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Amazing Mactan Island Hotels

Pool at Crimson Hotel Resort & Spa

Mactan Island Hotels


Mactan Island hotels are nicely established on this beautiful island. The fast developing island is blossoming with great beach resorts and hotels. Aside from hotels, you can also choose from B&B and other budget and cost-effective accommodations on the island.

Mactan Island hotels and resorts offer fantastic accommodations, venue for business and all sorts of events, relaxing environment, various sorts of food and spa services, and exciting water activities, among other facilities and services you can imagine.

On this island, you can find the provinces' airport - Cebu Mactan International Airport. If you are flying from anywhere in the region or from outside the country, you will land on this island's airport, which is very convenient, right!

It means that if you book your hotel or resort located on Mactan Island, you don't have to travel for hours to reach your destination in the province. It only takes minutes to reach your hotel or resort on this island.

You can either hire an airport taxi or arrange with your hotel or resort your pick up service. Of course, it all depends on the service offered by your hotel and your arrangement with them.

A Hundred Hotels & Resorts

Maribago Bluewaters CottageA cottage at Maribago Bluewaters Resort

There are over a hundred accommodation available on the island, including hotels, resorts, B&Bs, and other type of accommodation facilities.

The Mactan hotels can have various rates and facilities depending only on your choice. There are upscale and super fantastic hotels, medium range rates, and budget accommodation. You can rent or get to a B&B and use a public beach on this island as well.

So, you can have 5-star hotels, 4-star hotels, and any range of rate you want to reserve for. There are hotels located close to the beach with beach areas, water parks, swimming pools for both adults and children (and toddlers).

Some hotels are not close to the beach but only have great sea views. These hotels could also be great because of their facilities and services. They can also have spas and swimming pools available and can provide services similar with those close to the beach.

Despite that 'with a beach' difference, most hotels offer interesting and fun water activities, such as island hopping, scuba diving and other activities you will enjoy.

How To Book Your Hotel at Mactan Island

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Mactan Island Hotels

The Mactan Island hotels included below are some of the best hotels and accommodation providers on the island. Please take a tour and see if you can find your favorite one. Or, you just directly search your hotel or resort at Agoda's official website to check out if the one you are looking for is available.

Crown Regency Suites Mactan
Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel
Park Hill Hotel Mactan
Lancaster Hotel Cebu
Crimson Beach Resort & Spa - Mactan Island
Goldberry Suites and Hotel
Eloisa Royal Suites Hotel
Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark Cebu
Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club
Express Inn Mactan
Hotel Cesario
Hotel Europa
Anthurium Inn
Dulcinea Hotel and Suites
San's Inn Mactan
Lapu-Lapu Cottages & Restaurant
BnT Inn Mactan
Pal-Watson Apartments
GV Hotel - Lapulapu City

Mactan Golden Motel
Casablanca Gardens Apartments
The Bellavista Hotel
Hollywood Suites
Days Hotel Mactan Cebu
Cleverlearn Residences
Mactan Pension House
DEE Guest House
La Mirada Hotel
Kontiki Marina Suites
Pe're Aristo Guesthouse
Hotel Sogo
Cordova Home Village
Palmbeach Resort & Spa
Best Western Cebu Sand Bar Resort
Cinfandel Suites
Natures Garden Park Resort
Sabina Suites
Coralpoint Gardens

Great thanks for visiting and scanning this page. Hope you find your dream hotel for your vacation, leisure or business on the island.

If not, then you might want to continue searching the pages of this website and see more interesting places and aspects of Cebu Province.

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