Cebu Investment Opportunity

Great Cebu investment opportunity is on your way...

Cebu Investment Opportunity

The sole aim of this page is to let you know some great investment opportunities in Cebu Province. These opportunities provide you wide and various fields in business sectors where your company or dream business will thrive and become truly successful.

What follows are some big sectors for investment opportunities, some of which can then be divided into various smaller business fields. Now, are you ready to check out some? Let’s start with…

Shipbuilding, repair, breaking...

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Cebu Shipbuilding Industry Link

Being a country with more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines offers beautiful seas, nice beaches and resorts.

In addition, these islands are great places for safer harbors and shipbuilding, repairs or breaking ships and other sea transports.

Cebu offers that place and opportunity for investment to both local and foreign companies and individuals interested in this venture.

Being a province with islands surrounded by other islands make Cebu a business center safe from direct typhoon or tsunami effects.

Inter-island Shipping Investments

Inter-island business is big among the already established companies in the country. Compared to the other two bigger islands, Visayan Island has more islands offering great opportunities for shipping investments.

If you are interested, you still have great possibilities of venturing into this sector. Cebu, or the Philippines in general, still lacks sea transports that moves passengers or cargoes from one island to another faster and safer.

The present shipping companies and smaller local sea transport operators still use the traditional means—small ferries and the locally made motorized boats called ‘pumpboats’. It means that there are still lots of opportunities for any business person to invest on developing and improving the inter-island transport services and making this sector much safer and convenient for passengers to avail of.

Although there are a few services to some select islands using fast boats, most small ferries are quite old and very slow.

cebu-investment-opportunityVarious opportunities for business investments in Cebu

In-land Transports Business Opportunity

The in-land transports in the province are another big Cebu investment opportunity for investors to venture into. Cebu Province has good provincial roads and city roads for all sorts of land transports to move around.

There are bus companies that ply the long distance routes on the island. However, there are only a few of them thus, during the peak season, there is not enough vehicle to take passengers to their destinations on time and safely.

And, because these bus companies do not have real competitions, people don’t have much choices and have to pay expensive fares.

Aside from buses, you can also invest in city transports including taxis, vans, jeepneys and other vehicles for hire.

Industrial Estates & Business Parks

These places are thriving in Cebu Province especially in the western coast which are usually for medium to heavy industries such as shipbuilding and other allied activities.

Since this sort of business venture is huge in nature, most developers work as a joint venture between or among a number of companies. Most of their services are geared towards clients from across the globe who need excellent and quality products.

Most of these industrial estates and business parks offer the following basic features:
Concrete roadways, sewerage treatment plants, automated weather system, helipads, administration buildings, stable power supply, recreational facilities, parking areas, ATM, guest facilities, communication lines, potable water tanks, convenience stores, among other facilities necessary.

More Cebu Investment Opportunity Sectors

The following are just some of the industries or business sectors where you can investment or start your promising business.


A national government's department is tasked to deal with business-related aspects can help investors in the country. Cebu City (and Lapu Lapu City) has a branch of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). You would definitely need this department if you decide to learn more or even start your business.

Here is their official website link:


Thanks a lot for visiting this page. Hope this page helps you in some way or another in your search for greener fields in business world.

Cebu investment opportunity for any sort of business is wide and very promising. So, why not seek for more ideas and resources for your search. Know that there are more pages in this site that provide other info related to business opportunities in Cebu.

Have a great day for your business then!

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