Borussia Restaurant in Sogod
"Try the Best German Food in Town"

Best Borussia restaurant, meat & bread

This Cebu's German Borussia Restaurant has been in business for over 14 years.

In addition to its expert experience, Borussia Restaurant has also been operating as a restaurant and pub for 20 years.

It is nicely established in Sogod Municipality’s town where one can access easily their services. The restaurant can easily keep its clients as regulars, including those living in distant areas.

Borussia is about 60 kilometers from Cebu City where is was first established. Sogod shares boundaries with Borbon in the North, Catmon in the South, Tuburan and Tabuelan in the West, and Camotes Sea in the East.

This is only about an hour by a private vehicle and maybe more by public transports.
However far, distance does not matter if you want to try real German food products on the island.

Origins of German Borussia Restaurant

The name Borussia originated from the name of a football team called Borussia Monchengladbach, a German football team in which the proprietor is a big fan. Certainly, he must be very proud of this team and great publicity of this football team at the same time!

What is special with their products is that most ingredients have high quality. Say, the flour being used in making bread and pastries are directly imported from Germany. The Western or European ingredients and methods of making bread and pastries are quite different from that of Filipino style.

Most Philippine breads are made of white flour while European, or in this case German, they use wheat and such ingredients that produces brown breads. Of course, through time, Europeans have mastered the craft of preparing breads. We Filipinos have just started baking such healthy brown breads.

And for your information (that is, if you don't know yet ^^), brown bread products are healthier than white breads or any similar white pastries.

Anyhow, let's check out Borussia Restaurant's delicious products...

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Front view of Borussia Restaurant in Sogod, Cebu, Philippines.

Products: European menu, breads, meats, pastries, sweets, etc.

Delivery  Services

Borussia Restaurant does not only offer services inside their vicinity and facility but also delivers various food products to some areas in the province. For example, Borussia delivers various meat products and breads, such as sausages, cakes, pastries, breads to Cebu City and Mactan Island on a regular basis.

Yes, you can try various types of German specialties in this restaurant especially in deli section.

They also make marmalades made from local tropical fruits like mangoes, pineapple, oranges, including some imported fruits like apricots.

After having your sumptuous meal, you can buy some freshly baked pastries, bread, marmalades and other products for home consumption.

Samples of Breads & Cakes

American White Loaf, Baguettes, Baguettes Garlic, Baguettes Onion, Baguettini,    Bauern, Broetchen, Almond Bow (mandel hoernchen), Almond Triangle (mandel ecke), Apple Crumble,    Apple Sand Cake (small), Bee Sting, Black Forest, Cappuccino, Cherry Crumble

The Restaurant

The whole environment surrounding and enveloping the restaurant is well-maintained and beautiful.

The place is spacious, friendly to children and people on wheelchairs. There are plenty of spaces for parking your vehicles if you bring your own ride.

There are no high steps or any that is unfriendly for the elderly and such individuals with difficulties to take stairs.

You can dine anywhere inside the facility: outside the restaurant or inside it. I’d rather eat somewhere outside where I can enjoy the garden while digging in my plate!

Like a resort but no room

This facility does not offer any room for rent for those who wish to stay overnight or so. However, they have cottages for a day’s rent where you can access the beach, playground and other relaxation spaces and places for your family or friends.

For sure, they only want to satisfactorily serve the best food… nothing more, nothing less!

Borussia's food on the table

Without further adieu, here are the...

  • Veggies: mixed salad, sauteed veggies
  • Add on served with rice or bread: French fries, boilde dpatato, mashed potato, garlic rice, noodles
  • Sausages: wienerlli, Hungarian, frankfurter, Hungarian cheese, currywurst
  • Meats: chili con carne, callos, beef goulash, beef rool with red cabbage, roast pork, frikadelle (German meat patty), koenigsberger klopse in caper sauce, schnitzel, fried chicken, double backed duck
  • Seafoods: fish fillet, sautéed prawns
  • Italian Menu: house pizza, beef lasagna, Bolognese, carborana
  • Desserts: vanilla ice cream with rum raisin, vanilla with amarena cherries, vanilla plain, mango ice cream, pistachio
  • Pastries: almond bow, almond triangle, marzipan heart
  • Very German Menu: nurnberger bratwurst with sauerkraut and mashed potato, smoked pork loin with sauerkraut and mashed potato, Mediterranean sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potato
  • Drinks/softdrinks: juices and softdrinks, coffee, tea, bottled water
  • Side orders: French fries, mashed potatoes, extra bread, garlic rice, plain rice
Borussia Restaurant in Cebu.


Finding Borussia Restaurant, Sogod, Cebu

If you are searching for this sort of restaurant, we are providing a link below for your ease and comfort. Use the details to inquire for prices, reservations and other information you might need before visiting the place...

Address: Borussia Restaurant, Bawo, Sogod, 6700 Cebu, Philippines
Phone: 516 2463
Mobile: 0917 329 3753


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