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Cebu fusion food or cuisine is a combination of various elements from food traditions. We cay simply say that it is a product of food from various cultures put into one dish.

It is quite common to see the combination of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Western food as a fusion dish.

Most often, East Asian, South-East Asian, and South Asian dishes alongside with other dishes composed the fusion cuisine.

An American style, such as California cuisine, is considered one of the fusion food culture. This fusion cuisine could be coming from the combination of Italian, French, Mexican, some ideas of the European delicatessen, and eastern Asian composes that cuisine.

With the influx of immigrants and various cultures in most parts of the world, it is quite familiar to see restaurants and cafes serving fusion cuisine which are further reinvented to suite to almost everybody's taste.

Cebu fusion food or cuisine also follows in that similar trend. Each chef or proprietor tries to development and show off their skills in providing fusion food using various ingredients and flavors inherent to another culture.

Without further introductions, let's see what kind of Cebu fusion food or restaurants offer in this provincial and tropical Asian island.

Ilaputi Restaurant & Cafe

Now, this restaurant does not only serve Vietnamese food gourmet but also other Cebu fusion food culinary arts.

It claims to serve you with Asian delicacies and fusion dishes, the passion that brought to life this restaurant in 2002.

Ilaputi Restaurant and CafeIlaputi Restaurant & Cafe, Cebu

Ilaputi boast its “fast casual gourmet comfort dishes as people would know it” and is proud to mention that “each dish is prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients” in town.

Ilaputi is also proud to say that they have great interior designs and settings, cool music, and very hospitable staff that would add taste to your Asian and fusion food.

Signature Drinks
This fusion and Asian restaurant also offers you its 22 ounce blended drinks and house cocktails, which they say would make a great “tandem to the most recognizable dishes” – Puti’s Platos & Great Plates.

“Comforting Flavors”

Penang Plato, Saigon Adobo, Nonihm Thai, Stroganov, Pasta Puti, Kari Kulkarni, Fusion Fillet, Grilled Chinese Chicken Jambalaya, Kenso or Triton’s Treat Pasta.
Yes, these are what Ilaputi offers and they sound del-i-cious, right?

Now, before visiting the place for the real thing, you can contact them or browse their site as below…

Address: I1 Building, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City, Visayas, Philippines
Telephone No.: 032 422 8683

For you to have more choices of Asian dishes, we can look at another Cebu fusion food & restaurant…

cebu-fusion-foodFusion food in Cebu

Banana Leaf Restaurant

Banana Leaf is a multi-award recipient international restaurant in Cebu. It has been introducing local diners as well as foreign visitors of the province to Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian dishes.

This restaurant is proud to claim that they serve customers with their signature cuisine products which are especially created with authentic ingredients from their origin countries.

Of course, the magic of creating such dishes can only come with their “roster of international master chefs…trained and immersed in the true Asian tradition”.
“When it comes to authentic contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine, no one serves it up better than Banana Leaf”.

banana leaf cafe fusion foodBanana Leaf Fusion Restaurant

Great & Tasty Samples of Banana Leaf menu include…

Seafood Specialties – stir fried clams, mussels, prawns with chili sauce; deep fried pomgret with Malayan seafood curry, tilapia fillet with Malayan cream sauce, charcoal grilled whole squid Thai style…

Crabs – stir fried crab in Malayan coconut curry, Thai style curry, vermicelli, Macau style sauce, black pepper Singaporean style…

Meats – Malayan chicken curry with potatoes, half Hainanese chicken, deep fried crispy chicken Malayan style, Malayan beef curry, Thai marinated pork, Malayan lamb curry with potatoes…

cebu-fusion-foodFusion food soup dish

Veggies – stir fried Chinese kangkong with sambal sauce, stir fired Malaysian noble leaves with garlic, sautéed assorted fresh mushroom with garlic and white wine, royal Thai style deep fried bean-curd with crab meat…

Rice dishes – Nasi Goreng nenas, nasi goring, penang fried rice with salted fish and chicken, Thai style fired rice with shripmpt paste, Vietnamese fried rice, coconut seafood rice…

Noodles – Penanag char kway teow, Phad Thai, Mee goring, stir fried udon with laksa paste, stir fried chinese turnip ckae with beansprout & chives, fried rice noodles & vermicelli with seafood Malayan style…

Roti & Bread Specialties…

Roti Canai, roti canai supreme, roti boom, murtabak, chapatis, curry sauce, condensed milk.
Soups – Malayan Seafood Laksa, Bah Kut The, Tom Yam Kung, Thai style tamarind fish soup.

Hmm… That’s not all! There are more and they are irresistible Cebu fusion food…

Desserts, Refreshments, and Special Drinks

Desserts – sago pudding in Thai pandan leaf, pandanus pancake rool with fresh coconut, sweet sago soup with coconut milk, Thai style layer cake, onde onde nyonya style, deep fried banana fritter wit ice cream, chilled mango cream…

Drinks – iced lemon grass with honey, iced tea tarik, pandan iced tea, Thai iced tea, Iced tea lemon HongKong style, iced chrysanthemum tea shake, iced Vietnamese coffee Pho24…

Refreshments – coke in can, fresh dalandan juice, San Miguel light, Tsing Tao beer, Singha beer, Tiger beer, fresh buko juice, seasonal fruit shake, calamansi soda in can…

And more appetizers and salads on the menu…

So, what are you feeling right now? As I am typing this page, I feel getting dizzy and starving. Now, you may check out first what they offer and decide in advance your desired choices…

Address: G/L Ayala Center Cebu, The Terraces, Cebu City, Philippines
Cebu: G/L, The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City; Tel: (o32) 232-33332) 232-3333

Website Address:

cebu-fusion-foodSushi and kimbap style fusion food

More Cebu Fusion Food & Restaurants

Here are two examples of Cebu fusion food places where you can enjoy their offers. Certainly, you can always find many places such as these in Cebu City nowadays.

The best places to find are in most huge department stores and malls, aside from smaller places such as cafes or bars located in the Metro area.

Choi City
Ground Floor, South Arcade, Banilad Town Center
Phone Numbers: (032)239-0999 or (032)239-0800

Uncle Noodles
Lower Ground Floor, 2 Mango Avenue, General Maxilom Street, Cebu City
Business Hours: 11AM – 11PM Sunday to Thursday; 11AM – 1AM Friday to Saturday
Delivery: Phone - (032) 520-1524
One Claypot House
#68 Don Gil Garcia St. Capitol Site, Cebu City, 6000

fusion foodFusion food

Now, it is your turn to check out all these offers by such amazing Cebu fusion food and restaurants.

If you do visit these places, would you let us know your impressions? You may do that in various ways on this site...

Please, have fun and watch your food...^^

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