweetened coconut meat), etc.
  • Refreshers – shakes, juices, citrus coolers, etc.

Dining area is an Al-fresco roof deck and outdoor or indoor. Boosog also provides a function room that seats 35-60 persons for any social events.

Now, contact them and book for your visit at…
Tel # +63.32.238-1600
Juan Luna Street, Mabolo Cebu City Cebu

More Philippines Food in Cebu

And, more Filipino cooking if you want more choices…

Pino Filipino Cuisine
Phone: +63.32.232-0939 | +63.32.233-2311 (TF) | +63.32.231-3101 (TF)
Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City Cebu

Alejandro’s Filipino Resto
Phone: +63.32.253-7921
#6 Island Area, Century Plaza Commercial Complex, Juana Osmena St., Cebu City Cebu City Cebu

Anton’s Restaurant
Phone: +63.32.340-0468 | +63.32.435-4737
Cebu Yacht Club, Mepz1 Pusok Lapu-Lapu City Cebu

Café Laguna
Phone: +63.32.233-8602 | +63.32.233-8600
Garden Row 1 Bilirad Rd.Cebu Business Park Cebu City Cebu

Chicka-an Sa Cebu
Phone: +63.32.233-0350 | +63.32.412-2029 (SM)
Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City Cebu

Don Mertos
Phone: +63.32.253-5563 | +63.32.253-5564
94 Juana Osme?a St., Capitol Site Cebu City Cebu

Giligans Island
Phone: +63.32.417-1448 | +63.32.417-1449
The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu City Cebu

Gerry’s Grill
Phone: +63.32.415-8284 | +63.32.232-4159
2nd Floor Ayala Activity Center Cebu City Cebu

Lighthouse Restaurant
Phone:  +63.32.233-2383, +63.32.233-2386, +63.32.232-5028, +63.32.231-2478
Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City Cebu

Sugbahan Restaurant
Phone: +63.32.346-3668 | +63.32.346-8455 TF
A.S Fortuna Mandaue City Cebu

Barrio Fiesta
Phone: +63.32.232-0640 (TF)
3rd Level, NRA SM City Cebu

Yes, they are great native Cebuano (Filipino cooking). However, just in case you can’t easily find them and really dying to try Filipino dish, just look around and find the word “Karenderya” or “Carenderia”. That’s the place, the original ones!

Yes, that's the short description and background of Filipino food within its varied, mixed and intricate regional and cultural aspects.

Now, enjoy your meals!

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