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Bahia Resort Hotel on Mactan

Bahia Resort Hotel is a recreation facility located nearby Imperial Palace resort on Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Bahia Resort offers very affordable and budget accommodation. It has actually no beach available but offers saltwater swimming pools.

Despite the fact of having no beach, Bahia is very popular among locals especially during weekends and special holidays.

It seems that the way the management created the saltwater pools and the whole environment reflect an atmosphere interesting enough to guests, particularly among families with children…

In addition, Bahia features coconut trees, other local trees and plants everywhere inside the facility.

Bahia Resort Hotel Logo. Photo: Rosalie

Bahia Resort Hotel Saltwater Swimming Pool. Photo:

Some facilities at Bahia Resort

Let’s find out more some details below...

Bahia offers nice and very affordable facilities to its valued guests and regular customers.

Saltwater Swimming Pools
It has three saltwater pools that also look like fresh (non-salty) pools. It has a pool for adults, children, and toddlers’ use. Most probably, these pools’ user-friendliness makes the place popular.

Besides, saltwater pools are not chemically-treated, that is, free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals which are the usual ingredients in keeping freshwater pools look so clear and clean.

Day use swimming pool rate: 150 Peso for adults, 100 Peso for children (2-9)

Native-style Cottages
These cottages are made of native materials, such as cogon grass (some nipa leaves) and wood. They have open and wide spaces in a dome-shape structure. More importantly, these cottages are FREE of charge.

Basketball & Volleyball Courts
Boys and sports active visitors can enjoy playing basketball, volleyball and other games inside the resort itself. It means that you can play sports and other games just like you do in beach environment.

Surely, you can bring your own badminton or other games materials and use them freely, but safely.

Bahia Resort Hotel swimming pool for kids

Important Details & Services

The resort offers some simple facilities and services that are also quite reasonably affordable.

Food & Drinks

Talking about food and drinks, which I think one of the most important things to fully enjoy an outing or break, you don't have to worry about them if you haven't prepared well (or not really good at preparing it!).

That's because Bahia Resort's restaurant can provide you good food, drinks and snacks that you and your growing kids (or friends!) need to replenish energy while enjoying the place.

Without further chattering, here are some glimpses...

Food with no corkage: all fruits, cakes, donuts, pizza, breads, and water

Restaurant food available: fried chicken, pancit, sinigang pork, grilled chicken, pork barbecue, sinigang lapu-lapu, etc.

Some rules to abide by

The only rule to follow is to be good visitor of the resort.

There are no strict rules for swim wears as long as you don't make others feel uncomfortable.

Night swimming is allowed.

The rates for overnight stay, low/off seasons, weekends and weekdays will vary. So, I advise you to confirm first by contacting the resort directly.

Other services

Coffee Shop is also available.
No WiFi yet is available.

Breakfast is not offered for Free!

You have to contact or visit the place yourself to find out more facilities they offer.

Here is the room available for overnight or longer use if you decide to.

Standard Room

This room is available for 2 guests (Php1200/night – subject to change). It is equipped with air-con facility, hot and cold water, cable TV, among its basic amenities.
The rooms are small but comfortable enough for a short-term stay.

Please, make sure you clarify things out so that you'll have a satisfying, if not, most interesting outing with family or friends.

Finding Bahia Resort Hotel

Address: Barrio Agus, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (63 32) 495 2352; (63-32) 254-8018
Fax: (63-32) 495-2352
Email Address:

From Cebu City, go to Highway Seno (Mandaue City) in front of San Miguel Beer Corporation office & factory.

There are jeepneys that frequent Bahia Resort. Ask for jeepneys that go to Opon's direction.

Taxis are also available, of course, if you wish to have less stress and afford to pay the price for that comfort.

You can use google earth to exactly pinpoint the place, if this really would help.

Thank you so much for reading through.

We hope this page helps you find your ideal place for your family or friends.

If you wish to ask questions, please direct it to the resort or send this website an email using the Contact Page.

Bahia Resort Hotel in Mactan Island. It offers nice three saltwater swimming pools for adults, kids, and toddlers. Photo:

Pool & restaurant at Bahia Resort

Have a wonderful day!

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