Amazing Cabo San Miguel Resort

Cabo San Miguel Resort

cebu philippines resortsNice swimming pool view at Cabo (photo credit: Cabo San Miguel Resort)

Established on a 1,928 square-meter property in southern Cebu Province lies an amazing resort named Cabo San Miguel.

This resort boasts its fantastic facilities for a perfect venue for vacation or special celebrations.

Cabo Resort of Owak, Asturias, is popular for memorable event celebrations for families, friends, and other interested groups.

The resort features a scenic environment and natural surroundings, where you can also witness a soothing sunset, appreciate the nice beach, and enjoy its facilities, including the well-designed swimming pool.

Let’s find out Cabo’s…

Fun & Interesting Activities & Facilities

Cabo San Miguel Resort is a great place for guests who want to relax or organize an event, especially for any sort of social function. You can get anything you will need for any event you wish to be held in this place. Some of the fantastic and interesting facilities installed in this resort includes…

Swimming Pool
This is a finely designed pool that can perfectly satisfy one’s desire to be refreshed and rejuvenated by the cool and clean water.

Beach or Cubierta del Sol
A nice pristine beach where you can cherish natural environment while enjoying your cool drinks or munching your snacks.

Paraiso Hall
This great facility is for various occasions, including reunions, wedding ceremonies, banquets, family reunions, birthday parties, debuts, team-building seminars, corporate meetings, religious gatherings, and other simple occasions that you may want to happen in this place.

Catering Services
For all the events and occasions mentioned above, this resort is always ready to serve delicious dishes and fine drinks to its special guests.

Cebu ResortsPhoto: Cabo San Miguel Resort

Great Accommodation / Rooms/ Cottages / Cabanas

At Cabo San Miguel, you can get and enjoy any sort of space or room you need for your day's relaxation or event. Here are the basic offers...

It is a VIP or honeymoon suite and fully air-conditioned 2-bedroom facility. You can freely use its kitchen facilities: gas range stove, microwave, and refrigerator.
It has a dining room and living room with TV and DVD player.

You can rent this place for longer stay of up to 4 guests. You can also enjoy the cool swimming pool while in this facility. (PhP5,000.00/day).

Cabana (Uno & Dos)
This cabana has an open space where you can enjoy dining/fellowship with the scenic landscape and refreshing sea breeze.

It is a 2-bedroom native style cottage for a day or overnight use. Private washroom/toilet is accessible.

Five guests can be accommodated comfortably with free access to the swimming pool. Additional number of guests entails minimal extra charges.

Included in this facility is a table and chairs where you can set up anywhere you may prefer. (PhP1,500/day).

Casita -- Uno & Dos
It is a great facility where you can spend a day with your family or friends. It is an open-style native-touched design cottage that can accommodate up to five guests.

With this cottage facility you can enjoy the swimming pool freely and can set up your table and chairs along the beach or anywhere inside the resort’s facility. Rate: PhP500/day.

Sala Paraiso
This sala can accommodate up to 150 guests at a time. It is ideal for big events, such as conferences, weddings, graduation celebrations, birthdays, among other important and memorable social and family occasions.

Cabo San Miguel resort allows you to use this facility for five (5) hours for a 50% advance deposit. Sound System or Karaoke can be used for FREE with 2 microphones included.

A projector and screen need to be rented separately, if necessary.
Free usage of the pool is up to 10 guests, extra charge will be given for excess guests.

Cubierta del Sol -- Sun Deck
It is where you can enjoy a nice view of the beach, sunset or sunbathing. It is an open sun deck area. In this area you can choose a…

Big Sunbrella or Open Native Round Cottage
With this facility, you can freely use the swimming pool. Only four guests are covered by the rate mentioned, additional charge with be asked for excess guests. Rate: PhP400/day.

Mirador (Gazebo)
Fantastic fusion of native and modern style structure ideal for wedding ceremony, reunion, and gathering of family, friends or acquaintances.  

The management allows a group of five with up to eight guests each. Extra charge will be solicited for each additional guest. You’ll have free access to the swimming while availing this gazebo facility. Rate: PhP600/day.

You can ask to set this up anywhere in the facility if allowed. You can rent this umbrella that includes four chairs.

Swimming Pool Use
Adult: Php50.00
Kids (below 12): Php25.00

Finding Cabo San Miguel Resort

Now, if you really want to visit and enjoy the place, you might find it helpful to use the following contact details. Since this website is not connected with the resort, please book with them directly.

Address: J Gonzales Street, Balamban, Cebu 6041, Philippines
Phone: (032) 260 28 68

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