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TravelingCebu.Com is all about Cebu.

This site is all about what you can see, hear, smell, feel, experience, and imagine of Cebu. Its contents will not be completed since we will continuously compose and upload recent information about this amazing island province in the Visayan region of Central Philippines.

You can find lots of guides, insights, and information for your travel or suroy-suroy (a broad Bisayan term that expresses various senses such as – taking a break from daily routine, traveling, roaming, strolling, visiting friends, sightseeing, and including all those invigorating expressions). Suroy-suroy is a positive word and never a negative one.

I specially dedicate this website to my dad who passed away over a couple of decades ago. He was a native of Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island. I suspect he was a descendant of Chief Lapu-Lapu, the local hero who fought for freedom, and this really makes me proud of my Cebuano ancestry.

I have lived in many places and traveled in many countries, but I always feel at home when in Cebu. It is where my heart is. My mind and body always come back home to Cebu.


Know-How About Cebu

I moved to Cebu when I started my university studies back then! It was during this stage of my life that I started seeing life face-to-face as a growing person and becoming more mature. It is at this university where I fell in love with lots of things and special people. I remember enjoying my gymnastics lessons, activism days, eye-shopping at stores in Colon Street, enjoying San Mig, and traveling around the province of Cebu.

The internationally famous Kawasan Falls (Badian Falls back then) is used to be a waterfall hidden behind the bushes and trees over two decades ago. However, now it is a world-famous travel destination whose photos can be seen on Instagram, Facebook pages, Pinterest and more media Apps. I can vividly remember how our psychology class got there taking a bus for our field trip experience by staying with families in Badian area.

Indeed, I have traveled the Province and explored the North and South areas including the islands of Malapascua, Bantayan, Camotes, Sumilon, among others. Buses, V-hires (van for hire), Jeepneys, pumpboats, bangkas and other transports make it more convenient to travel different interesting places and make use of their facilities, hotels, and island resources. All you need to do is plan your destination and budget expenses for your travel.

Alexa, el amor de mi vida, is my best friend and source of support on this mission. She has international background since she has lived and educated in different countries. And, of course, she has been to Cebu Islands a few times, too. Her task is to help me understand how people travel and provide insights about their preferences as they plan for their holidays.

Felix BanderasFelix

A feline & a canine
We have two pets: Felix Banderas and Anghela Pet Jolie
Felix is, of a feline family, is a Tuxedo cat. The most distinguishing feature of tuxedos, among other breeds, is that they get up early in the morning and makes a lot of blaring and repetitive meows. He always wants his sand clean and spotless. Or else he would do it somewhere!

anghelaAngie Pet Jolie

Angie is an intelligent dog belonging to a rare black Jindo breed (most probably related to Laika family that originates in Russia). Angie treats Alexa as her owner (and boss) but me as her playmate, which means that she only listens her orders.

Resources & Purpose

The primary goal of this travel guide site is to share Cebu’s cultural heritage which is presently accessible through its museums, historic structures and buildings, landmarks, and literature preserved and accessible in both public and private libraries and repositories.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the historical background of the province if you have such inclinations or if history (and culture) is one of your favorite fields of study. You can compare how Cebuanos are writing Cebu’s unique story its pre-colonization period, Spanish-occupation period, and the present economically-booming province.

Secondarily, TravelingCebu.Com aims to provide readers with various resources available on this provincial island. We are sharing with you the following information:

  • Leisure and holiday resources – beaches, resorts, mountain hideaways, hotels, condos
  • Adventure and travel resources – mountaineering, canyoneering, scuba diving, cave exploration, etc.
  • Business opportunities – furniture, food products, etc.
  • Business establishments – factories, accommodation, etc.
  • Housing and rentals
  • Educational institutions – public and private educational institutions
  • Public institutions – government offices, hospitals, universities, etc.
  • Housing and communities
  • Shopping centers – areas and specific department stores, shopping malls, etc.
  • International business zone – Mactan Island

Of course, you will discover more information and helpful guides in its numerous pages. You can try typing a search word into the Search Box at the top right-hand side of this page.

Environmental Protection

This site supports environmental efforts by Cebu government, tourism agencies, and travel providers. We speak about promoting ecological endeavors, such as including places, travel and leisure destinations, eco-tourism projects, as well as resorts that promote environmental protection.

Yes, we support efforts that mitigate the harsh impacts of climate change. It is an undeniable fact, and you can witness its effects everywhere, such as sea-level rise, coral reef bleaching, erratic weather conditions, stronger and frequent typhoons, extreme heat and flooding, and more.

Although it seems the road to mitigating the extreme effects of climate change is not easy, we still can reduce the impacts and successful if we all do something even in small ways – planting trees, recycling garbage, not buying illegally harvested products,  or putting them in their right places.

If you have not scanned yet the navigation (or say the Table of Contents) of this site, let me tell you roughly about its contents. You can find…

information about Cebu Province, municipalities (with some descriptions and their respective barangays)...

Notes to Readers

All writers and contributors of this website are non-native English speakers. So, please don’t expect for an article with perfect English grammar here. I suggest you visit online sites that offer free (http://www.fluentu.com/blog/english/online-english-courses/) or any paid English courses if you want to, otherwise, find professional English teachers.

You might have noticed that each page on this site have ads. That is right! That is because the platform we are using is not free. Ads here can support in maintaining this site’s yearly subscription. So, please, help support by availing offers through ads and sponsorship found on all pages. Of course, we will accept serious supporters willing to be our partner and friend. You can find more about ads here.

Above all, please enjoy your travels, vacation, weekend breaks, or anything fun you do in Cebu. Hope you find this website helpful. Please, let us know should you have useful suggestions or other position ideas that can make this website better help readers.

Still in progress…
TravelingCebu.Com (not a resort but a travel guide) continues to grow as a guide and will be publishing more pages (if not available yet) about Cebu including the following:

About Cebu – resorts, people, language, places, history, political background, families, business, livelihood, climate, land, schools, churches, museums, mountains, beaches, prominent structures, economy, recent development in the whole Cebu Province.

On final note…
Thank you so much if you have been reading this page down to this part. Thanks for your time and interest.

If you have questions (that we can answer), please do use the ‘Contact Us’ page. 

Thanks for reading through this page and hope you find this helpful. Please, enjoy your travels and whatever you do be happy.

Maayong pagbyahi ug pag-amping sa kanunay!

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