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Almost everyone who can access the internet either manages one or more websites or blogs. Surely, you are wondering how they do it and why they do it. If you are thinking of building one website, this page can help you. It specially describes resources of website builders that offer both free and paid products.

This page aims to answer the first question:

How they do it?

And the answer to that question is very EASY! Nowadays, you don’t need to create codes that experts can only do. That’s because with the recent development of technologies and the computer world anything that is impossible before for non-techie people, like me, can make what experts can.


That’s right! Building a website nowadays is as easy as frying eggs or making a sandwich. Yes, I am not kidding. That’s because you don’t need to make codes—you just create frames, drag and drop items, and all easy and simple ways of building a webpage.

And the great thing about it is that you can design your own website according to your taste, needs, and preferences. Most platforms nowadays allow you to be more creative and design your website as you want it. As they say: “Only your imagination is the limit”. You can design and create your site the way you see it in your mind’s eyes.


Right, this is your next question: How much does it cost to make one? My answer is: It does not cost you anything at all! What I mean is that it won’t cost you to build a basic website that can accommodate certain amount of data. However, if you want to build a much bigger site with other necessary tools to expand your field of interest, you might need to upgrade your site. Suit yourself.

Free websites can be built easily by you by just accessing free website platforms with free templates from various companies available online. As long as you can get an internet connection, you can get free website builder platforms. What follows below are just some of the available and free website builders I researched.

Free website builder platforms

The following are some of the most popular free website platforms (basic) available. You can learn from them and go professional as you develop and invest on it. Anything that grows big starts from a little thing but grows steadily. 2004-2014 2005-2014 2005-2014 1997-2014 1999-2014

Yes, these website companies offer free services if you wish to create a free website by yourself. Of course, each of them has various free services—such as free domain names, free web hosting, free templates, among other services. Take your take in choosing from among them and try experimenting. It would be very exciting!

Cebu Bluewaters Platform

This website is firmly built (or continually being built) with Site Build It! Platform. What I like about SBI is that it provides everything I need to build and make my website easily get found by major web browsers (they are Google, Yahoo and Bing). You will surely be successful with your small business if you use SBI because of the following tools and features you will access. And you will certainly be successful if you don’t give up.

Here are some of SBI’s features…

Lessons on how to create a site that really works
Special tips and guides how to be successful online
Support community that shares great and helpful insights and knowledge
SBI uses the drag and drop tools—making building a site super easy!
You have choices of building your site the way you want it

And most of all, it has a BRAINSTORM function

SBI is the only web builder that I know of so far with brainstorm tool. Brainstorm Tool helps you get the right keywords to be ahead of your competitors with the same niche. Brainstorm crawls the internet and searches for the most important and relevant keywords that you would need in building your web pages. That is your advantage in having this brainstorm tool against your competitors who don’t have it.

Above all, SBI tools make sure that Google robots and all other web browsers can find you in the sea of sites on the net. SBI tool makes sure you create the right Title, Page Name, Keywords, and Description of your every page. It simply means that your page is surely Google-friendly and make money out of it. In other words, you are sure you have the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool when using SBI.

I don’t really know how to describe or explain SBI better, and so I suggest you watch the videos for you to see the special features of this web builder technology.

A story of an SBI! builder...

What's stopping you from trying SBI!

Wordpress and SBI!

WordPress, if you know about it, is one of the most popular platforms for building websites. It is a free and open source tool and a content management system (CMS).

SBI has just recently launched a new project that incorporates WordPress technology. So, if you are a user of WordPress and really wish to build an efficient and effective online tool, you can now avail SBI’s technology combined WordPress—the SBI!Xpress (SBIX). You may watch a WordPress video training here as a starter.

Another advantage of getting SBIX is that it is cheaper and it comes with tools and plugins of SBI. It means that you can be as successful as the SBIers do. You can also be at the top 10 in the whole internet world—the SBIers are—if you use SBIX with WordPress.


Yes, you can get SBI!Xpress for free with all the amazing tools and plugins of Site Build It! (SBI). And you can always upgrade anytime you need more space for your new website. Please, feel free to use SBI!Xpress for free. You can also get it for a trial period to see how they work for you and have your money back if it doesn’t.

Watch this video clip now to see its features!

Using Brainstorm It! with BIZxpress video

Don’t wait too long or procrastinate in building one. You will regret it if you won’t start (slowly) soon! You should remember than building great structures (such as the Great Pyramid, Great Wall of China, big companies, etc.) takes time. The only difference between building that Great Pyramid and your website is that you can start a website (or blog) without costing you a single centavo.

Good luck and hope this page helps you in some way or another.

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