Baluarte de Argao

Baluarte de Argao, Cebu

baluarte-de-argaoNice view of Baluarte de Argao Beach Resort

Historic Baluarte de Argao, Argao Cebu Beach Resort

Argao of Cebu Province is one of the most popular destinations among beach and vacation lovers.

It is a fantastic getaway to enjoy beach life: swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, island-hopping, among other vacation and water activities.

In Argao, the Baluarte is one of its popular assets. Visitors come to enjoy this resort’s ambiance—serene and nice environment accompanied by the refreshing cool sea breeze.

More, being nicely located with fantastic views around, the resort offers facilities for social gatherings and events, such as wedding ceremony, birthday celebrations and other social functions.

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Activities & Features Surrounding Baluarte

Baluarte de Argao resort buildingSpanish style structure of Baluarte de Argao Beach Resort

Fantastic historical sites
There’s an old Catholic church built during the Spanish period which is still being used today. Visitors come to see this structure and to enjoy its historic value while others come to pray or attend special religious ceremonies, including weddings, baptisms, or funerals.

Through this church, San Miguel de Archangel, you can find your way to the amazing beach of Argao and to this resort.

Argao Church
Saint Michael the Archangel Church was established on October 16, 1733. It is one of the oldest churches in Philippines. The structure is built with solid coral stones found everywhere on the island.

The interior is painted with elaborate wall paintings depicting biblical story scenes, such as the endless battle between angels and demons, among other wall arts and religious symbols.

Town structure of a Spanish pueblo
You will notice that on the right side of the parish church lies the Hall of Justice, across it is the municipal hall, on the left side is the hospital and at the center is the town’s plaza.

Nature Park
This natural park is being promoted by the local government for locals and visitors to enjoy with. It has a canopy walk wherein you can enjoy the view of the place and its surroundings from above the ground.

Riverstone Castle
This is interesting especially for those who love stories about dragons, prince, princesses, and castles. Surely, your kids would love this place (if you have one…). Inside the facility you can also buy some drinks and other refreshments to quench your thirst.

Baluarte's Facilities & Services

Baluarte Resort's sea garden

This resort is not a 5-star hotel resort facility; however it provides good services and facilities to its valued guests.

For those groups who want to do something formal, you can have a meeting, wedding reception, birthday party, reunion, and other medium range event at their meeting facilities.

Starting at PhP3,500 for a maximum of 50 guests (excess charge is Php50 per guest) is the function room’s rate.

Other necessary facilities include:

  • Bar/pub
  • Family room
  • Restaurant
  • Room service, babysitting, laundry/dry cleaning

Since Baluarte is right close to Argao’s famous seas, you will surely relax and enjoy the environment by availing some of the…

Sports and recreation facilities:

  • Private Beach, Kayak
  • Massage
  • Jacuzzi
  • Nice green garden by the beach
  • Ambiance of the resort and its surrounding views

Surely, there are more to this resort than our words can describe.

Accommodations / Rooms

Staying in this resort would be nice due to the refreshing sea breeze, views, and serene environment of the town itself.

Basically the rooms of this resort are air-conditioned.

Here are some of the features (Please, inquire directly to the resort’s management for further details if you wish to avail their facilities):

Rooms & Other Facilities:

  • 4 Airconditioned Rooms: with toilet and bathroom, hot and cold showers, TV, coffee facilities; good for 2 guests (Php250 per extra head); temporary rate Php1,700/night)
  • 1 non-airconditioned room for Php800/night
  • Jacuzzi (Php250/hr with bubble bath)
  • Videoke
  • Food & drinks
Argao JacuzziBaluarte de Argao jacuzzi

Finding Baluarte de Argao

Reaching this wonderful and historical place is not hard to do. Please, make use of the contact details or address indicated below for any inquiry you might want to make.

Address: Baluarte de Argao Beach Resort, Suba, Poblacion, Argao, Cebu 6021, Philippines
Telephone: +63-32-367-7184 / 5116094
Mobile:   09177927090 globe 09279387017

Getting There

You can take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. It will take more than 2 hours to reach Baluarte Resort. Surely, a private vehicle would take less than 2 hours to reach with much convenience and freedom. Air-con bus ride is also preferred by many, especially during hot summer season in March to May.

Now, if you haven't been to Cebu yet in your life, you may take any ship from mostly available shipping companies that crisscross the Philippine waters, or you can also fly from various regions domestically or/and internationally by using this guide link page Getting to Cebu.

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