White Cebu Beaches

cebu-beachesWhite Tingko Beach area in Alcoy

Cebu Beaches & Blue Waters

Birth of Cebu's white beaches!

Dazzling Cebu beaches! Just lay back, watch and let it speak to you...

Really interesting representative video of a white beach...Badian Resort!

It's quite a strange question, isn't?

The beaches of this island province are mostly blanketed with either whitish or brownish-colored sands.

And the salty seawater grinds and washes them 24/7, making them fresh all the time.

If you don't mind, I want to tell you something about this central island...

bantayan-islandA beautiful sight of Bantayan Island's white beach

Cebu Island - a fossil?

I am asked this innocent question when one time I joined a student group workshop in Banawa Hills, way back some years ago, I noticed something on top of the hill.

I saw layers of seashells around the place surrounding our cottage where we opened our discussion for student projects. For a minute, it kept me thinking how such layers came to be on the top of the mountains.

That made me think that this island should have sprung up from the depths of the Philippine deep in the primordial time!

Sounds scary but amazing! Right?

Cebu Island Is A Limestone

I thought it's an interesting personal discovery that Cebu is actually made up of limestone. And, even today, the limestone that is creating the island continues.

So, does it mean more beautiful beaches in the future? Now, it gets confusing. That's because I thought due to global warming small islands in the Pacific and anywhere in the globe will slowly disappear, just like the Maldives and Tuvalu. God bless them!

You might not be a believer of climate change thing, which is understandable because it is really hard to measure. However, just watch around and find scary and erratic changes of weather in many places.

If there is no spark of truth in climate change, why would the whole world establish the GCF (Green Climate Fund--secretariat in Songdo, South Korea)? Better start thinking seriously about it! Anyway...

Whatever the truth is, I just want to believe that more islands will pop up.

That would be a good news, right?


Cebu Beaches & Categories

Alright, let's go back to the beach. The island's beaches are excellent. Now, what you really want to know is where you want to fruitfully spend your time, and which beach...

For your convenience, I categorized these beaches as...

I. Top Popular Beaches. I call them the popular among the best because of some reasons you can easily guess. They're really tropical beautiful Cebu beaches with nice sand, blue water (or aquamarine...turquoise?), white clouds and blue skies. These beaches include: Alcoy Municipality Beach Resorts, Malapascua Island Beaches, Panagsama Beach & Basdaku Beach, Argao Municipality Beach Resorts, Kalumpang Beach, Moalboal Beach Resorts, etc.

II. Best Cebu White Sand Beaches. There are many of these Cebu beaches, but the famous ones may have been covered already above... (Island's) White Sands at Maribago Beach Resort, Durnhan White Beach Resort, Barefoot White Beach Resort in Moalboal, Alegre Beach Resort & Spa, Moalboal Beaches, Badian Island Resort, Yooneek Beach Resort (Bantayan Island), White Beach Bungalows located in Bantayan Island (Coral Garden and Paradise Beach), Tambuli Beach Club, etc.

III. Best Beach Resorts & Spas. If you want to chill out, enjoy, and rejuvenate, just pick one of these places: Badian Island Resort & Spa, Alegre Beach Resort & Spa, White Sands Resort, Plantation Bay, Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort & Spa, Island and Sun Cebu Beach Resort, Alta Village Resort, & more Cebu beaches.

IV. Beach Resorts for Family. Yes, these resorts are wonderful for your family & friends. They would really love it and appreciate you most. An example among many includes the Mactan Island resorts: Sharingri-La Hotel Beach Resort, Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort, Maribago Bluewater, Movenpick Resort & Spa, and more. Your children and everybody would surely love their waterparks and great activities...

V. Secluded Beaches & Islands. These places are not only for the passionate and romantic people like you. But also for you who loves peace and tranquil environment. It's not hard to find such places... Some of the really amazing secluded places include: Camotes Islands Beaches, Bantayan Islands Beaches, Barili Beaches, Santander and more Cebu beaches.

While studying in the university, I used to join with my friends over the weekends to go for a swim in the beach. I couldn't actually remember how many we've visited but surely I can remember that we really had fun. Drinking San Miguel Beer, doing pork or chicken barbecue, singing, etc.

Over 160 island... Over 3,000 Beach Resorts!

There are more than 160 islands surrounding the main island, which include those on Mactan Island, Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island, Olango Island, and the Camotes Islands. That time, I wasn't so conscious with regards to the number of islands and the unimaginable beaches... I was just enjoying them as getaways from college books!

I remember Hadsan Beach resort as one of my favorites. I'm sure many things have changed since the last time I visited it. It's not the best one of Mactan Island, but a very affordable entrance charge is offered for students and locals alike. Recently, they established a scuba diving shop and set up jet ski facilities, among other things.

Over 160 islands and islets of Cebu Province offer fantastic and nice beaches waiting to be explored by visitors and adventurers.Cebu beaches and resorts are amazing on this provincial island!

And, another place is called "Km 47". It is called, I think, obviously because it is situated around 47 kilometers from the city center.It is small and somehow secluded place, where you can have an exclusive sort of beach party. I was here when I was still in the university... long time ago!

Now, it's your turn to discover more beautiful beaches in this island of islands. Or, just pick anywhere you want to go with your loved ones... or just simply ride with the tide by yourself for an adventure!

So, continue scanning this site and have fun!

Daghang salamat!

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