Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

Dazzling Bantayan Island beach resorts

Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, CebuAlice Beach, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

If you haven't heard, Bantayan Island beach resorts are among the most sought for places among holiday-makers, celebrities, travelers, divers, and other adventure-seekers.

Bantayan Island is a butterfly-shaped Central Visayan island in the Philippines. It has other numerous satellite and smaller islands that are best for snorkeling, diving, swimming or just relaxing. That means you need to be armed with snorkel gears, diving gears, fishing tools, among other fun sea water sports and activities.

anika-island-beach-resortGreat view at Anika Island Resort

Some of these islets, about 20 of them, are accessible by foot from the main island during low tides. These islets have long stretches of white sand extending as far as your eyes can see.

The most notable islets include: Biyagayag, Botigues, Botong, Cangcabong, Doong, Guintacan, Hilutongan, Hilantagaan, Lipayran, Maamboc, Mambacayao, Panitugan, Pintagan, Sagasa, Silagon Silion, Yao (

Traditional livelihood on Bantayan Island

Now, in addition to just being a vacation destination, Bantayan is also known to be a best producer of salted and dried fish (guinamos and buwad). 

The islands of Bantayan are considered Cebu’s fishing ground supporting the city with fresh and salted and sun-dried fish products. Bantayan also supplies fish products to other neighboring provinces and as far as Manila.

Aside from fishing and tourism, Bantayan also developed its poultry industry supplying fresh chicken eggs to Cebu City and nearby places in the province.

Beach Montemar Resort on Bantayan island

Finding Bantayan Island & its beaches

Don't worry because it is not so difficult to find and get to this fantastic island. You can almost take all sorts of transports to set foot on this island. But, for some who are first timers in this province you might need a little bit of patience in order to get there. Of course, you'll certainly enjoy while on your way.

So, here are the transports you can choose from or need to take...

Flying. There is a Bantayan Airport but, unfortunately, there’s no regular flight schedule due to some reasons. However, you can arrange a charter small private aircraft from Mactan Cebu International airport, Cebu.

Bus and Ferry. This is the most common mode of transport when traveling to Bantayan. Take Ceres Bus from the North Bus Terminal (near SM City Shopping Mall) to Hagnaya Wharf in San Remigio. From this wharf, a ferry will bring you to Bantayan in an hour and fifteen minutes journey.

There is another ferry operation that serves Cadiz City (Negross Occidental) and Bantayan municipal wharf. That means you don't have to fly to Mactan Cebu Airport or take a boat from anywhere.

No ferry from Cebu City to Bantayan Island, so far, is available.

Beach cottages on Bantayan Island

Fun things you can do on Bantayan Island

All sorts of water adventures and activities are available on the islands of Bantayan. You can scuba dive, swim, snorkel, kayak, boat, ski and any sort of fun water sports.

The beaches are clean and the water is amazing. It also depends on the kind of experience you want to have and the quality of services you want to get. However, if you are already on the island, you would certainly get suggestions from your accommodation provider the sort of activities that you should not miss doing.

Or, you don't have to do anything but enjoy the environment while soaking into the crystal waters, tanning under the sun, or just lying down on your hammock under the coconut trees' shade.

Spectacular sunrise sight on Bantayan Island

Photos, details, facilities, rates, booking & reservation

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Since the island offers so much, not only to locals but also to all visitors, more resorts are being established to cater the needs of the guests. 

The following list does not include all beaches and beach resorts on the island. More of them will be added in the near future as this site develops.

So, here are more beautiful…

Bantayan Island's great beach resorts

Bantayan Island beach resorts can be found all over this secluded island. Some of the most popular are the following...

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So, eagerly keep searching here your desired destinations on the island.

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