Cebu Municipalities of Cebu Island
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Cebu Municipalities

cebu-beach-resortsSunrise at a resort in Boljoon Municipality

municipality of cebu province

Cebu is a province situated in the Visayan region of the central Philippines. The province is composed of the mainland Cebu Island and its surrounding 167 islands and islets.

Cebu City, the capital of the province, is the oldest city in the country that comprises the Cebu Metropolitan Area together with its four surrounding cities (Danao City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City, Talisay City) and other local government units.

This page enumerates the forty-five Cebu municipalities that comprise the province. Each municipality is composed of other smaller political local government units, namely: towns (poblacion), barangays, and sitios.

The 45 municipalities listed here are linked (most of them) to other pages that provide further details for each municipality. Therefore, you can see any of those pages by clicking the municipality name.

For each municipality page (still under construction!), you will discover links to other beaches, resorts, or attractions available for each respective municipality. So, please, go ahead and enjoy scanning those pages.

bantayan-island-resortsSanta Fe Beach Club, Bantayan Island

Component Cities of Cebu Province

Aside from Cebu's municipalities, this page also provides link pages of Cebu Province’s cities. Again, these pages are linked to pages that describe further details for each city. Find out more about them by clicking any of the items (if available) that will bring you to another page.


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moalboal-sunsetBreath-taking sunset in Moalboal Municipality

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