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Amazing Cebu Business Opportunities

cebu business opportunities for all

Both local and foreign individuals or groups can invest or start any sort of business in Cebu. This province is considered a very strategic place to do business of any sort due to its geographical, political, education, among other great advantages.

This page will outline the major and basic business opportunities for those who are willing to go into the business world. Compared to other cities in the world, Cebu offers many advantages to prospective business investors, such as low taxes, cheaper wages, available raw materials, etc.


If you thought of investing for a business in Cebu Province, then this page can provide you the basic link resources. You have various business opportunities you can think of and choose from.

Among the many Cebu business opportunities to invest here are the major ones: special economic zone investment opportunity, outside economic zone business opportunity, tourism investment opportunity, industrial parks investments, foreign trade business opportunity, and small businesses.

Let us see a little bit more about these opportunities here, which are described more in details at Cebu's Department of Trade and Industry website (

IT Park is one of the business center facilities in Cebu City

Special Economic Zone Investment Opportunities

Most of these investments can be located in designated areas, such as the Mactan Exports Processing Zone (MEPZ) located on Mactan Island, Cebu Province, the Philippines.

One of Cebu business opportunities in this sort of venture is the precision assembly and manufacturing various accessories and equipment including: watches and other similar products, audio and video equipment products, office accessories and equipment, computers and its related spare parts, and measuring/calibrating instruments.

Second, you have an opportunity to invest in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic (vinyl) products. These products are very important in the production of medical supplies, molding plastics, and packaging materials for various usages.

Third, you can invest in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Philippines being a tropical country and having people with strong talents in handicrafts, produces cosmetics with ethnic touch using local materials and sustainable resources, including seashells, coconut shells, grass products, etc. In addition, the tropical plants is also a major source of medical studies and production of medicine.

Fourth, furniture industry and its components investment opportunity is also a very lucrative business in Cebu. Furniture-making is one of the biggest sources of income among business proprietors job providers among artists and talented crafts men and women in the province.

Aircraft manufacturing/repair/overhauling investment is also an opportunity for investors since Cebu has an international airport with a strategic place for such business to flourish.

Finally, information services or the popular information technology is another great business opportunity for any interested person to invest in.

Information Technology (IT) in Cebu Province

Cebu City is catching up with other nation's information technology by catering to such businesses. In fact, Cebu has a university that exactly specializes on IT and its related industry (Cebu Institute of Technology).

This information technology industry is being provided and harnessed at this provincial capital by developing softwares, offering telecommunications, call centers, outsourcing services, among other products and services.

In particular, you can find in Metro Cebu the so-called Cebu IT Park. This was formerly called Asiatown IT Park, which is considered the flagship project of Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation, or CPVDC. This park is about 24 hectares with trading centers and global gateway and was being recognized as an IT Park in 2000. Find out about it here:

Asiapark of IT Park is a popular business facility in Metro Cebu for various business activities.

Outside Special Economic Zones

This business investment opportunity is another lucrative business possibility among business-minded individuals or groups.

Again, these Cebu business opportunities include huge investments not only financially but also in terms of time and planning. Of course, you don't do it alone since you can always find similar-minded people to become your business partner.

Since this business is a very serious business, make sure you are prepared and have resources and plans laid out.

This opportunity for investment include:

  • ship-building/repair/breaking,
  • inter-island shipping,
  • in-land transportation,
  • industrial estates,
  • petrochemicals,
  • cocochemicals,
  • sucrochemicals,
  • and tourism

Next, is a continuation of the last item aforementioned and the main concept of TravelingCebu website--tourism.

cebu-beachMovenpick Beach Resort

Tourism Investments for Cebu Business Opportunities

As your already know, Cebu is known for its great beaches, islands, resorts and such tourism and relaxation resources.

The first tourism investment opportunity is categorized as...

  • Recreation (ocean and land). This business opportunity includes above and underwater sports, tour packages, shows, travels, and recreation activities among other relaxation business services

Second, is the so-called...

  • transportation (sea, air and inland). This business opportunity include activities, such as: cruise boats, island-hopping, sail boats, fast boats, sea planes, air-conditioned coaches, open deck buses, and other water, air and on-land services.

And the third business opportunity is very much related to tourism industry. This industry includes the development of...

  • 5 star hotels and resorts, golf courses, mountain resorts, retirement villages, theme parks

Aside from the already established Cebu business opportunities for investments aforementioned, you can also find more opportunities with the following more economic zones being planned and developed.

Modern facilities in Cebu City that provide both business and daily life facilities among workers and visitorsCebu City offers huge malls and shopping centers

Industrial Parks and Processing Zones

Cebu Light Industrial Park
Also called CLIP, this park will become a world class industrial estate on a 70-hectare land area on Mactan Island. This industrial estate park is under its major owner, Science Park of the Philippines Inc. (SPPI), a popular estate developer of the country. It is basically an export oriented economic zone.

Mactan Export Processing Zone 2
Located on Mactan Island, MEPZ is one of the major export producing processing zones in the province. It accommodates various international companies that produce myriad products including computer products, watches, and other industrial products. This processing provides jobs to many Cebuanos and learning opportunities to students and newbies.

MiraNila Special Ecozone
Mira Nila is a concept being developed by Philippine City and Tourism Destination on Cebu's West cost area. This tourism area is supposed to be a world-class area and environmentally-friendly facility. It will be comprised of thousands of hectares of desirable land including beach coastlines, cliffs, and majestic views of the area.

New Cebu Township One Special Ecozone
This ecozone is located in Naga City, Cebu. It is a techno park on a 123-hectare land area. It is also considered as the first fully integrated residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational development project. For investment opportunity, this park is best for light industries, manufacturing and precision assemblage, for storage and warehouse facilities.

West Cebu Industrial Park
WCIP is another industrial center located in the countryside to adhere the province's policy on dispersal of industrial facilities in the province. West Cebu Industrial Park is located in Balamban Town on the Western seaboard of Cebu island. It is a 202-hectare estate intended for medium and heavy industries, including shipbuilding and its related industries.

For more details, please use the below link.

Key Industries in Cebu Business Opportunities

Foreign Trade of Cebu
The following business opportunity in Cebu is best for local entrepreneurs both small and medium businesses. These opportunities for investments are basically for exports.

So, locals have been doing these already but for those who thought of getting into the business world, you may check out the below possibilities.

  • Processed Fruits Industry. These tropical fruits include: banana chips, mango puree, nata de coco, mixed fruits preserved, juice or single fruit, cashew nuts, mixtures of fruits and vegetable juices, other fruit puree and fruit pastes, jams and marmalade, mango juice, etc.
  • Furniture Products. Most of these products are: wooden furniture, wrought iron furniture, metal furniture, stone in-laid furniture, other materials, upholstery industry, accessories and hardware.

    These manufacturers are mostly located in Mandaue and Cebu City (others are in Consolacion and Carcar). Over athousand workers benefit from it. Another beneficiaries include: shipping, storage, insurance, banking, banking industries benefit.
  • Packaging Business Opportunity. This industry includes packaging materials such as glass, metal, paper, plastic (or vinyl products), bottles, stand-up-pouch (SUP), among other products.
  • Seaweeds Industry/Production. Seaweeds are abundant sea food products that can be cultured in this part of the country. For centuries, locals have been eating this sea plant as source of    vitamin and minerals. It is just recent that they discovered its usage for various products as a mixture element to produce better effects, such as in food, shampoo, tooth paste, among many products.
  • Fashion Accessories Manufacturers. Employing the local talents and craftsmanship, Cebuanos produce accessories products made of local materials, such as sea shells, coconut materials, grass materials, wood, bamboo, and other sustainable resources.

To learn how to invest or start your business in Cebu, you may click and find out more through this link, a governmental official website:

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