Casa Blanca Beach Resort

Casa Blanca Beach Resort

casa-blanca-beach-resortGreat views of Casa Blanca Resort, Olango Island

White Casa Blanca Beach Resort

Casa Blanca beach resort is officially called the Casa Blanca By the Sea by its corporate owners.

I first visited this resort in October 2015 during my first visit of the popular Olango Island group. It is located just right beside the resort (Sagastrand) where I enjoyed my short stay.

I discovered this resort not when I searched the internet but only when I started to explore the island that day. I didn’t even know that this place with its structure and facilities exist.

Yup, just when I pedaled for a few times I couldn’t stop but notice the simple gate and the structure inside the that gate – a palace-like building with green sprawling lawns.
I saw some passersby and gently asked if anyone is allowed to go in and see the place.

Got the answer saying ‘yes’ but still ambivalent since the place looks very upscale and private.

Anyhow, as a tourist exploring the place I told myself that I can make any excuses if I commit trespassing. I was somehow correct and wrong at the same time. Yes, it was a private beach resort but they also welcome visitors who might be willing to stay in or just explore its facilities.

As I cycled carefully over the concrete path cutting across the green Bermuda grass, I heard music and was people gathered over a tent with party facilities under it – food, drinks, tables, chairs, musical instruments, etc.

Then I watched gently approached by a woman who asked who I was and my purpose of getting inside their facility. I introduced myself and she responded saying they are having a birthday celebration for one of their business partners. She’s one of the co-owners of Casa Blanca Beach resort!

Telling them who I am and what my purpose for intruding at their resort, one of the ladies generously guided me to see the facilities and the surroundings of this elegant place. Below, you will see what I saw…

olango-islandCasa Blanca Beach Resort's pool area

Great Facilities

I saw the place and witnessed with my own eyes and other senses the resources for vacation or social event they offer.

Swimming pool
Casa Blanca Beach Resort has an expanded and articulated swimming pool. I call it expanded and articulated because it is not just the normal rectangular-shaped pool. It is shaped like number eight and there is an island in the middle with plants on it and a small white overpass (or bridge) crosses over and above the pool.

Certainly, it is great for cooling off, enjoying the sun, relaxing on the lounger with parasol above you and cold drinks on your table beside.

Beach Area
The beach area is also fantastic for games and barbecue party. The beach area is big enough for a family or big group for any event and games you have in mind. Of course, you can swim on the fresh seawater during high tide (mostly).

Floating Cottage
By the beach area, you will find this floating facility where you may enjoy your meals. I guess you need to make a special request for this facility in advance, which is not a problem at all.

Olango Island ResortBeach area at Casa Blanca

Restaurant & Dining Area
Yes, they also have a restaurant and dining area which can accommodate for a lot of guests for any social or formal event you wish to happen in this place.

You may arrange in advance your event or stay and for catering services you want to avail.

Island Hopping
The resort can arrange island hopping activity for your group if you want to. Usually, as I have experienced, island hopping in this area offers it as a day activity and you may visit around three islands.

In those islands, you can enjoy your lunch (could be a package deal depending on your arrangement), swimming, snorkeling, fishing, among other activities you want to request.

This is a paddle boat that you can rent from the facility. It is a relaxing way to explore the nearby place, see the fishes underwater, explore the mangroves or go fishing.

You can do this during your island hopping activity. Or, visit the marine sanctuary nearby by either arranging with the Front Desk or visit the sanctuary by yourself.

Olango Island Group

Now, if you want to check the accommodation facility of the place, you will find below some short descriptions. And if you need more details just click the link available below for more information

Great Accommodation

Casa Blanca by the Sea offers fantastic rooms and accommodation facilities. Here are short descriptions we can offer…

Timber House
This kind of accommodation is great for couples or close friends. The Timber House has the following facilities and amenities:

  • Garden View: king-sized bed; for 2 guests
  • Facilities: aircon, hot and cold showers, bathroom amenities, coffee & tea facilities

Deluxe Suite
This suite room also offers great accommodation facilities for a couple or two guests. It has a…

  • poolside & sea view: king-sized bed, good for 2
  • aircon, hot and cold showers, bathroom amenities, coffee & tea makers

Inclusions for these accommodations:

  • Welcome drinks
  • Use of facilities
  • Daily bottled water
  • Housekeeping services

Upgrades (additional charge for Timber House and Deluxe Suite) for each extra guest
This upgrades will include free usage of resort pool and beach. You will also enjoy lunch and usage of floating cottage with these upgrades.
Day use of facilities: P650

Olango Island ResortsCasa Blanca Beach Resort facing towards the sea

Services & Packages
The place has been serving their guests who organized any formal or social event. They offer great packages and services for your event.

Having a fantastic facility and great view, many events have already occurred in this place. Such events include: Weddings, Celebrations, company events, etc.

Private Banca Transfers
Casa Blanca by the Sea also offers pickup and drop off service via sea. They have their own motorized outrigger boat (or Banca/Bangka) that can transport you and your group from Mactan Island directly to this resort in 15 or 20 minutes.

Here is the rate as of this writing: P1,000 for a maximum of 20 persons – one way
-and p1,500 for a round-trip.

Now, if you find this place interesting and worth checking out, you may use the following contact details.

Finding Casa Blanca by the Sea

Here's how you can contact directly Casa Blanca Beach Resort. Please let us know should there be changes in the information provided below. Thanks in advance!

Basdaku, Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Phlippines
Contact Numbers:
   Landline: +63 (32) 406 7738
   Globe : +63 917 635 8600
   Sun : +63 923 521 8194

Thank you so much for reading this page and we hope this helps your search for places in Cebu Province.

Have a great day then!

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