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Now, you are at the right place if you are looking for great or budget hotels in Cebu City.

The Hotels in Cebu Philippines page lists most of the hotels and accommodations of Cebu Islands in various categories combined altogether.

You will have multiple choices of room rates, facilities, amenities and services they offer. Right below this page you can see hotels with link to pages that describe them in particular, such as their facilities and other fundamental descriptions you need to know before booking.

This page only includes hotels and accommodation places located in Cebu City alone. If you want to do something in Metro Cebu - such as shopping, site-seeing, business, meeting friends, study or do research - this is where you should book your hotels in Cebu. 

In the page, you may book or reserve your room. This website is an official affiliate of Agoda Hotels, an internationally known & trustworthy accommodation hotel provider online. If you plan on booking any hotels in Cebu, please feel free to use Agoda.

I prefer Agoda since it is easy to find hotels and book rooms right away. However, if it is not your favorite booking service provider you can certainly use your preferred one.

Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu CityRadisson Blu Hotel is at the heart of Cebu City. It is just right close to SM Department Store at the reclamation area.
SM Department Store Supermarket Cebu CitySM Supermarket in Cebu City

Mactan Island & Cebu City Mainland

Cebu City is the capital of Cebu Province. It is the main business, cultural and education center of the province.

According to the census in 2010, the city has approximately 2.5 million residents. It is a small but a bit crowded city with streets busy with public transports and people, usually students, threading the streets all day long.

Mactan Island is more or less than 10 kilometers to Cebu City. The distance depends mainly on the place you want to go in Cebu. If you are flying from somewhere else, the entry point of the province is through Mactan Island where Cebu-Mactan International Airport is located.

If you booked your hotels in Cebu, you will need to take a taxi from the airport to your hotel in Cebu City. The maximum fare would be PhP500 and it should not be more than that. Better take a taxi (and the metered one) for comfortable and much safer ride.

However, if you want you can always arrange with your hotel to pick you up at the airport. This pick up service depends entirely on your hotel's service and promotion offers.

Taking a Jeepney should be your last choice if you decide to reach Cebu from Mactan Airport. That's because you need to transfer from one Jeepney to another, which is quite tedious and challenging especially when you have luggage.

Besides, if you are new to the area you might be a target to some pickpockets and petty crime committers who are looking out for some innocent-looking travelers. You can take the Jeepneys when you have friends familiar on taking such transport or has been or living in the area.

Marriott Hotel Cebu CityMarriott Hotel located close to Ayala Center in Cebu City
Ayala Center Cebu CityAyala Center is a popular shopping and hang-out area and is close to new hotels in the metropolitan.

Pick Hotels in Cebu, Philippines

If you prefer to stay in hotels with high standards and considered beach hotels, you may book the ones located in Mactan Island (where the international airport is located). Of course, top-notch hotels are also available in Cebu City itself.

If you wish to shop, do historical sightseeing, visit museums, century old churches, universities, hospitals, or a consulate, you may have to book a hotel in Cebu City.

If you want to get a medium and budget accommodation, you may book a room in Moalboal – known for long stretches of white sand beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, and all sorts of fun water activities.

You now may start scanning the Hotels in Cebu, Philippines through an online booking service provider as below.

Hoyohoy Beach Resort Bantayan IslandOne of the resort hotels in Cebu Province (Hoyohoy Beach Resort, Bantayan Island)

Hotels in Cebu

You can directly see photos, rates, availability, discounts, facilities and other details through the linked hotels in Cebu. The links are only for Agoda, therefore, if you are using another online provider, please use the other providers found in this page. Thanks and enjoy scanning!

Mandarin Plaza Hotel
Best Western Plus Lex Hotel Cebu
Crown Regency Hotel & Towers
Quest Hotel & Conference Center
Cebu City Marriott Hotel
Cebu Parklane International Hotel
Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
Harolds Hotel
Sarrosa International Hotel and Residential Suites
Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
Montebello Villa Hotel
The Henry Hotel
Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu
Wellcome Hotel
Vacation Hotel Cebu
Capitol Central Hotel and Suites
Cebu Grand Hotel
Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Tune Hotel - Cebu
M Citi Suites
Elegant Circle Inn
Zerenity Hotel & Suites
City Suites Ramos Tower by Crown Regency
The Center Suites
Cebu R Hotel Capitol
The Well Hotel
Express Inn Cebu
The Maxwell Hotel
Fuente Pension House
Diplomat Hotel
Dragon Home Inn
Luxurious Penthouse Unit in Cebu
Hotel Stella
Palazzo Pensionne
Premiere City Suites
Fuente Oro Business Suites
Century Plaza Hotel
Gran Prix Hotel & Suites Cebu
Crown Regency Residences Cebu
Bugoy Bikers Bed & Breakfast
Paragon Suites
Beverly Boutique Business Hotel
Cebu Business Hotel
Hotel Pier Cuatro
Diamond Suites and Residences
Crowne Garden Hotel
NS Royal Pensione

Cebuview Tourist Inn
Tr3ats Guest House
St. Mark Hotel
Metro Park Hotel
Myra's Family Inn
Apple Tree Suites
Gran Tierra Suites
Sugbutel Family Hotel
Verbena Pension House
Pacific Pensionne
Ultima Residences Ramos Tower - Unit 2709
MJ Hotel and Suites
Allson's Inn
San Remigio Pensionne Suites
New Era Pension Inn Cebu
Castle Peak Hotel
Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa
La Gloria Residence Inn
Balay Bakasyunan Boutique Hostel
Cebu Hilltop Hotel
GV Tower Hotel
Alba Uno Hotel
Holiday Spa Hotel
Citi Park Hotel
Cebu Century Hotel
RoMa's Guesthouse
Cebu Northwinds Hotel
Fely Ann Residences
Hey Fellas Guesthouse
The Orchard Cebu Hotel & Suites
Lylie Hotel
Unit 703 CityScape Hotel
Prestigio Hotel Apartments
San Remigio Beach Club
GE Home Residential Inn
Cebu Guesthouse
Rajah Park Hotel
Urban Deca Homes Condominium
Main Hotel & Suites
Summit Circle Cebu
Allure Hotel & Suites
Escario Central Hotel
Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia
Richmond Plaza Hotel
Oftana Suites

How To Book Your Hotel

Agoda Smarter Hotel Booking is a popular and world renown hotel booking online provider. Cebu-bluewaters is an official affiliate member of this trustworthy hotel provider. You can easily find rooms and book them online.

Credit cards accepted in any hotel in Cebu, and the good thing is that you don't pay in full and can even cancel your reservation if you change your mind. does not only offer easy way of booking service your hotel but also it offers great discounts all-year-round.

Right below this page, you can see a booking search box and other links that will bring you straight to's official website. In their website you will see various hotels in Cebu with rates and other basic descriptions of the hotels for your choice.

Thanks for visiting Hotels in Cebu Philippines page. We hope you found your ideal accommodation for your enjoyable vacation, business or family event.

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