Cebu Pension House

A Cebu Pension House is one of those budget places where you can easily find and rest comfortably close to the venues you want to see or visit.

Pension House in Cebu

A Cebu pension house is a type of guest house operated by the family or owners of the building.

Wikipedia held that the term ‘pension’ is typically used in the European countries, some places in North Africa, Middle East, some areas in South America (such as Brazil & Paraguay), and places that were formerly European occupied territories.

It is a boarding house or a small hotel in Europe ( As opposed to bed and breakfasts, pension houses do not only offer breakfast, but also the other two meals and sometimes tea.

In a pension house, the guest can select a particular plan, such as an overnight with complete three meals (full pension) or without the lunch (half pension) (wikipedia).

Usually, pension houses are family-run business, located in historic or nice places, have beautiful rooms and private bathrooms. Since they usually offer only lodging and meal services they are less expensive and advantageous for those travelers or guest with no thought of availing more or spending more money.

More often, there is an interaction between the owner and visitors which could be an enjoyable advantage for both parties. Listening to stories from the owner could enhance the experience of the guest.

For those who love Katherine Hepburn, she plays as a single, middle-aged school secretary, who went to Italy for her vacation in the movie Summertime. She was staying at the Pensione Fiorini, which was owned by Signora Fiorini – a widow who turned her house into a pension at the end of the Second World War (Wikipedia).

Well, some pension houses in Cebu could be in beautiful and historic areas, while some could be just newly built building, named and provide such services. However, what matters most is the quality of services they offer.

Now, it’s your turn to check out Cebu pension house list as enumerated below…

Cebu Pension House...

Cebu pension houses are available at many places in the Cebu City. They are a lot cheaper compared to popular hotels in the area but could be quite satisfactory in terms of amenities although simple.

Ancestors Pension
C. Perez Building, cor. C. Ouano & P. Burgos, Mactan, Cebu
+63 32 3464357

Cebu Pensione Plaza
N. Escario St., Cebu City
+63 32 2537378

Cebu Mayflower Pension House
Villalon Drive, East Capitol Site, Cebu City
+63 32 2537233

Benz Pension House
30 Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
+63 32 2533033

East Capitol Pensionne
D.S. Regner Bldg., 92 C. East Capitol Rd., Cebu City
+63 32 4165588

Jasmine Pension House
Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City
+63 32 2554559

Kamuning House
Cor. Cong. M.A. Zosa and L. Llorente Sts., Cebu City
+63 32 2536866

Fuente Pension House
13 Don Julio Llorente St., Cebu City
+63 32 4124988

Hope Pension House
79 V. Gullas Street cor. Legaspi St., Cebu City
+63 32 2543659

Familia Pension House
24 K Uytengsu Road, Cebu City
+63 32 2549950

Elicon Pension House
53 P. del Rosario St., Cebu City
+63 32 2550300

Citi Pension House
476 M.J. Cuenco Ave., Mabolo, Cebu City
+63 32 2317653

Casarosario pension House
101-E Ramon Aboitiz St., Cebu City
+63 32 2550525

CML Pension House
Catalino Ouano St., Mandaue City, Cebu City
+63 32 3443049

Family Homestay Cebu
Unit 1 Salustiana Townhouse, M.L. Quezon St., Cebu City
+63 32 5119225

Golden Hills Realty
707 W. Geonzon St., Villa Amores, Apas, Cebu City
+63 32 4162719

Gali Pension House Apartments
0945 Juana Osmeña , Cebu City
+63 32 2553698

Magnolia Pension
395-C Osmeña Blvd. , Cebu City
+63 32 2549432

Jacinta Pension House
Osmena Blvd, Capitol Site, Cebu City, Phone: +63 32 2553515

Villade Mercedes Pension House
366 Orchid St., Capitol Site, Cebu City
+63 32 2533320

Verbena Pension
584-A Don Gil Garcia Street, Capitol Site Cebu City
+63 32 2530203

Villaines Pension House
Andres Abellana St.cor. Bacayo, Cebu City
+63 32 2554079

Teofel Pension House
Oliva-Perez Bldg., No. 4 Junquera St., Cebu City
+63 32 2532482

Shamrock Pension House
Fuente Osmeña Rotunda, Cebu City
+63 32 2552999

Palazzo Pensionne
49 Sepulveda St., Cebu City
+63 32 2550105

Pacific Pensionne
313-A Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City
+63 32 2549216

Pension La FLorentina
18 Acacia St., Lahug, Cebu City
+63 32 2313318

PMG Budget Hotel and Apartelle
Jose L. Briones, Mandaue City, Cebu City
+63 32 3460979

Robes Pension House
41R Landon St., Cebu City
+63 32 4125609

Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia
Plaza Garcia Building Magallanes St., Cebu City
+63 32 5053978

La Maria’s Pensione
ML Quezon cor. Albaño St. Maguikay, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
+63 32 3445664

NS Royal Pensione
Juana Osmena St. Cebu City
+63 32 2545358

LS Pension House
R.R. Landon St. cor. Junquera Extension, Cebu City
+63 32 2562893

Myras Pension
#12 cor Escario St. and Acacia St., Lahug, Cebu City
+63 32 2315557

Maanyag Pension House
Archbishop Reyes Ave., Cebu City
+63 32 2328521

NS Royal Pensionne
Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City, Visayas, Philippines
+63 32 2545358

Ence Pension House
110 Sikatuna cor. Bonifacio St., Cebu City
+63 32 2556480

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Remember that these houses aforementioned are just a few among the hundreds operating in Cebu Province.

Well, thank you for visiting this page and we hope this helps your search for a comfortable and affordable Cebu pension house.

You may continue searching for more interesting pages, or come back again in the future to discover greater travel destinations in the province.

We wish you'll have an amazing time at your Cebu pension house!

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