FUN Moalboal Beach Resorts

moalboal-beach-resortsA mesmerizing sunset at Panagsama Beach area in Moalboal, Cebu

Fine Moalboal Beach Resorts, Cebu

Moalboal beach resorts are finely located in the Municipality of Moalboal of Cebu Province in Central Visayas, the Philippines.

Moalboal is locally known as the ‘diving paradise in the province’. The right place for a serious diver and wanna-bes.

This municipality is known for its white great beaches and popular diverse marine life. For scuba divers and snorkel enthusiasts, Moalboal is their paradise.

Most Moalboal beach resorts provide facilities (and training) for all levels of scuba diving lessons being run by both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Beautiful Location

Moalboal is sort of a peninsula at the southwestern tip of Cebu Province. You can see Negros island from the Western shoreline of Moalboal.

Moalboal is just 89 kilometers from Cebu City, that is, around 2 and half hours by bus. From Moalboal, you can see two other popular destinations – Badian Island and Pescador Island.

Moalboal is the most popular place among locals and especially international scuba divers who made their resorts and homes in this nice spot of the province.

basdaku-beachWhite Basdaku Beach

The Moalboalanons

As a peninsula, majority of the locals survive and enjoy fishing to support their daily needs. The sea is lush with all sorts of tropical fish and other sea food.

Some who live on the mountainous areas live by cultivating lands and raising live stocks, such as goats, chickens, pigs, cows, among others.

Innovative Local Transports

Innovative in the sense that such transports are especially made to fit locals’ economic and environmental needs. For example, you don’t need a yellow cab to take you to another place which is just more than 50 meters or a kilometer away.

So, Filipinos added one more wheel to a bicycle to become a tricycle with a side car that can fit 2 passengers (or more?) – called ‘tri-sikad’ (‘sikad’ means ‘to kick’).

Similar to ‘tri-sikad’ is the motorcycle with a sidecar (pedicabs), again, with three wheels and is similar to the ones used by Germans during the Second World War.

However, this is more elaborate and colorfully decorated and includes a low roof that you have to really bend low to enter inside the vehicle.

Of course, there are also smaller passenger vehicles available called multicabs and jeepneys that transport people from and to Moalboal and its nearby towns.

Scuba diving in Moalboal, CebuPreparing for a scuba diving trip in Moalboal

Visiting Moalboal Beach Resorts

Tourism industry has burgeoned in Moalboal since the 1970s. The most popular of which are diving and beach resources.

There are many popular and professional PADI diving instructors that run the diving resorts, aside from the regular beach resorts.

In particular, Panagsama Beach, White Beach, among great beaches, became popular destinations among local and foreign visitors and tourists alike. These two beaches have accommodations, bars and restaurants near the beach.

panagsama-beach-moalboalA restaurant's view of Moalboal sea

Diving and Snorkeling

These are the top two sea adventure and interesting activities for a visitor to enjoy with in this part of Cebu Province.

There are great house reefs in Pescador island where your diving trainer or guide would usually offer you to visit. The reef is best for snorkeling and freediving.

Other Tropical Adventures

About 20 kilometers off Moalboal, you can explore rivers and waterfalls, caves, canyons, rocks, and more challenging activities you might prefer. Just ask around and you’ll be given numerous answers to choose from.

Well, I guess that’s enough to introduce this great place in a bird’s eye-view.

The following are the available places and resorts. You may search them here or in some other sites you prefer.

moalboal-beach-resortsA beautiful pool at Panagsama Beach in Moalboal

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More nice Moalboal beach resorts

Asian Belgian Resort
Anthony’s Beach Resort
Basdaku Beach Resort
Barefoot White Beach Resort
Bonita Oasis
Club Serena Beach Resort
Cabana Beach Club Resort
Dacozy Beach Resort
Dolphin House Resort
Eve’s Kiosks Diver Resort
Hannahs Place Restaurant and Lodge
Kasai Village Beach Resort
Marcosas Cottages Resort
Marina Village Beach and Dive Resort
Quo Vadis Beach Resort
Ravenala Beach Bungalows
Sumisid Lodge Moalboal
Sole e Mare Beach Resort
Sea Turtle house
Savedra Beach Bungalows
Stefanet’s Resort
The Blue Orchid Resort
Tipolo Beach Resort
Turtle Bay Dive Resort

New additional beaches & resorts...

Andi's Talisay Beach Bar
Bamboo Inn Moalboal
Bigsand Campgrounds Resort
Chili Bar Panagsama Beach
Claritas Cottages and Resort
Coras Palm Court
HK Beach Resort
Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal Gardens
Hotel Ocean Bay Beach Resort
La Boca Resort
Love’s Beach and Dive Resort
Mayas Native Garden Moalboal
Magic Island Dive Resort
Nidos Garden Resort (by Quo vadis)
Sunshine Pension House
Sampaguita Beach Resort
Moalboal T Breeze Coastal Resort
Pacitas Beach Resort

More beach resorts will be added here. If you have a resort in Moalboal, please submit your resort's descriptions with nice photos.

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Finding Nemo & Moalboal Beach Resorts

There are various means of transport that could bring you to this popular place in no time. Here are the choices of transports  for Moalboal's great beaches...

Bus. It is one of the best and cheapest ways to get to Moalboal. You can take a bus from Librando Bus Terminal or Cebu South Bus Terminal that goes to Barili. You can take that ride at almost every 30 minutes interval.

Taxi. You can take a taxi from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (Terminal 2) or Mactan-Cebu Domestic Airport (Terminal 1) that takes around two and a half hours. But you can save fare if you take taxi to the bus stations already mentioned above.

Car/Taxi/Van from Cebu City. Taking any of these three transports can get to Moalboal Town in more than an hour or so. Just make sure you made a deal with the driver (if taxi) before you hit the road.

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