Hippocampus Beach Dive Resort

Hippocampus Beach and Dive Resort. It is located on Malapascua island, Cebu, Philippines


This great resort is right on the white Bounty Beach of Malapascua Island in Cebu Province.

Named after the Latin genus of seahorse family that is endangered but can be found in the coral reefs around the island

People come to enjoy the sun, warm sea waters, excellent food, and friendly local community

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Hippocampus Beach dive resort, as a front beach has a shallow water that gradually gets deeper making it great for swimming and wading safe and fantastic.

Kids and adults can easily enjoy marine life close to the beach. The coral gardens surrounding the island is just few meters off the beach – blue staghorn corals, colorful reef fish, and critters.

Island hopping
You can enjoy more your holiday if you have time to do island hopping. You will take a banca (local outrigger boat) for a remote place visit where you’ll enjoy a picnic, swim, snorkel, or just sunbathing.

While riding the boat, at times, you’ll be accompanied by dolphins and sometimes whales. One of the favorite destinations is Calanggaman Island, 75 minutes by boat, has large sandbank, coconut trees, simple and romantic for overnight stay.

Carnasa Island is another famous island that has lush vegetation…
Maripipi has huge and scenic volcano…

You can request for your preferences and let Hippocampus arrange it for you.

Exploring Malapascua Island
It takes about 3 hours on foot to completely walk around the island, which is 2.5 kms long and 1 km wide. It would be a great experience walking on a white sand with refreshing sea breeze, bluish waters around  green coconut trees within… Oh yeah!

Scuba diving
Of course, scuba diving is a must for divers and for those interested to dive and discover the beauty of underwater world. You can experience macro life – ghostpipe fish, blue-ringed octopus, soft and hard corals, harlequin shrimps, etc…


SeaQuest Dive Shop
Hippocampus Beach Dive Resort has an in house SeaQuest dive shop for convenient access to fantastic dive spots near the island. It is one of the pioneer dive shops on the island. It has a has team of local dive guides, boat crews, manager, and dive instructor.

Dive Trips & Dive Courses
For an interested or serious diver, you’ll enjoy the offers of 4 boat trips a day to any nice dive spots in the area.

If you are just a newbie and interested to learn about scuba diving, you have access to PADI courses up to dive master level, for photographers, etc. courses offered at this resort.

Diving Sites
Lapus Lapus, Bantigi, Chocolate Island, Calanggaman Island, Gato Island, Monad Shoal, Dona Marilyn Ferry shipwreck…
You’ll encounter and enjoy in those sites: eagle ray, tuna, mackerel, barracuda, thresher sharks, harlequin shrimps, ghost pipe fish, frogfish, and more critters below.

Environmental & Nature Protection
What is more interesting and laudable with Hippocampus is its active role in conservation projects - protecting dive sites and sanctuaries with armed patrol boats to stop illegal fishing, and promoting local community education regarding conservation.

Magellan’s Restaurant
Located on the beach with a well-stocked bar and having a great venue for sunset watching, Magellan’s Restaurant is must-to-be place in this resort.

Magellan’s offers excellent fish and sea food dishes, Mediterranean and local dishes. certainly, you can have your favorite desserts and drinks after your sumptuous meals.

Pirate Boat Cruise
A dinner cruise that serves as a floating bar in the evening is a fantastic experience for romantics and party goers.

Transfer Service
Cebu Airport to Malapascua: 78Euros / 1-2 persons; 98Euros / 3-6 persons


The tropical rooms of Hippocampus are being surrounded by a colorful garden with tropical orchids, flowering plants and coconut trees.

Each room has a European style private bath, verandah with garden view & sea view, colonial style furnishings, spacious double beds or two single beds.

Standard Fan Rooms:
•    Superior Rooms: aircon, hot shower, fridge,
•    Deluxe Rooms: aircon, hot shower, mini bar, sea view location

Prices: http://www.hippocampus-online.com/eng/prices.htm
-Free wifi for guests


For more details, you may contact or visit…
Website: www.hippocampus-online.com
Email: info@hippocampus-online.com
Phone: +63-927-800 8940

Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island, Cebu

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