"Amazing Cebu Aznar Museum...
Looking Back to the Past"

Visit Cebu Aznar Museum!

Spanning 30 years!

The remarkable rare collections at Southwestern University Museum by Dr. Lydia Aznar-Alfonso is amazing!

She has collected a "legacy of a rich cultural heritage of iron-age" items including potteries, rare celadons, magnificent blue and white Yuan bowls... All were excavated in Cebu and its neighboring islands.

Hispanic Cultural & Religious Artifacts

At Aznar Museum Southwestern University you can find...

  • furniture
  • baroque ivory Santos
  • gold jewelries
  • trade beads
  • death masks
  • gold peggings

This collection includes paintings from the primitive religious art (18th century) to the recent past visual arts, sculptures, and paintings by Cebuano artists.

Prehistoric, Neolithic, Iron Age...

Some items of such cultures being housed at Aznar Museum, Southwestern University - vessels, fossils, pots, weapons...

Burial Coffins, Furniture, Gold Rings...

Other priceless items you can see at Aznar Museum of Southwestern University: gold rings, gold beads...

More Artifacts During Contact Period

The following photos show the beginning of contacts among cultures: jars, beads, pipes...

Cebu Artists, Inc.

Aznar Museum also houses the physical exhibit of Cebu Artists, Inc., which is considered as the first art association in the country to put up their art gallery online.

Filipiniana Library & Research Center

This museum also holds a collection of vintage books, ethnographic items, rare postcards, among other old treasures.

Now, to find out where this museum is, you may use the following info...

  • Address:Urgello St., Cebu City
  • Telefax No. 2536500
  • Contact Person: Dr. Lydia Alfonso

Please, have fun and enjoy digging historical facts or artifacts!

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