Cebu Vegetarian Restaurants

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Healthy Cebu Vegetarian Restaurants & Cafes

Cebu Vegetarian Restaurants

Ah, what? A Vegan? Lacto, Ovo? What are those things?

Being a vegetarian is almost an unheard-of case in the Philippine culture. Although some Filipinos do not eat meats (such as pork or beef) they eat sea foods, chicken and other sources of protein than real meats. Of course, if you insist, this has been changing recently.

Not eating meat or having a diet with no meat at all is a new concept and practice that is difficult for locals (to imagine) who live in an environment abundant with livestock and sea foods.

Filipinos, or especially Cebuanos in this matter, almost always have foods on their tables containing meat, fish, chicken, eggs, shell fish, shrimps and other food products of carbohydrates and gluten.

cebu-vegetarian-restaurantsA plate of healthy vegetarian serving

Fatty or greasy menu is one of the main features in Filipino foods, which is by the way not totally Filipino but influenced by Spanish and Chinese food and diet culture in particular.

Anyway, finding Cebu vegetarian restaurants is not anymore a hard challenge. In this page, we will outline for you some of these places where you can enjoy a vegetarian or vegan menus.

Here are some of them…

Vegan's Guild

This place is only available on weekends only at Banilad Town Centre. The operator (Firas, a Turkish expatriate) opens a weekend food booth at this place.
His mainstay is a variety of vegan burgers and he sells them with starting price at PHP100 each.

Other food and drinks include: tofu steak with arugula & grilled eggplants, raw cheesecakes, shakes & smoothies, dinner replacement shakes, salads and soups.

As of this writing, Firas is searching for the right place to establish his first Cebu vegetarian restaurant in the city. Please, let us know if he found one already.

Persian Plate

Persian Plate serves primarily Indian and Persian style dishes. Originally, they serve meats and vegetables as part of their menu. However, they also offer vegan and vegetarian menu with lots of discounts (up to 50%). In sum, Persian Plates serves vegan-friendly, non-vegetarian, Middle Eastern, Persian, international, Indian, and lacto vegetarian dishes.

Location: Ayala Mall, 3rd Floor (at Crossroads), Cebu,
Phone: +63322325898

One of Cebu Vegetarian Restaurants in Cebu City, Philippines.Lemongrass Restaurant

Lemongrass Vietnamese Cuisine

Lemongrass serves meat dishes and an array of vegetarian dishes. Cebu vegetarian restaurants with a wide variety of vegetarian dishes is hard to find in this province some years back. Some of these dishes include: spicy curry with veggies, fried tofu in lemongrass sauce, fried veggies in lemongrass sauce, pad thai, fried rice with pineapple, etc.

You can enjoy their outdoor tables with dishes ranging from Php125-150 per serve. Basically, they serve ovo vegetarian (or “eggetarian”), lacto vegetarian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Location: Ayala Center, Cebu, 6000
Phone: 32-2338601
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9pm.

the-buzzz-cafe-restaurantBuzzz Cafe

The Buzzz Cafe

The Buzzz Cafe is new in town. It is originally established on Bohol Island (Province) as an organic and vegetarian cafe and restaurant popularly known as Bohol Bee Farm. It opened its branch in Cebu City, which is located inside Robinsons Galleria. Please, don't miss to check out this amazing restaurant and cafe through the following page for more details:

Grand Magestic Restaurant

Grand Majestic Restaurant originally serves meats and vegetables in their dishes. Now, they offer various vegetarian menu with lots of options of ‘meat-like’ dishes (not real meat but taste like meat, which can come from tofu and other vegetarian products) and real fresh vegetables.

Other vegetarian offers include: soups, veggie rice, egg rolls, sweets and ‘beef-like’ dish, which are available at their daily lunch buffet for 410pesos. Basically, the menus available are ovo, lacto, Chinese, and non-vegetarian. Take-out and credit card services are available.

Location: Grand Convention Center, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu, 6000
Phone: 2321103
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9pm.

cebu-vegetarian-restaurantsA bowl of tufu

Gaisano Main Hotshot (vegetarian-friendly)

At Gaisano Main Hotshot, you can find both a vegan section and a non-vegetarian section. Since this is not really one of those Cebu vegetarian restaurants, they include very affordable place dishes such as Chinese, fast foods, Filipino, among others. Only cash will be accepted.

Location: 50 Colon Street (at Osmena Blvd ), Cebu, 6000
Phone: 00-63322546391
Business Time: Mon-Sun 9am-8pm.

Shiv Dal Roti Corner (vegetarian)

Originally an Indian restaurant that serves a variety of Indian dishes. This vegetarian restaurant offers dal, lassi, pakora, samosa, biryani rice and tofu, faux meat made from gluten. Most of the students of Southwestern University (nearby) enjoy their affordable dishes. Basically, Shiv Dal Roti serves lacto, vegetarian and Indian dishes.

Location: Aznar Street, Staff, European Bldg, Urgello, Cebu City, Cebu, 6000
Phone: 0916-8243349
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-10pm.

Miller Hospital Cafeteria (vegetarian)

Miller Hospital Cafeteria serves vegan-friendly, ovo, lacto, Filipino and Western dishes. I guess this hospital cafeteria tries to offer more healthy food other than the usual Filipino diet food. They serve tofus, gluten dishes, soymilk, whole wheat bread, and more. The place is inexpensive but only accepts cash.

Location: 400 Tres de Abril Street, Cebu, 6000
Phone: 032-2612100
Business Hours: Sunday to Friday 7am to 6pm

Veggie Deli Vegetarian Cafe

La Veggie Deli Café is a vegetarian-friendly place aside from other menu options for non-vegetarians. Generally, they serve lacto, raw, macrobiotic, western, Filipino, Asian Fusion, burger, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Mexican. In particular, they offer vegetarian burgers, shawarma, budget meals, etc. Take-out service is also available.

Location: 4068 A Upper Kalubihan, Forest Hills, Banawa Guadalupe Cebu City Cebu City, 6000 Cebu City
Phone: 032- 2536670, 0927 9583755, 0916 5416264, 093352113910
Business Time: Mon-Fri 11:30am-5:30pm.

Healthy U

Healthy U does not only offer delicious Filipino, Cebuano and international dishes but also vegetarian dishes. You can certainly eat all sorts of fresh veggies, tofus, soy milk, vegan dishes with lemongrass, among others. You can enjoy their dishes at their outdoor table. At this affordable place, you can only pay in cash.

Location: Tormis St., Sambag I (at Urgello near Southwestern University), Cebu, 6000
Phone: 032-406-2960, 032-401-1386, 091731
Business Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Kuya's Special Lumpiang Sariwa

This is surely a Filipino style of vegetarianism. Yes, this is a vegan and vegetarian place that serves fresh veggies in Filipino sauce. If you want to try a real Filipino dish, you must try fresh lumpia. You can also order as take-out service.

Location: 2nd Floor C204, SM City Reclamation area, Cebu City, Cebu,
Phone: 09052649041
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9pm.

cebu-vegetarian-restaurantsA fresh lumpia plate

Marshall's Irish Pub Bar & Vegetarian Restaurant

Originally a bar, in case you don’t know Irish pubs! Yes, this Irish Bar and Restaurant is trying to include some green diets and vegetarian dishes on their tables.

They offer a Veggie Burger, basically a cheeseburger made of soy instead of ground beef. Another one is called Boxty, a potato pancake, which substitutes the ‘unhealthy’ French fries. Calcanon is an Irish staple dish made of mashed potatoes and other veggies. Other vegetarian dishes: cheddar cheese munchers, potato skins with no bacon, fried mac and cheese, among others.

Happy Hour: 4pm to 7pm
Location:  Mango Square, Mango Avenue,  Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Phone:  032-412-6418
Cell/Text:  0917-631-2413
Business Hours: Monday - Sunday 9am - 2am
Events: Acoustic Music starts at 9PM on Mon-Thur (Friday/Saturday at 7PM)

Health Food Shops, Bakeries, etc.

In addition to Cebu vegetarian restaurants available, you can also find some places where you can buy health products only in particular place and time. Check out some of them...


This farmer’s market basically sells fresh organic fruits and vegetables from San Gimignano Wellness Farm. This is where you can buy fresh bananas, cucumber, sayote, eggplant, lettuces, corns, pumpkins, beans, string beans, among vegetable products.

Not only that but also you can get your culinary herbs and even medicinal plants.
Aside from the fresh veggies, you can sit down and taste their organic pasta, risotto, soups among other healthy dishes

Location: Banilad Town Center (BTC), Cebu,
Phone: 0917-7148254
Business Hours: Starts at Sunday Morning


Healthy Options is a chain store that sells imported North American health food products. They have branches in various areas in the Philippines. Their website mentions that they sell a wide variety of natural and healthy products with certified organic ingredients, such as cereals, snacks, baby food, pasta, and more.

In addition, Healthy Options also offer supplement products, personal care products, and health books.

Location: Ayala Center Cebu, Level 1, Cebu Business Park, Cebu,Philippines
Phone: 032-2335510
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.


If you can yourself alone and feeling being cast out because you a vegan or vegetarian, now you can find friends or people that think like you do. You can join at Vegetarian Club in Cebu that is organized by people at Cebu Lodge’s Theosophical Society.  

Aside from being a vegetarian group, you can also join in their Yoga Club or a poetry group. You can find their place at the 2nd Floor of Zayka Restaurant located along Juana Osmena Street, Cebu City, Philippines.

Now, I guess you won’t be feeling bad anymore since you can easily find places to be as a vegetarian, or people who think and believe like you do.

Since the information above is not featured in details, it is up to you to inquire further to meet your vegetarian needs.

Aside from Cebu vegetarian restaurants, you can also find pages at this site non-vegetarian foods and drinks. Scan by clicking the link below.


However, if you are not that vegetarian type of person, you can certainly enjoy great restaurants in Cebu City. You can start searching them through this humble site...

Click and scan: Filipino & international restaurants

organic-vegetarian-salad-cebuIndigenous organic salad

Now, let’s go back to some terms we mentioned above this Cebu vegetarian restaurants page…

Lacto: from lactose or milk; or dairy products such as cheese; Lacto Vegetarians do not eat meats but eat dairy products

Ovo: from oval like eggs; Ovo vegetarians do not eat meats but eat egg products

Vegan: Vegan vegetarians are those who do not eat meat only but also any dairy and egg products.

Aw diay… mao ba? (translation: Really?)

Visit this site again more often and enjoy your food at any of Cebu vegetarian restaurants.

If you are searching more restaurants other than vegetarian, please search this website using the search box right above this page!

Have a nice and healthy day!

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