Cave Busay in Moalboal

Cave Busay in Moalboal

Busay Cave in Moalboal, CebuInside Cave Busay (Photo:

Cave Busay & Side Trips

Cave Busay is a nice and not so difficult short adventure for thrill-seekers. The cave offers an easy but exciting walk inside.

The cave is located in Barangay Busay, Moalboal Municipality, Cebu, Philippines. It is in the southwestern part of the province where you can find lots of nice beaches, secluded islands and pristine seawater.

Moalboal offers various travel resources including historic sites (such as Spanish churches built in the 16th century), beach resorts, scuba diving activities, outdoor adventures, local restaurants and bars, among others.

Nice features of Cave Busay

The cave has around 650 feet long tunnel through which you will (probably!) enjoy walking with friends or even family members.

Some nice features you will obviously notice are the stalactites and stalagmites all over the place. Of course, there are other living creatures making their home inside, such as bats, birds, among others.

There is a spring and small pool inside where you can dip in to enjoy its cool and refreshing effect. The spring water inside the cave is one of the drinking sources in town.

To enjoy the cave, there are tour operators that offer guide services for this cave for a reasonable fee. Children and smaller kids are allowed to tour inside, and caving gears are provided for.

Such tour guide services offer not only gears and guide but also meals inclusive of the package tour service. So, you won’t be starving!

scuba divingScuba diving resources in Moalboal

More Fun Resources

While in the area, why not go all the way to enjoy other adventure and holiday resources in Moalboal area? Certainly, there are loads of fun and interesting things you can do including the following…

White sand beaches
In Moalboal, you will have the chance to explore its most popular beach called Basdaku or White Beach. This beach is famous due to its expansive beach area and long shoreline.

The beach area has various facilities available for a day rent or longer use, including resort accommodation or simple rooms (and tents).

You can rent anything that you can use for your adventure, activities or any form of relaxation nearby or just in the area by the beach.

For example, you can rent the following:

  • Kayaks, snorkeling gears, beach tables & parasols, tents, barbecue grills, etc.
  • Motorbikes, scooters, bicycles, etc.
Basdaku Beach ResortBasdaku or White Beach Resort

And you can enjoy the following:

  • Island tours on a ‘bangka’ or outrigger
  • Scuba diving in Pescador Island Marine Park

You must know that Moalboal is known for its colorful marine life and amazing coral reef. For that reason, the municipality’s sea attracts pilgrim scuba divers and beach-goers alike.

In fact, there are many expatriates who made their homes in Moalboal while some foreign nationals who love the tropical sea established beach resorts and such related facilities and services.

So, when you come to explore Busay make sure or plan it up to side trip the white beaches, island trips and other fun holiday activities in Moalboal area.

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