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The City of Bogo, as it is officially known (Cebuano: Dakbayan sa Bogo), is a fourth class city in Cebu Province, Philippines.

The official census in 2010 reported that the city has a total of 69,911 inhabitants.

Bogo lies in the northeastern coast of the province of mainland Cebu. The city is about 100 kilometers from Cebu City, the provincial capital. Bogo is very much accessible by various land transports as well as sea transports.

The land area of Bogo City constitutes almost 3 percent (about 100 square kilometers) of the province’s total land area.

The City of Bogo is bounded by the following municipalities: on the north by Medellin, on the west by San Remegio, on the south by Tabogon, and on the east by Camotes Sea. These municipalities are also great places to find fine beaches and resorts.

This city is politically subdivided into smaller political units called ‘barangay’ (or township). There are 29 barangays that constitute this city, namely:

Anonang Norte, Anonang Sur, Banban, Binabag, Bungtod (Poblacion), Carbon (Poblacion), Cayang, Cogon (Poblacion), Dakit, Don Pedro Rodriguez, Gairan, Guadalupe, LaPaz, La Purisima Concepcion (Poblacion), Libertad, Lourdes, Malingin, Marangog, Nailon, Odlot, Pandan (Pandan Heights), Polambato, Sambag (Poblacion), San Vicente (Poblacion), Santo Niño, Santo Rosario (Poblacion), Siocon, Sudlonon, Taytayan


The Philippines, just like most cultures around the world, loves to celebrate social gatherings and festivities. In particular, Bogo residents enjoy celebrating their cultural and religious festivities annually.

Of course, the first and most important annual celebration, which is second to birthdays, is the local ‘Pista’ (feast). This feast is commonly celebrated in dedication to the town church’s patron saint…

Pista sa Bogo
The patron saint to whom the celebration is being dedicated is Saint Vincent Ferrer, a merry-making that is being held every 5th of April. This celebration is said to be the birthday of this patron saint.

Relatives, friends and pilgrims from other places (both local and international) come to celebrate or venerate the patron saint.

That feast is not the only one being celebrated annually.

Pintos Festival
The “Pintos Festival” is another big celebration in the area and is thought to be the greatest and favorite celebration.

During this festivity, visitors come to witness various events including the search for a Ms Bogo Festival Queen. This festivity is being celebrated every 27th of May.

The festival showcases the delicious delicacy of this city, a corn product called ‘pintos’ especially in the northern part. Pintos is a ground young corn kernels mixed with some ingredients, wrapped in a corn husk and cooked in boiling water.

During this special festivity, the residents perform street dances and mardi gras showing off their colorful cultural heritage and traditional culture.

City’s Development
The local officials see to it that its residents are afforded with clean and safe environment. Among the cities in the region, many think that Bogo has the lowest crime rate, considering its city life and development.

The city also attracts investors by lowering its taxes thus easing the burden among investors when opening business in the area.

Added value to investors is that Bogo is very accessible via public land and sea transportation facilities.

Bogo City has about 1,500 hectares allotted as residential areas, which are mostly flat land terrain. It offers relatively cheap rates compared with other places in the province having demands for real estate development projects.

In the northern part of Cebu Province, many considered Bogo City as the academic metropolitan. Due to the importance of education that the residences provided, the literacy level of children is very high.

There are almost 20 public elementary schools, 7 public high schools, and over 20 day care centers for small children. Over 5 thousand students register for the secondary and tertiary levels, annually, in private education sector.

Although the mainstream religion in Bogo is Catholicism, there are other sects, mostly Christians.
Faith and social interaction seems to be the common cultural background among Bogo people and as well as for most inhabitants of the province. In addition, culture and religion are so intertwined in the lives of these people and determine in so many ways their way of relating, living, and understanding things.

Bogo’s local government has been busy trying to provide better living environment for its people by attracting investors and business sectors.

So far, the city has a number of commercial establishments where locals prefer to buy, spend time with, do business, among other necessities. Such business establishments include: banks, pharmacies, departments stores, etc. (Gaisano, Jolibee, Mercury Drugstore, Norkis Motors, among others).

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